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Friday, October 22, 2021
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Acting mayor ends Covid emergency

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Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson said today there is no more Covid-19 emergency in Anchorage, and so she has officially ended the emergency order.

She said the rates of Covid-19 have dropped and vaccinations are on the rise. Although the pandemic is not over, there is no more need for the mayor’s formal emergency powers, she said. During the rest of her administration, which ends July 1, the municipality will continue to encourage people to mask up indoors and to get vaccinated.

She did not mention whether the Municipality would continue to enforce masking in its facilities. The Assembly enforced mask mandates for the Assembly, but a resolution on the agenda removed that mandate later in the meeting at the Loussac Library. Members of the public were also prohibited from entering the chambers because the Assembly is enforcing spacing requirements it has in place.

In late April, the Assembly removed some of the mayor’s emergency powers, making today’s announcement anticlimactic.

Quinn-Davidson will be acting mayor until July 1, when Dave Bronson is sworn in.

Desperate Dunbar: Assembly lifts Anchorage lockdown to aid his ailing campaign

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Can’t let Bronson take credit for ending their reign of error.

  • What happened to the 80% vaccination goalpost? I guess there was nothing scientific or rational about that after all. Freaking scumbags.

  • What a surprise….
    She knows that her days of being a tyrant are numbered, but may the voters remember what she did to shut down businesses and churches and general human interaction.

  • Pepe_Trump has it mostly correct: I thought it was a seventy percent vaccination goal. Nonetheless, the shifting – and now eliminated – goal posts only serve to underline that it was all made up in the first place. For the maybe-not-even-legal temporary Mayor and her chums on the Assembly this has always been a big, wonderful political opportunity. It has never been about the best interests of the community.

  • The most annoying part is that she most likely had no doubt that she was doing the right thing. Takes a special kind of narcissistic personality.

  • It’s typical that she would finally get off her thumb and announce this. It’s been over for quite some time but probably didn’t pass her smell test. What a buffoon. I’m not sure where she belongs but it isn’t in Alaska.

  • Good job there AQ-D!!! I’m glad you could muster up the courage and wisdom, albeit the 11th Hour.
    FACT: You will never convince a majority of the public that this wuhan covid emergency was anything other than a very sinister means to manipulate and steal the 2020 Election. You demonstrated “zero” leadership skills, “zero” humanitarian traits, “zero” common sense, “zero” honor or integrity, throughout this entire episode. You have, beyond the shadow of a doubt, contributed to the unnecessary suffering and destruction of many people and businesses within the Municipality of Anchorage and, without any remorse. Karma is a bitch, and you (and your ilk) will discover someday that there’s consequences to be paid.

  • The simplest explanation for how they act?

    They hate you.

    That’s it. Trying to rationalize their behavior is a fruitless endeavor. Just realize, they hate your beliefs, they hate your customs, they hate your culture, your history, your family, your associations—they hate YOU.

    Once you realize that, it becomes a lot easier to understand how and why they do what they do. ANY level of power you give them is just you helping them to act on that hate and subjugate and oppress you.

  • Who would have predicted it?
    And, had Dunbar won, how long would it have taken the Assembly to extend the Declaration of Emergency indefinitely?
    Yes, COVID is as much, if not more political then health related.

  • The Election theft is over, no need to push the Covid BS anymore. The mask mandates would have been lifted months ago if it wasn’t for the sense of power it gave the demoncrats. Now get ready for the fake alien invasion….”Please turn in all your guns, its the Galactic thing to do”.

  • I would like to KNOW JUST “WHEN” does this take affect.??? .TODAY 5/26/2021

    I have printed this up and have it in my hands to SHOW!!. to anyone asking why I am not wearing my mask.. of course it’ll be around my neck (to prove for those that STILL insist, I am not following the “comrades” wishes.

  • What’s over? it never started for me and my family and friends.
    Just a Fake mayor wanting to be Loved by all.
    Get a life, you run your life, and I’ll live my life. So stay out of my life, stop trying to tell me how to live.

  • GIT.

  • Fascinating……….the benevolent tyrant in an act of benevolent tyranny.

  • How much of what you’ve fouled up can you fix before being tossed out of the chair?

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