Acting mayor eases up restrictions in Anchorage



Anchorage residents are getting a reprieve from the harsh restrictions that kept them in their homes in December and January.

Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson decided Anchorage residents may now go into restaurants at a 50 percent capacity, may shop in stores at a 50 percent capacity, as well as use gymnasiums.

She still has limits on gatherings — no more than 10 may gather inside, or 30 may gather outside. And residents may not have physical contact with people outside their homes. Bars may not serve alcohol after midnight.

The easing up on bars and restaurants comes on the same day the municipality’s new 5 percent alcohol tax goes into effect.

Indoor competition for organized sports is now allowed in the municipality, she said during an announcement today. The easing of the restrictions begins on Monday, she said.

Anchorage has been in under various, changing lockdowns for the better part of a year, since the Wuhan-originated virus called COVID-19 arrived in Alaska.


  1. Quite the coincidence I see. Always keep in mind that this plannedemic is far from over and the ripple effect will go on well into the next decade. Anchorage, if you want to see a positive change you’d better get yourself, your family and as many friends as you can out there to vote and defeat these loons.

  2. Is anything she says even legal? We were supposed to have a special election getting us an acting Mayor until (#BronsonforMayor) is legally elected, yet that never happened. So, honestly, is anything she’s doing legal? Since she was never ‘elected’ as Mayor, she can’t make laws, right?

  3. Quote: “She still has limits on gatherings — no more than 10 may gather inside, or 30 may gather outside. ***And residents may not have physical contact with people outside their homes.*** Bars may not serve alcohol after midnight.”

    So, by order of “The Mighty Quinn” no dating or extra-marital affairs outside our homes? Is this serious statement? Imagine the stink if this had been a Trump decree.

    • Ok, but if we can’t have contact with people outside our home how can we go to restaurants? Definition of contact needed. Also just open the blasted businesses, enough is enough, If you don’t feel comfortable, then don’t go or have contact with anyone.

      • Exactly! I was trying to figure out how that works. If you have a restaurant with a fire code capacity of 100 and you have 50 patrons, but you can only have 10 inside and 30 outside, what about those 10 with nowhere to go????
        See the pretzels these people demand others twist themselves into…clearly there is no science here!

    • Get real. We’ve been open for a long time before Biden stole the office. Why you got to make stuff up all the time? In your defense, California is closed down but I knew that as just an extension of Alaska nowadays.

  4. Should’ve lifted restrictions and completely opened up in May-2020.
    Learn to recognize the risks,, accept and mitigate them, and live life.
    Quit playing politics!!!

  5. I guess the muni woke up and realized that businesses pay taxes, buy licenses and permits to to operate. It really comes down to communists -er democrats receiving a message from the pea brained mother ship of upper level party bosses saying that it’s time for the SCAMdemic to be toned down. They have cratered the economy, stole an election and now want to show up like the cavalry and open things up to look like the good guys. They are not the good guys. In this whole SCAMdemic, it has showed Americans what democrats are capable of turning a small crisis into a weapon. The past year has been “soviet union lite”. It’s only going to get worse.

  6. Sometimes an image sums up all one needs to know about a particular subject. That photo of the acting Mayor on the top of this page is an example of this. I cannot help but have pity for her as she is a front for doubling down on stupid. . She has been thrust into this position because of her ideology and not because of her ability to be an effective leader. Her confused look says it all. Leaders need to rise above party dogma and find real compromise and solutions. It’s sometimes referred to as thinking latterly , when you throw out the party game plan and find another way around a problem. For the sake of Anchorage I hope the Acting Mayor will consider the above and seek a better direction forward.
    BTW, the listed restrictions are pretty silly, especially the one about physical contact out side the home? Really? You can’t kiss your date in the car?

  7. Too little too late, but its a start. Careful mentioning China in association with the virus. President Biden is taking measures so we don’t call the Wuhan virus the Wuhan virus. Don’t blame China even though it originated in their labs and was spread by their people. Failure to comply may result in getting your hair sniffed.

    • Great post. And if that commie airhead thinks she’s going to prevent me from giving my wife a hug in a parking lot… …

  8. I’m happy to see our numbers improving. Who couldn’t be? Yet, somehow a part of me wants to say:

    “? Oh, goodie, the jackboot’s coming off our neck, a bit. Isn’t that refreshing!”

    And now our friends in the restaurant/bar industry are only paying for twice the space that they need.

  9. Where is her “science” for this latest stunt? The same voodoo science that caused the lockdowns to begin with? I’ve said this before – until there are criminal/civil prosecutions against public officials who issue Covid “mandates” that injure/kill or economically destroy the public, then we will never be free from their tyranny.

    • Agreed!
      Maybe there needs to be a clause in our emergency statute when the mayor and the assembly shut down or limit private business pursuant to the emergency powers. It would automatically trigger a provision that all taxes and fees levied on these businesses would be forgiven for the amount of days they are prohibited from operating at full capacity by the EO. The provision should also prohibit the governing body from simply making up the shortfall by taxing other areas.

      • Biden just recommended to Florida that bars and restaurants and other places where Masks aren’t worn 100% of the time should shut down. Our governor told him to stick it where the sun don’t shine. I recommend your governor do the same.

  10. Oh thank you Hitler for letting us have 50% of our lives back. We should have never followed the mask mandate in the first place and we would never been in this situation and Trump would be president instead of the job killing Obiden.

  11. Hahaha the change comes (to allow more people in bars and restaurants) on the same day of the new alcohol tax..

    Where greed and egotism, avarice and despotism, all intersect, you’ll always find the left..

  12. Did i read that right? All indoor ice sports and wrestling require a negative test result within 72 hours of each competition? They should just move a drive through testing site to the hockey rinks.

  13. It all just Stupid, lies

    She a fake mayor not elected
    Vote vote these lefties out. Or your city will turn from blue to very dark blue, just like Portland Oregon.

    • You must be color blind. Anchorage is already red. It has been for some time now and the state is shade of purple. The Tide is turning and if people don’t wake up they’ll lose the state. They’ve already lost the legislature and the supreme Court. A lame governor, he’s just icing on the cake.

  14. Have to vote these strange people out of office. That is the only answer! Might have to resort to their okay book by stuffing those ballot boxes or harvest ballots. Hell, even make multiple copies of ballots and exam the obituaries over the last year or so and use the deceased names on the ballots.
    Cause that is likely what will happen in Alaska during elections to come. Gotta at least level the playing field! You know, fight fire with fire.
    Otherwise watch out for the increase in property tax, a sales tax, user fees for fire and police protection, additional taxes on certain products like alcohol, including more taxes on petroleum products.
    Remember you get who is voted in office. Not the best person sometimes.

  15. You know THIS Democrat bunch would had recieved more respect if they respected Free-will, if then-Mayor Berkowitz led the pack to respect peoples personal responsibility, then they wouldn’t be seen today as Anchorage’s —-.

    • S I know! I knew that handle was not acceptable language. It isnt. ANCdonkey be a better substitute. I think the democrat group of supporters using it is ironic making light what seriousness is occurring. These twitter social media Democrats make themselves all look exactly as their group handle name says. Its more an insult against themselves than the people they think they are insulting. For one thing K Street Convenience store shut down because of their democrat leaders decisions even while he supported Democrat Party. The local Democrat twitter group cares about no one except self, they can care less about k street convience store is empty, just like a donkey.

  16. You know THIS Democrat bunch would had recieved more respect if they respected Free-will, if then Mayor Berkowitz led the pack to respect peoples personal responsibility, then they wouldnt be seen today as Anchorage’s Ass (ANCAss).

    Once people feel they are being told what to do, not in control of their lives, they are more likely to be less compliant and more rebellious and take control of their own life to live their life their way. The leader doing the controlling orders just looks like an Ass.

  17. RIght now the oligarchs are laughing their heads off and calling “Neener, neener” to us fools that gave up a year of our lives, our health, our savings, our sanity, our friends, our families, our vacations, our elders (the list is endless) and most especially our election so they could install their puppet. It’s as plain as the nose on your face, if you could see it under your ‘mask’.
    I used to think people couldn’t be truly that stupid but……this mayor and her licentious predecessor were obviously part of the ‘hoax’. She needs to go and not on a dominion voting machine:(

  18. How in the “he double hockey sticks” did you people vote those people in? Was it apathy or to busy to go to the local elections. You realize how you vote determines how our state swings, just like California, Washington, etc. We in rural do our best but in the end it comes down Anch, Fbks, an Juneau, the mini west coast.

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