Airlines cancel thousands of flights over Christmas holidays due to Omicron


Over 700 flights across the United States were canceled on Friday, and hundreds have been canceled on Christmas Day, while thousands are delayed.

Airlines report that many crew members have been infected with the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus, and therefore there is not enough crew to keep the planes running.

According to airlines, flying is one of the safest places to be, due to the jets’ air-handling system, which processes out most impurities, including viruses.

Friday while more than 3,600 were delayed. Hundreds more were canceled Saturday morning. SeaTac Airport is crowded with stranded travelers, with Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, and JFK in New York being hot spots for flight cancelations and delays.

One million or more passengers are expected to travel through SeaTac over the two-week holidays. Getting into SeaTac from Anchorage may be routine, but getting to other major destinations may involve some flexibility.

According to FlightAware website,

  • Total delays today:  6,815
  • Total delays within, into, or out of the United States today:  1,824
  • Total cancellations today:  2,695
  • Total cancellations within, into, or out of the United States today:  953

Check out the flight misery map at

If Omicron is indeed causing a crew shortage, the cancelations can be expected to continue for many days.


  1. Nah, someone saw a red light in the sky, reported flying reindeer, and wanted to avoid possible collision… So Santa has nationwide clearance. On the other hand, it might be the Xi-Grinch…

  2. Right after airline CEO stated mask are useless on their airplanes due to their HEPA filters, airlines are now canceling flight due to omicron infection? Hmmm, seems suspicious to me.

      • It is a sore throat if you had 3 shots. If not, it goes downhill from there to a ventilator so says that New York ER doctor. Masks won’t stop the spread of it. It’s too contagious.

  3. As is often the case, when the national media covers this stuff as news, it is all about eastern cities, particularly New York. NBC is the worst. New York has a lot of problems, many of their own making. I try not to take such things too seriously and will not allow them to damped my holidays.

  4. Once again, overreaction by Covidians.
    Perhaps if they hadn’t run off so many people over vaccination status they might have the staff they needed

  5. Doesn’t one have to be vaccinated to work at an airline? Or u will be FIRED!
    And vaccinations are the holy grail, right?
    So what’s the problem?
    If we only had more leftist mind sets managing, we’d be ok…

  6. If buses, trains, military flights, cargo flights, charter flights were similarly, proportionally affected, this story might be credible.
    But they don’t seem to be.
    What if this story is actually reporting effects of a successful, unannounced nationwide wildcat strike by passenger airline employees justifiably fed up with enduring crap corporate vaccine/mask “mandates”
    …and enduring customers, themselves terminally fed up with lousy service and crap “mandates” in the name of China flu?
    If this is the case, should we not wish them every success?

  7. Not buying the airlines BS for a minute. More likely airline employee protests over the forced jabs,
    or efforts in creating panic for the public to buy into the mass hysteria.
    Omicron creates mild cold symptoms.

  8. Cause it’s SOOOOOO much safer having everyone being crammed together in an airport. More proof this is nothing but a con.

  9. Why even travel at Christmas. We knew this was coming about three weeks ago. Perfect here in Interior Alaska. Two feet of snow on the way. 32 degrees all week. The best place to be.

  10. It has become quite obvious that the leaky, experimental clot shots are failing. When are the so called “health experts” going to face reality! And why is that clown Fauci still being permitted to pontificate on all things Covid when he has been proven wrong at every turn? We are descending into Branch Covidian madness. Time to start calling out the scammers, fraudsters & health care profiteers wherever you encounter them.

    • And publicly challenge and shame every Branch Covidian idiot wearing a completely ineffective, useless and dehumanizing mask in public! Do NOT allow the authoritarians and their ovine followers to (re)define ‘normal’.

    • By figuratively besmirching the Branch Davidian sect you implicitly exonerate and exalt the very same oppressive, tyrannical, government that you criticize in your statement. A close examination of facts reveals the government was the villain in its engagement with the Branch Davidians.

  11. “Airlines report that many crew members have been infected with the Omicron variant….” Really? Anthony Fauchi depends on people being too uneducated to know the difference between infection and colonization. Each one of us is colonized with trillions of bacteria, but not infected. In fact, most are necessary for our health. Likewise, we breathe in about 100,000 viruses each day,which are trapped in the mucous of the upper airway, and do not cause infection. This filtered trash is what we are sampling. Thus, nearly all “cases” are not infections, but are instead are examples of prevented infection. Your innate immune defenses are working.

  12. The left loves the power of the virus so they will never let it go. Vaccinated? Big deal you still get contract and spread and you still need to wear a mask. Of course workers call in sick. If you have one symptom (there are many), you get to stay home and you don’t have to use your personal sick leave. Paying people to stay home, this is the problem.

  13. So people are getting paid to sit at home when they get the Chinese Cold? It’s time to move on, just treat it like a mild disease.

  14. As far as I can tell, the plan is to keep moving through the greek alphabet, variant after variant, perpetually, to maintain justification for control. What comes after Omicron?

  15. One of my daughters is a flight attendant and she says the problem is that if a crew is exposed to someone who tested positive then they all have to quarantine which takes the whole crew out for ten days

  16. Question: when people I know get the test results back they do not report which “variant” one has if the test is positive. How do we know this is the omicron variant? Seems fishy to me.

  17. Let ’em go bankrupt. Masks don’t work anyway. TSA is already awful in and of itself. I’d rather ferry there! Might take longer but less of a headache! Ted Stevens IA is a joke!

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