Academic freedom: License to shill a politically correct doctrine


It was all the rage earlier this year when a UAA art professor painted an image of Donald Trump’s bloodied, severed head and displayed it on campus.

Now, another UAA professor has put pen to paper to call his own university racist, for simply encouraging students to be tolerant.

Professor Eric “EJR” David has something to get off his chest: “White Supremacy is winning in my university.”

His university is the University of Alaska Anchorage.

In the online Huffington Post, psychology professor David takes UAA to the woodshed for a memo sent out campus-wide after the Charlottesville clash last week that left one protestor dead.

The memo from Interim Chancellor Samuel Gingerich encouraged people to be tolerant, to reject hate, and to welcome all. That was the problem: You cannot welcome all in David’s world.

The wording on the memo, Professor David says, is proof that that “white supremacy is winning” at UAA:

“Dear UAA Community,

In light of events in Charlottesville, Virginia, and in the aftermath that is playing out across our nation, we must affirm UAA’s commitment to diversity, tolerance and inclusion, the values that underpin the University’s Diversity Inclusion and Action Plan.

The UAA community must reject hatred and violence, and be a place that is welcoming to all, including those of different races and ethnicities, national origins, sexual orientations, gender identities, religions and cultural backgrounds. While opposing hatred and violence, and the groups that espouse hatred and violence, we must and will honor and encourage tolerance.

We value and celebrate our diverse community. As a campus, as a Cabinet and I, as Chancellor, honor this commitment. This is inherent in our mission: to maintain a campus where all can teach, learn and serve.

I invite you to join me on Sept. 12, from 1-3 p.m. in the Lew Haines Conference Room, Library 307, to learn more about the Diversity Inclusion and Action Plan and how you can help with its implementation.”

The UAA prof is making a living on the grievance industry, paid for via oil dollars that flow into the State treasury. Race-baiting and gender-baiting has become his stock-in-trade.

One of his works-in-progress is titled,  “The Sexist Microaggressions, Experiences and Stress Scale (Sexist MESS): Initial Scale Development and Mental Health Implications.” 

And because this is Must Read Alaska, here are his publications:  “Brown Skin, White Minds: Filipino -/ American Postcolonial Psychology” and the editor of “Internalized Oppression: The Psychology of Marginalized Groups.” He has two upcoming books, “The Psychology of Oppression” (Springer Publishing) and “We Have Not Stopped Trembling Yet” (SUNY Press).

No doubt some of these are required reading for his classes and textbook sales provide him royalties.

The University system received $317 million in state funding for 2017-18, which was $8 million lower than the $325 million it had in 2016-2017. But it’s still a public dollar contribution of more than $15,850 per student enrolled in the system. That’s one third higher than the national average for public universities.


  1. Dear Professor David, Perhaps you should consider that ignorance, intolerance, and stupidity are brought about by wearing skinny braids that “drain the brain”.

  2. The University System represents one of the greatest failures of Republican governance in Alaska. One or both bodies of the Legislature has been in Republican control since the early Eighties. Half the gubernatorial terms since the early Eighties have been nominal Republicans. The Governor appoints and the Legislature confirms the Regents. The Legislature must approve the University System’s budget. Yet the UA has remained a vipers’ nest of Leftists and has provided sinecures for failed and former Democrat elected and appointed officials through the entire period. We really should have paid at least as much attention as we generally do to a House race.

  3. He shouldnt be teaching at a dog pound let alone at collages! Him and Thomas Chung should be tried and hung for treason! Libral morons are ruining this State and country!

    • Should ALL liberal morons be tried and hung, or just those two ?

      And what if you try them but they are found innocent, should they still be hung ?

  4. From his article, “And this leads me to the other reason why this statement is weak and frightening: It fails to explicitly condemn racism and white supremacists.” Would he be one of the thousands howling about how horrible it is to call “Muslim extremists” what they truly are? Extremists and terrorists? It seems like the answer could be yes.

  5. Typical…no one else is entitled to state an opinion that is not in line with the left’s thinking. I’m sick of the whiners, sick of the phrase ‘white supremacy,’ sick of seeing so much money going to universities that turn out the intolerant bigots.


  7. Just more of the same whining liberal dribble. This professor and I use the term lightly, has no idea what he is raging against. He is just following the leftist initiative to be offended in any and every circumstance.

  8. I live I Fairbanks, so am note familiar with what’s happening at UAF, but it seems to me that the end of the second paragraph explicitly condemns groups that espouse hatred and violence. I don’t see how that leads to the assumption that white supremacists haves taken over UAA.

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