Alaska Airlines has rash of cancellations on Mothers Day weekend, as pilots’ strike vote looms Monday


Forty-seven Alaska Airlines flights were canceled on Friday, about 6 percent of all flights. Ninety-seven, or 13 percent of the company’s remaining flights have been delayed on Friday.

The airlines has been struggling to hire employees since March, and flight cancellations have been the norm for the airlines for well over a month. Tens of thousands of passengers have been delayed or stranded by missed connections, as the company can’t find enough pilots and is beginning to simply cancel entire routes as a result.

For Saturday, May 7, some 26 flights have already been canceled by Alaska Airlines, a disappointment for travelers heading home for Mothers Day weekend. And for Sunday, 18 flights have already been cancelled.

Alaska Airlines pilots have a strike vote beginning Monday and closing on May 25, after contract negotiations between pilots and the company have stood at an impasse for two years. The Air Line Pilots Association began picketing, staging the largest picket of the group’s history on April 1 at several Alaska Airlines hubs around the west.


  1. This is all part of the plan. Elitists/Globalists do not want the average person to travel. They want everyone to stay put and locked down, just look at China. Exorbitant fuel prices with labor shortages/rising wages will enable this. You’ll need to be a wealthy/privileged Democrat to fly and travel.

    • Agreed, and the elite bypass TSA, and likely customs too.

      Hence their *want* for us to drive a semi-autonomous electric cars, they’ll eventually require *road credits* before they’ll charge, or move, from your *assigned* parking spot in the multi-family high-rise.

  2. In other (Good) news today, Delta is resuming daily year around flights in and out of Juneau……

    • What else is at work here? There is tremendous need to move new illegal single foreign men into Alaska. I’ve heard credible estimates of 750,000 gentlemen. Practically speaking how many plane loads are there? The agencies charged with this voluntary, well-funded work are ready and eager to make these flights to accommodate this travel need of the UN and Nato. Of course, American mothers will be pushed to the backseat as the UN and WEF “deepen their international “agreements” ? unreported by journalists. I recommend seriously considering ? never voting for a socially liberal candidate for anything in Alaska again since they desire to work for international syndicates because they believe it is the wise and expedient thing to do for social liberals not a thing but disdain for Alaskan “needs” going forward.

  3. My AS reservation was unilaterally changed by Alaska Airlines. They informed me of the change in a “no-reply” email message. I called customer service to inform them the change they made was a problem and waited on hold for FIVE hours. When I finally got to speak with somebody, she refused to make a change I requested. The attitude she conveyed was “take it or leave it”. She offered to allow me to cancel the reservation, BUT NOT provide a full cash refund for the amount I paid. And there was no compensation for my FIVE wasted hours.

    What in the Hell has happened? I understand that there are insufficient numbers of pilots these days, but the other service aspects are just horrendous. FIVE HOURS ON HOLD!

  4. If they win, pilots get paid more. Raising fuel prices. They will raise ticket prices, reduce the amount of benefits you can use (miles) and see again a fall in consumer travel as people can no longe raffles to travel.

  5. Barbara, when I do have to call Alaska Airlines, I find that calling around 5 am on a Sunday works best. No hold time. Calls are picked right up!

  6. Yeah, I’ve not booked several flights this year because I KNOW something bad will happen, right when I’m traveling. The mass cancellation on Alaska Air flights happened right when I thought about booking a flight to Florida. Maybe this will all get ironed out by fall.

    • How about the ineffective use of pilots when they are at work? One of the many major problems.

  7. Then there is the airline captain Snow who had a heart attack within 6 minutes of landing. Occurred about a month ago..
    Despite regular class 1 flight physicals required every 6 months.
    Pilot deaths are up very significantly in the past couple of years, ? wonder why?

  8. Vaccines thicken your blood, sitting for hours and hours every day, weeks, months, years..ticking time bomb explodes

  9. “The airline has been struggling to hire employees since March, and flight cancellations have been the norm for the airline for well over a month.”

    Get rid of the stupid vaccine mandate and you’ll probably see the number of applicants go up. Dummies. ?

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