Alan Dershowitz in Alaska speaks about Trump, Israel, the rule of law, and the Constitution

Alan Dershowitz, right, speaks with Alaskans an an event hosted by the STAND Podcast, with hosts Niki and Kelly Tshibaka.

Constitutional law professor and frequent Fox News analyst Alan Dershowitz visited Anchorage on Thursday and Friday, speaking at a public event sponsored by the STAND podcast and hosts Kelly and Niki Tshibaka.

His top messages were that, no matter who he has defended in court or in the court of public opinion, the U.S. Constitution is his client, and he’d like to see the next generation of Americans drop their “woke” ideologies and get back to defending the Constitution. He also commented at length on the rise of anti-semitism in America today.

In an interview format before a crowd of 325 at a south Anchorage church, Dershowitz spoke about his experiences as Donald Trump’s impeachment lawyer, giving a firsthand account of Trump’s New York trial. Dershowitz said he had lost many friends over his defense of Trump and said that some of his family members won’t even speak to him.

Dershowitz, who is 85 years old and mentally sharp, described the politically motivated prosecution of Trump, with the New York Stormy Daniels case based on unprecedented and strained legal theory.

He also addressed the conflict in Israel and the undercurrent of anti-semitism that has existed for generations in America and across the globe, which has recently emerged in the open as Israel defends itself against terrorist Hamas.

Dershowitz is a Democrat, but he sees himself more as an adherent to classical liberalism than a party Democrat. Classical liberalism advocates for free market and laissez-faire economics, civil liberties under the rule of law, with a focus on individual autonomy, limited government, economic freedom, political freedom and free speech. Read his Wikipedia biography at this link.

The STAND event came on the heels of the CNN presidential debate on Thursday. Dershowitz commented that President Joe Biden had done so poorly that the Democrats would follow their worst instincts and try to keep Biden in the race at all costs. He believes Biden should withdraw from his campaign for reelection. He commented that Trump would also be tempted to pick a running mate that reinforces his Make America Great Again platform, which could alienate some moderate voters that he might otherwise win over.

The crowd included many Alaskans not usually seen at political events, and they bid generously on the auction items, such as signed copies of Dershowitz’ books and a signed portrait of Donald Trump. A portion of the proceeds will be used to send relief to Israel for ambulances, blood transfusions, and rebuilding of homes bombed by Hamas, Kelly Tshibaka said.

While in Anchorage, Dershowitz also met with local Jewish leaders, including Rabbi Yosef Greenberg and members of the Lubavitch Jewish Center of Alaska.

Dershowitz’s visit was co-sponsored by several local Alaskans and Americans for Prosperity Alaska. Tshibaka, who is the Alaska chairwoman for the Donald Trump campaign, said that future events bringing in national speakers may include an October event with Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who served briefly as the National Security Adviser for President Trump.

Although Must Read Alaska does not have a video of the Dershowitz event, you can hear him on the STAND podcast as he speaks with Kelly Tshibaka earlier this year.


  1. Alan Dershowitz was a very frequent visitor to Jeffrey Epstein’s island and had other escapades with him. He has never explained this and frankly there is precious little explanation he could offer that would vindicate him. The same conservative media that correctly views child trafficking across the border or within our borders as an existential evil and does much to protect children from the alphabet mafia or in the womb has a huge blind spot with Dershowitz. Just because an old fashioned leftist tells you what you want to hear does not mean you are not perpetuating an evil man’s career by paying attention him. It is wrong. Stop it.

    At least let him repent first. For now he must be shunned.

  2. Politics is not something I have ever studied, and most of it makes no sense, even with some understanding of psychology, sociology, and working in mental health field. I know nothing about Mr Dershowitz, or Mr Soros, or Mrs Rand, etc. As far as I can see, Putin, Amin, Noriega, Hitler, Ted Bundy, et al were utterly selfish individuals who, as a societal phenomenon took advantage of their biological classification as humans and set out, unfettered, to destroy others… just as the killer who personally cannibalized and dissolved his Laotian (and others in Wisconsin) victims in vats of acid. So, I sort of understand folks suggesting that President Biden has bloodstains on his hands.

    I don’t understand why membership by people in a certain major religious body who let it be known that they are members in that major religious body get a pass when the leaders of that avowed religious body are called out for atrocities carried out in the name of representing that body. I don’t understand why I would be socially deemed antisemitic if I called out Mr Netanyahu and his government cronies in the same way of Spanish Inquisition promulgated under those leaders who represented the Roman Catholic Church at the time.

    Furthermore, the former president set up in the televised MMA exhibition, lying in every statement, probably has impacted the death count of Americans in ways much more devastating than actual numbers of COVID deaths when it comes to invisible bloodstains on our national psyche both by and through his personal actions and the hand-selected cabal he surrounded himself, weeding out finally to the most egregiously slavering sycophants, the Stephen Millers,
    Steve Bannons, Bill Barrs etc of this world. While some sociopaths work alone, such as the German pilot that ran his airplane full of passengers deliberately into a mountain, others construct elaborate networks to ensure their maximal destructive forces.

    As I stated above, I don’t understand that much about political science, if indeed there is something predictable about it, but those individuals of most benefit to a civilization seem to be those that support and ‘lift’ others up to contribute to the individuals of the public welfare.

    • “I don’t understand why I would be socially deemed antisemitic if I called out Mr Netanyahu and his government cronies in the same way of Spanish Inquisition promulgated under those leaders who represented the Roman Catholic Church at the time.”

      Yep, that’s your problem right there. Now that you’ve identified it, you can either learn from it or continue down the same path.

  3. Kelly and Niki are both Harvard law school graduates, both passed the bar on the first attempt (eat your heart out, Lisa Murkowski), and are a mixed-race married couple with several children. Credentials that liberal Democrats would glee over. But, they are conservative Republicans, …..neither woke, irrational, or untruthfully drawn to a communist ideology full of hate.

    • Since when is it conservative to hang out with well known Pedos? Dershowitz traveled to Epstein’s Pedo Island over 100 times!

      • I call BS to you, Mongo. That’s a false statement and you know it. Concocted BS by the Democrats who now hate Dershowitz because he cites more conservative originalism. Stick to the true facts: Bill Clinton and Bill Gates to Pedophile Island. The real pedophiles……that the Press won’t pursue.

        • Sam, Mongo is correct. Dershowitz’s name just does not come up often because he hides behind his ability to appear “neutral” and judge accordingly. He’s going to have to answer for his “rides” also.

          • Still BS. The real traveler on the flight manifest was not Dershowitz. That was phonied-up. It was a different Democrat, not Dershowitz the Harvard law professor.
            You can look it up.

              • Who are you referring to, Micah? Epstein was a snake and had many enemies. HE controlled the names on the flight manifest to Pedophile Island. No one else. This is how he got even with people. Anyone who believes differently is a naive loon. Further, when are those video tapes of all the pedophiles going to be released?

  4. Dershowitz may be a great lawyer, but he sure lacked common sense when he travelled to Epstein Island numerous times.

  5. Sad that a Constitutional Harvard Trained Lawyer does not support more achieving equal treatment of minorities, almost as as if Amendment XV does not exist

  6. Alan thought he was going on a Disney Island Cruise. sure he informed law enforcement right away after his first trip, all the others were undercover work.

    wonder if he had pizza in the basement with Hilary in DC??

  7. Dershowitz is a Trumper!
    The pedophiles are Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and Joe Biden. Pedophilia is Democrat behavior.


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