Alaska Airlines raises baggage fees next week


Inflation is in the air for 2024. Alaska Airlines will raise its baggage fees as of Jan. 2.

For passengers flying in coach who don’t have mileage status, the fee will go from $30 to $35. A second checked bag will go from $40 to $45. Bags in excess of that will be charged the same as they are now — $150.

Certain items, such as strollers, car seats, and mobility aids, are exempt from fees. Fees are also waived for Alaska Airlines credit card holders, Elite level Mileage Plan members, and US military personnel.


  1. I wasnt expecting anything less with Brandon and his sick economic policies strangling Americans with every other countries rejects. Someone has to pay for their freebies!

    • And bag fees is how the Dems are going to do it. You nailed it! They won’t call them immigrant fees, but that’s what they are. You’re going to pay extra for dining out, travel, and a bunch of other things. That’s how they can raise taxes without appearing to raise taxes.


  2. And they wonder why overhead bin space is a scrum event….If you keep charging people more for checked bags they will continue to carry everything they own on to the plane. One free bag should be the industry standard. Airlines are really digging deep to hose consumers.

  3. Take a break, Suzanne, and enjoy Rome. The world won’t end if you put all of us on “simmer!” Enjoy yourself!

  4. Does that mean Alaska Air will be raising the Flight crews wages.
    Everyone wants more money even when their current wage its enough. then they complain price or tax increases. Discontentment is another sign a people not being close to God. Not knowing God’s word. Paul in his letter to the Philippine church “I know indeed how to live in humble circumstances; I know also how to live with abundance. In every circumstance and in all things I have learned the secret of being well fed and of going hungry, of living in abundance and of being in need. I have the strength for everything through him who empowers me.”

  5. Is the limitation on carry on bags going to be enforced? If not baggage cost increase means nothing. Currently one in five passengers exceed the allowed carry on baggage. I cannot stand the couples that have three carry on’s each. Delaying every flight and taking up the overhead compartments. Selfish Smug Jerks.

  6. Club 49 members still receive two bags out of state, and three in state free, unless that is also changing.

  7. Generally unhappy with all airlines. When/if Alaska Airlines gets rid of Club 49’s 2 free checked bags, I’m no longer a customer.

      • My retirement income is literally in the lower poverty level, so I appreciate a less expensive ticket. What I am saying, is with potential baggage (which I need) fees, Alaska Airline’s tickets become less competitive for all of us that do have a choice. Have Friends in SE, so I sympathize Your lack of competition. Where there is “choice”, it’s more akin to price fixing. Happy, Healthy, Safe New Year and All the Best to You and Your Family.

  8. Dont worry folks. They have a plan in place to reinstate the “double mask policy” requiring the use of double NR95’s to reduce the noise level in the main cabin area due to customer complaints.
    They will be using a small portion of the additional fees collected to hire drag queens to teach the youngins how to say Gay in the gate area as well as deliver the in flight safety instructions on how to inflate your seat cushion safety vest.

  9. Well these prices aren’t going up because of fuel costs, which by the way keep going down! A quart of oil used to cost 99cents 20 years ago when gas was $3 a gallon. WTF happened? Oh that’s right oil shareholders want dividends, but not Alaskans

  10. Hmmm, will pet fees change, too? I think it’s currently $100 for a dog kennel in the luggage hold.

    • Per AK Airlines website, it is $100 to bring a pet in the cabin of the aircraft and $150 to put them in a kennel and fly underneath.

      Not sure where Jefferson is getting his info from, but a simple google search results in the above information.

      I googled “Alaska Airlines Pet Fees” and that info above was literally the first link that came up.

  11. If you’re a cheep senior citizen you will carry on half your dang house. We just made a trip to Palm Springs and I had no idea these old women could bring this much crap down an isle on an airplane to keep from paying. There were hordes of them my god it was like a nightmare. They had purses so big you could pack a refrigerator. Of course they weren’t strong enough to store their horde in the overhead. I damn near need a shoulder replacement from bucking bags. I got off the jet and watched these old tight wads getting picked up in new BMWs. I told my boys I do not think I like old women anymore.

  12. Ah, yes! No doubt “Talking Trump,” flashing five-dollar bills as if they were hundreds, and flying coach! You’ve made, bud: it doesn’t get better that!

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