Adam Trombley steps up to be mayor’s chief of staff


Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson today announced that Alexis Johnson will move to the Anchorage Health Department to lead the administration’s efforts relating to serving our homeless population as the Municipality of Anchorage homeless coordinator.

Bronson named Adam Trombley, who was previously the director of Community Development, as his new chief of staff. Lance Wilber, director of Public Works, has been named the new director of Community Development to lead all Public Works and Building Services departments.  

“Homelessness in Anchorage is one of my administration’s top priorities,” Bronson said. the operational nucleus to address this issue is being moved from City Hall to the Anchorage Health Department, which currently has a dedicated team focused on successful outcomes. Alexis has the compassion, dedication, and commitment to work and partner with the Anchorage Assembly and community partners to truly help our city’s most vulnerable get connected to the treatment, services, and permanent housing they need to succeed.”

“Adam Trombley and Lance Wilber are dedicated public servants here in Anchorage,” Bronson said. “Their knowledge, hard work, professionalism, and commitment to work with community partners and diverse workgroups across the municipality and state are well documented and respected. I look forward with my team working with the Anchorage Assembly on important issues to make our great city even greater.”  

Johnson, Trombley, and Wilber will start in their new roles immediately.


  1. Saw Mr. Trombley & his family in church last week, along w/ Mr. Bird.
    Imo, the LBGTQ has a problem w/ churches & religion in general, as the bible says their lifestyle is wrong
    As I see it the friction in MOA politics is a matter of church vs state. The homeless are pawns in this battle.


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