Alaska Airlines suspends partnership with Russian S7, Aeroflot airlines


Alaska Airlines’ partnership with the Russian Airline company S7 came to an end today, as the company said that it was concerned about Russian aggression against Ukraine.

” We are deeply concerned by the humanitarian crisis taking place in Ukraine. As a result, we are temporarily suspending our partnership with the Russian airline S7, a fellow oneworld member,” Alaska Airlines said in a statement. “Starting today, March 1, our guests will not be able to earn miles on S7. Our ongoing work to enable redemptions on S7 will also stop.”

Alaska Airlines also suspended the more limited “interline relationships” with Aeroflot, the largest carrier in Russia. Interlining allows passengers on one airline to be ticketed on a competing airline for various issues, such as bad weather.

In Washington state, where Alaska Airlines is headquartered, Gov. Jay Inslee said the state will sever ties with Russian entities doing business with Washington agencies, and he urged private businesses to end ties with Russian entities as well.


  1. Please do as Facebook and change the name of your company you give Alaska a very bad name. Clown airways is the best fit. Fake fake fake airways. Where is the integrity today. Please all you rich clowns take your money and go find some act right and get to it.

    • “Woke-Wonky Airlines” — We’re Putin Oil Powered, and not using one drop of Alaskan Oil, not now, not never. #onemillionbarrelsofputinoiladayandcountinging

  2. …….”but don’t forget to keep your mask above your nose, and buy a BLM t-shirt from us.”

    • Alaska Airlines is part of the new Left, stakeholder capitalism. Be woke, or else. AK Air has completely bought into this snake-pit of wacky liberalism, hoping to appeal this new sense of social justice to the proponents of the Great Reset. The problem, AK Air’s shareholders are reluctant, and their customer base is not buying it. Wheels up, masks off, …..or else.

  3. But wait! I thought “Alaska” Airlines corporately embraced communism (BLM) and aggressive totalitarian tactics (pull up that mask or be banned forever!!)??!? Maybe they jumped on the bandwagon because everyone else is? How enlightened…..

  4. What bothers me about this is not so much responding to the invasion & war in Ukraine but the fact that this is how business, and sometimes government, has a habit of responding to domestic issues. Recall credit cards and other entities refusing to do business with the NRA. Even some governments (I think San Francisco was one) tried to make dealings with the NRA illegal.

    So we’ll see how unpopular (in some circles) domestic entities will be dealt with in the future by watching these events transpire. It’s a good warning against requiring all transactions be transacted digitally and eliminating cash.

    I’m not supporting what Russia is doing, just watch and expect the same financial tactics to be used domestically because it’s alot easier & cheaper to strangle something or someone(s) financially (once you control all financial transactions) than using other more direct means.

  5. Meaningless.
    Let’s see. The Russian GDP will drop by… what???…. 0.0000000000003% because of this?
    Seriously, this is the equivalent of pouring out Russian vodka you already paid for.

  6. Another “woke-ism” from the company apparently obssessed more with masks, credit cards, price gouging, -Black Lives Matter-, and stakeholder capitalism than with flight safety and edible meals.
    Let that sink in… Black Lives Matter, proudly enforcing anarchy, vandalism, and violence, their very own special brand of “humanitarian crisis” against Americans, while being excused and rewarded by corporate wokesters such as Alaska Airlines which even sells BLM apparel.
    Today the headline blares: “China says no to sanctioning Russia amid Ukraine bombardment, vows to continue ‘normal trade cooperation'”, which means communist Chinese Party leadership, best friends of soon-to-be Governor Bill Walker, are okay with what Mr. Putin is doing to Ukraine. (

    Maybe customers and shareholders should be loudly demanding to know why woke Alaska Airlines officials “…deeply concerned by the humanitarian crisis taking place in Ukraine” are not also suspending partnership with Cathay Pacific Airlines, which is controlled by the communist Chinese who enforce their very own humanitarian crisis against their Uighur population.
    This is the same Cathy Pacific eloquently described by the same woke corporate officials: “Cathay Pacific… Immerse yourself in Chinese culture while earning Alaska Mileage Plan.” (
    Imagine what Uighurs might say about getting immersed in communist Chinese culture… if they could.
    Yes, customers and shareholders should demand an explanation from woke corporate officials.
    No, they shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for one.

  7. How about ensuring none of your jets are burning fuel with crude originating in Russia. What if Alaska Airlines used Alaskan fuel for all their aircraft? No, that would make too much sense plus Alaskan crude causes climate change.

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