Al Gross donated to Bernie? Yes, & took cash from Soros


Al Gross admitted on Sunday that he had donated to Bernie Sanders in 2016. He said he did so because Hillary Clinton, according to him, was a “failed candidate.”

But evidently not that flawed. Gross, the Democrats’ nominee for U.S. Senate, donated to Hillary Clinton in 2008, according to his federal campaign donation history.

In a debate hosted by ComFish Alaska and the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce and conducted on the Zoom program, Gross and Sen. Dan Sullivan sparred over fish politics, Pebble politics, and health politics.

But Gross didn’t only give money to Socialist Bernie Sanders. In 2019, he gave $6,000 to the Alaska Democratic Party. He donated to Alyse Galvin in 2018 when she ran against Congressman Don Young for the first time, and Mark Begich in 2008, when he took on Sen. Ted Stevens.

After Gross stated on Sunday, he said “All of my money is from individual contributors,” Must Read Alaska took a look at his campaign income and donation history.

Over all, Gross has not been a generous contributor to political causes. He’s kept his pursestrings tightly closed until this past year when he poured over a million dollars into his own campaign for Senate.

That is false.

A review of the Gross campaign contributors shows over 41 instances of contributions from political action committees, totaling tens of thousands of dollars.

In addition, George Soros, the billionaire anti-capitalist, has donated to Gross’ campaign. Two donations are included as an illustration, but the total from the Soros family is nearly $17,000.

Soros is held in such poor esteem around the world that even his home nation of Hungary passed “George Soros” laws to ban the facilitation of illegal immigration.

The list of funds that have given donations to Gross’ campaign include many that are attached and controlled by Democrat Party U.S. Senators, such as these:

  • Impact ($10,000) – Sen. Chuck Schumer
  •  Blue Hen Federal PAC ($10,000) – Sen. Chris Coons
  • M-PAC ($10,000) – Sen. Patty Murray
  • Common Ground PAC ($7,000) – Sen. Tim Kaine
  • Velvet Hammer PAC ($5,600) – Sen. Tina Smith
  • Lobo PAC ($5,000) – Sen. Martin Heinrich
  • Frontline USA PAC ($5,000) – Rep. Adam Schiff
  •  All For Our Country Leadership PAC ($5,000) – Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto
  • Remedy PAC ($4,000) – Rep. Eric Swalwell
  • New Energy PAC ($1,000) – Rep. Eric Swalwell
  • Granite Values PAC ($2,500) – Sen. Maggie Hassan
  • Great Lakes PAC ($2,500) – Sen. Debbie Stabenow
  •  Hawaii PAC ($2,000) – Sen. Brian Schatz

Gross also received donations from the following trade associations:

Check out the entire list of Gross donors at this link.


  1. There has to be more funding for this clown. We receive 1 to 3 pieces of pro Gross mail daily. They are advertising on youtube and pandora heavily. On the bright side the rnc seems to have started their campaign today to get Sullivan re elected. They seem to have outbid the Gross doctor for ad space today.

  2. None of these donations can compare to the opioid money that Gross “earned” from writing out prescriptions over the years. To get an accurate dollar figure, one would have to examine all of his prescription records which he no longer has. Or, go and interview drug addicts in methadone clinics, or visit cemeteries where some of Gross’s patients have since retired.

  3. What a little stinker. He voted for Hillary. Took money from Soros of all people who is hated the worldwide. Definitely not a friend to this nation. Just a flaccid puppet. I’m surprised that Facebook and Twitter doesn’t protect him as much as they do the bidens with their business with our enemies the Chinese and the ukrainians.

  4. No surprise. Definitely a waste of money. His gross me out ads would seem to even turn off a democrat………

  5. Independent?

    Not so much. More like “bought and paid for” by liberal Democrats and liberal Democrat causes and PACs!

  6. I’m not surprised given this a..hole’s propensity to lie. What I am amazed is how stupid he thinks voters are. Just remember, socialism has to be voted in, but can never be voted out.

  7. Wow….
    Thank you once again, Suzanne, for your outstanding research and journalism.
    This guy is pure scum, as evidenced by who he is connected with.
    Wake up people and be aware of what is going on in our state.

  8. Yeah, but he stands outside wearing camouflage so he’s a real Alaskan. And don’t forget there was that time he killed a bear in defense of life and property…well his buddy did and he’s now taking credit for it for some reason. Plus he billed Alaskans out of millions of dollars a year while working 3 days a week as a doctor. He also lived next to some Alaskans when he was growing up, so you know all that somehow qualifies him to be a US Senator…

  9. Like this is a surprise? Al Gross is a Liberal Democrat, hands down. Listen to his ads, he’s against touching Obamacare, against mining, rants about the Post Office, complains that Dan Sullivan votes with Republicans (duh, he is Republican), and a multitude of other Liberal views. Then, he tries to appeal to us by bragging about killing a bear cub. What a guy!

  10. Why are Alaska’s biggest enemies in Congress and within the power-brokers donating to Gross? What has Gross committed to these people? Why would he take their money?

    • ……….because he is a fraud doctor, opiod dealer, and a Marxist in his beliefs. Perfect in a Charles Schumer led Senate. No scruples, no morality, and no ethics.

  11. Gross has multiple medical malpractice suits against him. Go to Courtview. Both were settled and placed under seal. Would love to examine the Complaints filed against him in Superior Court. I’ve heard through the vine that Doc Gross was deemed incompetent and found out that practicing medicine in the company of lawyers was more to his liking. He still has a medical license, but no patients who trust his competency. He would make a “lousy” US Senator for Alaska.

  12. Just had a conversation with a few former patients of Dr. Gross. He was not a litigant in any medical malpractice case against Gross, but stated this about Gross’s ability, notwithstanding his politics:
    “…..Gross pushed his patients through like a factory to make money. He was terrible with follow-ups, post treatment, and testing. A very poor doctor.”
    “Dr. Gross is of questionable character and medical ethics.”
    “Dr. Gross had a very expensive, custom aluminum boat built for himself several years ago, in which he was going to sail around the world. He abruptly aborted this sailing early on, and had the boat shipped back to Juneau.”
    “His candidacy for the US Senate is a very scary proposition for Alaskans.”

  13. None of the above comes close to totaling the $9.1 million that has poured into his campaign in the last 90 days. Almost all from outside Alaska and from Democratic sources. He put a million of his own money in–position pays $174,00/yr…..must have a great dental plan.

  14. I believe that the Gross ads were unintentionally designed to reelect Sullivan. The constant refrain in these ads is that Sullivan has voted with his own party 97% of the time, as if this were a bad thing. What it shows is that Sullivan is consistent. Who is he supposed to vote with? The Democrats? The Green party? Good grief.

    These so-called independent candidates (ie Galvin, Gross) are hiding their left wing politics. That’s the thing about democrats. They have to lie to win. They can’t come out and reveal what they truly believe. If they did, they would not win.

    Senator Sullivan is a great senator and a decent man. Why on earth would we Alaskans throw him out to gamble on this loud mouth idiot? It makes no sense at all.

    And it also makes no sense to throw out Don Young. Why get rid of one of the most effective and experienced reps of all time. He’s a fighter. Galvin is like a little gnat he swats away without breaking a sweat. I love the guy.

  15. Al Gross is not Alaska’s own, he belongs to San Fransisco, . Ethan Berkowitz “Anchorages mayor who just stepped down because of a sex scandal was from San Fransisco also. Seems to me California is wanting to control Alaska politics with their liberal, baby-killing, gun-grabbing politicians! He is not about helping Alaska, he is about flipping the Senate! That is why he is being supported by all these America hating liberals. Hope Alaska is smarter then that and votes him out of the state.

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