A race to gun control by fiat


As the Democratic clown car veers to the left end of the political spectrum for 2020’s presidential contest, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and California Rep. Eric Swalwell apparently are trying to elbow their way to the front seat.

The two Democrats are vying to see which of them could most egregiously abridge the Constitution. And they would do it by executive order.

Booker has trotted out what the New York Times breathlessly describes as “the most progressive gun control measures suggested by a candidate seeking the Democratic nomination for president….”

Booker’s 14-point brainchild contains the usual leftist ban on assault-style weapons and so-called high-capacity magazines. But more troubling? It would enact a gun-licensing scheme, which would include minimum standards – set by the government, no less – for gun ownership nationwide.

To buy a gun under the plan, you would need to apply for a license as you would for a passport, and submit fingerprints, and be interviewed. Then, there is the certified gun safety course and federal background check. If you received the license – and that is a big if – it would be good for five years. There, of course, would be fees. Just like your passport.

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  1. Violence isn’t a gun issue. It infuriates me so many folks think that there’s a “gun violence” epidemic. The problem is the actual violence itself, regardless of what the instrument was used. Knives, baseball bats, cars, their own hands and feet. I saw an article yesterday someone used an iguana to attack another person. People are being killed by the perpetrator, not the gun (or hammer or sickle), so hold the perpetrator accountable, not the gun (or any other instrument used). I really wish our Government Nannies would host a real conversation about the problem, violence, and quit discriminating against one inanimate object (guns) and potentially turn me into a criminal when I’ve done nothing wrong, nor do I plan to do anything wrong, with my guns.

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