A tradition continues: Juneau Republican women deliver treats to legislators on Lincoln’s birthday

Joyce Vick and Ginger Johnson of Juneau Republican Women deliver gingerbread cookies to Republican legislators in the Capital in honor of Abraham Lincoln's birthday.

Every year, the Republican Women of Juneau bake birthday cakes to deliver to Republican legislators in Juneau, in honor of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. He was the first Republican president and ushered in the era of the Republican Party.

This year, they tried something different — gingerbread cookies, which known to be one of the 16th president’s favorite sweets.

During one 1858 debate with Stephen Douglas on the campaign trail, Lincoln told some personal details, which have endured through time: “When we lived in Indiana, once in a while my mother used to get some sorghum and ginger and make some gingerbread. It wasn’t often and it was our biggest treat.”

He continued, “There was a family near us poorer than we were, and their boy came along as I sat down. ‘Abe,’ he said, “gimme a man.’ I gave him one. He crammed it into his mouth in two bits and looked at me while I was biting the legs off my first one. ‘Abe, gimme that other’n.’ I wanted it myself, but I gave it to him and as it followed the first, I said to him, ’You seem to like gingerbread.’ ‘Abe,’ he said, ‘I don’t s’pose anybody on earth likes gingerbread better’n I do- and gets less’n I do ….”

Inside each package of cookies delivered on Monday, the Republican women slipped in a note explaining the history of the gingerbread cookie and President Lincoln, compliments of the Blue and Gray Education Society, a non-profit that is dedicated to the preservation of Civil War history.

“February 12, 2024, is our first Republican president’s (215th) birthday. In honor of Lincoln’s birthday, Capital City Republican Women have baked each of our Republican legislators a batch of Taku Glacier Lodge spicy ginger cookies. It may be too cold to go outside and sit under a tree, but we hope you find a comfy spot and someone to share them with. Thank you for serving Alaska!,” the women wrote in a note to GOP House and Senate members. In all, over 1,110 cookies were delivered to legislators, the Governor’s Office, and the Lieutenant Governor’s Office.

The Republican Women of Juneau have carried on this welcoming tradition for Republican legislators for over a decade. New residents of Juneau may think of the Capital City as a Democrat stronghold, which it is. But the Republican women’s club is a storied, organized, and enduring group that provides a balance to the tax-and-spend perspectives of the Democrats who dominate the political landscape.

The Capital City Republicans are hosting a Lincoln Day Dinner on Feb. 21, with keynote speaker U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan:


  1. Is that the same Ginger Johnson, Former Legislative Assistant, Department of Transportation that is mentioned as being an endorser for Nikki Haley? Did they put bribes in those goody bags or threat letters that the reps better back up Nikki Haley? The women’s Republican clubs – any Republican clubs seem to be supporting the people trying to take down this country.

      • No. This is why the Republican party is the sh*thole that it is. Too many people just want to feel good and not hurt anyone’s feelings. The people who want to save Alaska are tired of the “feel good” crowd. Don’t like it? Too bad because I am going to keep asking or pointing things out.

  2. What do Capital City Republicans even do to increase new members and active member participation. Leftist Juneau needs a counter group who challenges their current Democrat leadership by offering a different form of government that more Juneau residents are joining. How I always seen the Capital City Republicans was a dormant group while Democrats were an aggressive stubborn mule group, so I couldn’t take either seriously as a peoples I could hang out around when I was 18 and a new voter.

    There is a reason why the Democrat-Republican Party split into separate groups. They had different principles and too different leadership ways they thought the new nation should go. Republican leadership need to know what is their party’s core principles and stick to them so new members know clearly the rules, the order, the traditions, the past leadership, and the boundaries, so when compromises need to be made with Democrat leadership Republicans have an identity and integrity what they want making the Democrat lose some and what Republicans will give up for the good of keeping order and unity as two bodies under one nation.

  3. But if Republicans in a compromise are to give up anything make sure the democrat leadership gets the short end of the stick of a compromise while the Republican leadership gets the long end of the stick. That kind of moxie comes through a leadership knowing their identity and having integrity to their party.

  4. Giving out cookies is still a sweet and kind gesture. It’s a tradition worth keeping and passing on to new members and continuing the hospitality. Its good PR.
    Capital City Republicans need to get stronger and tougher to hold up against the Democrat leadership opposition challenging every principle of the Republican Party.

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