Acting mayor announces a return of traditional Memorial Day ceremony


The Municipality of Anchorage, under former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, took a hard pass on having a Memorial Day ceremony in 2020. Last year, the citizens took over the tradition and conducted their own at the Delaney Park Strip Veterans Memorial.

Led by activist Bernadette Wilson, the ceremony in 2020 had all the features of a normal Memorial Day service, but with a decidedly populist flair. Berkowitz did not attend.

Bernadette Wilson emceed the citizen-led Memorial Day event in 2020 after the Mayor’s Office refused to hold a ceremony.

This year, Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson has restored the tradition, set for 9:30-10:30 am on Monday, May 31. The Veterans Memorial is located near West 9th Avenue and I Street.

The “Anchorage Remembers” ceremony includes patriotic music, spiritual words, speakers and laying of wreaths to honor the fallen. Keynote speakers include Quinn-Davidson and Major Gen. Peter Andrysiak, commanding general of the U.S. Army Alaska and deputy commander of the U.S. Alaskan Command.

During the ceremony, the Municipality’s Military and Veterans Affairs Commission will pay special tribute to a longtime community advocate for Alaska’s veterans and military.


  1. First you find out what the people are going to do anyway, then give them permission to do it. Ahahahahahaha!

  2. To Anchorage’s fraudulent hyphenated-mayor: Americans are so grateful to you for allowing them to do what they were planning to do anyway, with or without you.
    Don’t demean yourself (further) or disrespect the Memorial Day gathering by speaking as Anchorage’s first-ever fraudulent mayor installed in direct violation of Anchorage’s Charter.
    Memorial Day celebrations are not places for fraudulently installed politicians, Madam Mayor.
    After what you did to Anchorage and her people, after the Constitutional abuses you committed, wouldn’t even you wonder why American patriots should be interested in, much less receptive to, anything you had to say?
    Respectfully suggest skipping this event Madam Mayor.
    Good news is it’s highly unlikely you’d be missed.

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