A new House member sought for District 40, North Slope, as Rep. Patkotak becomes mayor of borough


Gov. Mike Dunleavy announced Tuesday that for the next 20 days, he will accept applications for the House District 40 seat in the Alaska Legislature made available upon the resignation of Rep. Josiah Patkotak of Utqiaġvik (Barrow), who is the newly elected mayor of the North Slope Borough.

All applicants must be living in District 40 and be at least 21 years old to receive consideration.

Patkotak was not aligned with either Republican or Democrat parties, but was an undeclared member of the Legislature. That means the normal consultation process with the party of the departing legislator can be skipped, and the governor will decided without the help of the precinct and district party leaders.

HD-40 covers the farthest north region of the state, stretching from the Kotzebue area north to Wainwright, Utqiagvik, Prudhoe Bay and Kaktovik before ending at the Canadian border. Josiah Patkotak who represented district 40 as an independent, resigned today. He was elected mayor of the North Slope Borough during the election earlier this month. 

By law, within 30 days, the Governor shall appoint a qualified person to fill a vacancy. 

Residents of House District 40 have until Tuesday, October 31 to submit an application. To apply visit https://gov.alaska.gov.


  1. And on the streets its being said another NSB assembly member, Vernon Edwardsen, was just appointed as the Mayor’s Chief Administrative Officer. Does that mean Edwardsen will step down and the Mayor will appoint a person for that seat? If that is so, that will mean that the assembly will now be dominated by ASRC at the expense of the village corporations?

      • Yup, but that doesn’t make it right. The assembly that is now led by President Crawford Patkotak will select Vernon’s replacement in a couple weeks. Let’s hope the new member is not a fellow ASRC-miut.

  2. Have some respect folks – this is very serious. Pray that good people will apply, and that Governor Dunleavy will make a wise choice. Thanks Suzanne for posting both the story and the application link.

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