Alaska among hottest gubernatorial races for 2018



Gov. Bill Walker’s approval rating is 40 percent, and his disapproval rating is 47 percent, according to a compilation of recent polls from July through September. In political parlance, he is “upside down” on his approval ratings.

The hottest general election contests in 2018 are expected to be Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico and Ohio, wrote Ron Faucheux, president of Clarus Research Group, a research and polling company based in Washington DC.

All 10 of the top 10 governors in terms of approval ratings are Republicans. Of the bottom 10, 7 are Republicans, 2 are Democrats and 1 — Walker — is an an undeclared. Seven governors are approved of less than Walker.


1. Massachusetts, Charlie Baker (R): 69%/17%
2. Maryland, Larry Hogan (R): 66%/18%
3. Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson (R): 63%/19%
4. Alabama, Kay Ivey (R): 62%/12%
5. North Dakota, Doug Burgum (R): 62%/17%
6. Nevada, Brian Sandoval (R): 61%/21%
7. Vermont, Phil Scott (R): 60%/21%
8. New Hampshire , Chris Sununu (R): 59%/22%
9. Wyoming, Matt Mead (R): 59%/23%
10. South Dakota, Dennis Daugaard (R): 59%/25%


11. Texas, Greg Abbott (R): 58%/25%
12. Tennessee, Bill Haslam (R): 57%/23%
13. Montana, Steve Bullock (D): 57%/26%
14. Georgia, Nathan Deal (R): 56%/24%
15. Nebraska, Pete Ricketts (R): 56%/29%
Utah, Gary Herbert (R): 56%/29%
16. Mississippi, Phil Bryant (R): 55%/27%
17. Ohio, John Kasich (R): 55%/30%
18. New York, Andrew Cuomo (D): 55%/33%
19. Colorado, John Hickenlooper (D): 54%/30%
20. Florida, Rick Scott (R): 54%/34%
21. Indiana,  Eric Holcomb (R): 53%/21%
21. Indiana,  Eric Holcomb (R): 53%/21%
22. Louisiana, John Bel Edwards (D): 53%/32%
23. Minnesota, Mark Dayton (D): 52%/34%
24. South Carolina, Henry McMaster (R): 51%/21%
25. Delaware, John Carney (D): 51%/27%
26. Idaho, Butch Otter (R): 51%/35%
27. North Carolina, Roy Cooper (D): 50%/28%
28. Oregon, Kate Brown (D): 50%/34%
29. Missouri, Eric Greitens (R): 49%/29%
30. Virginia, Terry McAuliffe (D): 48%/31%
31. Washington, Jay Inslee (D): 48%/33%
32. California, Jerry Brown (D): 48%/37%
33. Hawaii, David Ige (D): 47%/39%
34. Arizona, Doug Ducey (R): 46%/33%
35. Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf (D): 46%/38%
36. Iowa, Kim Reynolds (R):  45%/27%
37. Kentucky, Matt Bevin (R): 45%/41%
38. Wisconsin, Scott Walker (R): 44%/48%
39. Maine, Paul LePage (R): 42%/52%


40. West Virginia, Jim Justice (R): 41%/46%
41. Rhode Island, Gina Raimondo (D): 41%/47%
42. Alaska, Bill Walker (I): 40%/47%
43. Michigan, Rick Snyder (R): 37%/50%
44. New Mexico, Susana Martinez (R): 37%/52%
45. Illinois, Bruce Rauner (R): 30%/55%
46. Oklahoma, Mary Fallin (R): 30%/58%
47. Kansas, Sam Brownback  (R): 24%/66%
48. Connecticut, Dan Malloy (D): 23%/68%
49. New Jersey, Chris Christie (R): 18%/77%


  1. How in the world does wild Bill have a 40% approval rating? Oh right, state workers and their families, that is a rather large constituency he has paid off. Still I wonder if the poll wasn’t Juneau centric…

    • I disagree a lot with how the man has navigated the budget the last few years and I would have made different decision, but he did act while making unpopular decisions.

      He has some principles. I don’t agree with all of them, but I respect that he has principles.

      • Everyone has principles .. Some are more nefarious than others. Walker’s principles are pretty typical of a conniving liberal in “Independent” clothing. He has gotten the art of self serving and sidewinding down well honed. The 40% approval rate is disturbing until Steve-O (above) pointed out the obvious pay off of his fellow connivers.

  2. the only person worse than Walker is all the alternatives. Still waiting for some of the no taxers to show where to cut billions from the budget. Used to be back in the day republicans wanted to balance the budget. Now they’re only about getting a free ride as long as possible and their PFD. How about cutting troopers, prisons, prosecutors? road maintenance? airports? teachers?

  3. Lies, like cancer, often remain hidden until the whole body is riddled and compromised. Can Alaskans accurately diagnose and treat their political cancer before it metastasizes further?

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