A city revolts: Anchorage residents defy their mayor


No one seems to know who organized the rally at the Loussac Library in Anchorage today, but over 250 citizens showed up after work to protest the mayor’s lockdowns of the Anchorage bars, restaurants, and the Municipal Assembly Chambers itself.

They stood along 36th Avenue waving signs and those driving by honked their horns in support. It was a festive atmosphere, impromptu and loosely organized. Although it was essentially a grassroots resistance, it wasn’t at all an angry Black Lives Matter rally, just a merry group of mandate defiers.

And they broke the law: According to the mayor’s orders, no groups may gather in Anchorage.

Mayor Ethan Berkowitz forbids gatherings in Anchorage under EO-15, through August.

Inside the massive building that houses the Assembly Chambers, the Planning and Zoning Commission was meeting, practically in secret. The public was shut out of the meeting, as the public has been locked out of all Municipal meetings for weeks, by order of Mayor Ethan Berkowitz.

Those phoning in to participate could not be heard by commissioners. And when the commission called people to receive their testimony, they couldn’t always get through to the person who had signed up to speak telephonically.

As with the Anchorage Assembly meetings, some who signed up to speak by telephone were simply skipped over when the governing body could not reach them.

The citizens of Anchorage have been relegated to waving signs of protest and writing out their frustration on Facebook.

Alaska has one of the lowest rates of COVID-19 in the country and Anchorage now is among the most locked-down cities in America, with hospital capacity at over half empty.

Earlier in the day, Kriner’s Diner stayed open in defiance of the mayor’s Emergency Order 15, which shut down all restaurants, bars, bingo halls, churches, and city public meetings. Judy’s Cafe also defied the mayor’s orders to close, and the newly opened Bear Paw decided to just say no to the mayor.

Dave Bronson said he waited for 15 minutes for a table at Kriner’s Diner this morning, where defiant Anchorage residents gathered for breakfast, in direct opposition to Mayor Ethan Berkowitz.

Anchorage Baptist Temple is rumored to be ready to defy the mayor’s order to shut down as well, according to an MRAK source, who says she plans to be there Sunday morning.

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The emergency orders were given on Friday, when Mayor Berkowitz once again shut down the hospitality industry, including weddings, funerals, and and restaurants. Mostly it’s the shutting down of the restaurants that have upset people. In fact, many of them were packed this weekend as people prepared for a month without being able to get out of the house.

Even former Mayor Dan Sullivan is loaded for bear. He designed a t-shirt that he is selling in cooperation with Dooley’s Athletics that reads, “Never Again – All Jobs Matter.”

Must Read Alaska has learned that an effort to begin recalls of city Assembly members has begun, with tens of thousands of dollars now collected for legal work.

Recall petition for Assembly member Meg Zalatel.

The Assembly voted 9-2 to extend the mayor’s emergency powers through October 16. Assembly members Crystal Kennedy and Jamie Allard voted against it; both represent Eagle River.

Berkowitz has had emergency powers since March, and the Assembly is taking up extremely controversial measures during the emergency lockdown and keeping the public from participating or observing the proceedings while they tackle massive restructuring of services for vagrants in Anchorage.

The Assembly is also considering AO-65, banning certain types of counseling within the city as it pertains to those under the age of 18 who want a counselor’s help with issues involving homosexuality.

The petition to recall Assembly member Meg Zaletel, who favors AO-65 and the mayor’s lockdown of the city, has already begun circulating. Signatures are now being gathered as petitioners go door to door in her district.

Organizers say they will also work to recall Felix Rivera from the Assembly after he has served for his first six months, after which he can be recalled.

Mayor Ethan Berkowitz was nowhere in the vicinity today to greet protesters, but just weeks ago he showed up at a Black Lives Matter protest in Anchorage to speak to the crowd there. While praising them as revolutionaries, he was not wearing a mask: “I look out and I see a crowd full of revolutionaries, and it makes my heart glad,” he bellowed. Roll tape:


    • Our city is turning into zombie land due to the antics of the Assembly and Berkowitz. Ridiculous to further the demise of the small businesses that are hanging on by a thread while they hide behind the chambers doors and their agenda. I will vote against the ones that are pushing AO 65. Disgusted at what has become of my hometown…

      • So, in addition to having the mask mandate, the little emperor had decreed certain small businesses close down? I’m confused. If wearing masks works, then why shut down businesses too?

      • Roger That!!!
        Vote or recall ALL but ER!!
        Starting with the little dictator, The USA is a Capitalistic Nation and we Live on FREE ENTERPRIZE!!!
        NOT LOCK DOWN!!! 🙁
        TRUMP 2020 ????❤️❤️ MAGA

      • Berkowitz is only trying to save lives in a deadly pandemic let’s see how many die or hospitalized after dining at these establishments that choose to defy common sense of masks and social distancing and no large gatherings. I commend our Mayor.

        • Baloney. If you want to stay away, do it. That’s your right. It’s my right to go out to worship, eat, socialize… I mask up. I sanitize. I’m in a high risk group, so I’m very careful. But I am a FREE AMERICAN! I am a 100% service-connected disabled VietNam era vet, who signed a blank check. This is NOT the America I signed that check for. THIS IS DICTATORSHIP, NOT FREEDOM!!!!

  1. Very well rounded and as usual quite informative. There is a cancer growing in and courage that stems from Juno, We must radiate this cancer by electing officials that we firmly believe will uphold our constitutional values and the wishes of all Alaskans not just the 1%. It is us who can create the tsunami to take out Juneau and recreate what we is Alaskans have tried to instill in our legislators for several years now. It is our voices it will dominate the ballots streets and the offices of those who seek to wield power they don’t deserve, As well as ensuring that those candidates vying for election are properly vetted by the public with honest and truthful sincerity.

    • Zaletel has to go. She told my wife she knew what was best for the people regardless of what we want. Where can we sign the petition?

    • What Facebook page is dedicated so we know exactly who these politicians are? Far too many say one thing and do another!
      Alone in Alaska

    • Juneau has nothing to do with your little commie mayor.

      Perhaps you should reconsider who you send to Juneau anyway..

    • Anchorage has been leading the pack as far as COVID lockdown response goes–Juneau has been following in their wake, sadly. But I agree, let’s vote these people out.

    • The good news is that this is destroying Berkowitz’s political aspirations. Running for Anchorage mayor was just a ticket punching exercise for an executive office with low voter turnout on his way to the Governors mansion. If he continues screwing this up, the people of Anchorage may suffer, but their suffering may spare the people of Alaska as a whole.

  2. Love this story. Thanks, Suzanne. We had the same problem with the fascist FNSB mayor, Luke Hopkins, back in 2010 and 2011. He was trying to start a civil war in Fairbanks by banning wood burning stoves during winter. He single-handedly started riots in the Interior. A goofy old mayor who let power get to his head. He’s still a problem though and wants a seat on the Interior’s gas board. His son is Grier Hopkins, a radical Lefty Representative. His son-in-law is the Dunleavy recall instigator, Scott Kendall. These Democrats are dictators and Nazis.

  3. It’s the mayor who is breaking the law and violating the constitution. Those who are staying open are not breaking any laws at all and are within their rights to earn a living from their business. Go look at the CDC stats for the regular seasonal flu in 2018…see the stats for H1N1 in 2009. No hunker downs, no masks, no shuttering businesses. Hooray for ABT. They have a constitutional right to worship. John McArthur of Grace Community Church in San Fernando Valley is continuing to hold services as usual despite the Gov’s decree to close churches. And he’s a conservative Baptist. You can view his interview with Tucker Carlson or with Eric Metaxes on You Tube. They did shut down last spring and held on-line services because no one really knew what we were dealing with concerning covid. But McArthur says, we know a whole lot more now. He and other pastors admitted to feeling aweful about closing their churches. Now, they feel like they were duped. What about next time? McArthur said “Never Again!” Christ is returning for believers very soon. Yet no one knows when they will die. If you do not know the Lord, I urge you to turn to Him and be forgiven. Whosoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting Life!

    • In 2 weeks will see how many customers who have dined at these restaurants that defied the mayor’s public safety plan come down with Covid and are hospitalized and some die total agreement with the Mayor Berkowitz he’s only trying to save lives in a deadly pandemic wear a mask and social distance

  4. This is just sad. You can clearly see his mask in hand while he’s at minimum of 10 ft away from others in the crowd. It’s a good thing we restocked our store shelves with toilet paper… or you’d run out material sources for your “journalism”.

    • “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety” Benjamin Franklin

  5. You’d think there would be thousands of people, but alas San FranAnchorage is full of compliant Sheeple who love their master’s boot.

  6. The mayor has zero power to close restaurants and bars or to limit their ability to operate under these BS “emergency orders”. The orders are in violation of so many Alaska and US Constitutional edicts, not to mention failing to follow the guidelines of Emergency statutes of the State of Alaska, that any business owner the was FORCED to close would have ample avenue to relief in court and financial compensation. Anybody following these “mandates” has zero standing to be compensated. Every bar and restaurant should immediately reopen to allow themselves the opportunity to earn a living for them and their employees. The mayor will not shut them down by force as he would be sued into the stone age and he knows it.

  7. It sounds like he has not treated his citizens fair and equal, what a freaking hypocrite, just like most people on the left. So, treating people fair and equal has not been this country’s history. Honest, god loving, hard working citizens came out to protest and he did not stop by to say they are all revolutionaries too? No time for the majority of the people who pay taxes and that he WORKS for. That the assembly WORKS for. They all have to go, we can’t have change until they all go. Run them out of politics and maybe Alaska too!
    I am out of state currently, but I had a dream that I drove around picking up homeless and offering them $10 and a small bottle of whiskey to go camp out at the mayor’s house. I told them they can have a very nice place to camp, hang out, and everything would be provided for their needs. I got about 20 of them to go along. I woke up so I do not know how it ended. Maybe we should do that for all the assembly members too.

  8. If I lived in Anchorage or anywhere I could drive to get there I would be going to Kriners or the Bear Paw. I don’t go to church but I would make it a point to go to Anchorage Baptist Temple if they are defying the order. Emperor Burkowitz needs to be fired, voted out or thrown out before he turns Anchorage into Chicago or worse. It is time for people to take back their city. If folks don’t feel safe going out to eat or going to church then DON’T GO. Let people live their lives and take the chances they are willing to take. I am so tired of these politicians telling everyone that the government knows what is best for them.

  9. Might need a Go Fund Me page!
    Breakfast at Judy’s, lunch at Griner’s, or the other way around for a month at least… huge tips…
    Love it.

  10. If you want to take the city back you are going to have to face the realization that you have to do it yourselves. It’s not going to be easy. Dunbarland is going to look even worse than Berkowitzville, but it’s where the town is headed unless people rise up, engage and recruit their neighbors, and run an electable conservative or moderate to steer it back from the abyss.

  11. Looks like we have the right people representing us in Eagle River, Crystal Kennedy and Jamie Allard! Thank you for standing up to that dick tator Berkowitz.

  12. Not to worry, the Anchorage Daily News and KTUU Channel 2 will pretend that none of this stuff is happening. Both will have massive reporting on Covid tests – ignoring that 98.9 percent were negative.

    • Just because 98.9% of negative is not erase the fact that people are still getting the virus in those who have the virus that are not tested are still spreading the virus in may we only had five hundred cases this is only August and look at how many we have now

      • You realize test results depend on testing procedures? Testing at 60-65 amplitude (vs 30′-35) will get you 100% positive results. A previous cold or flu will be picked up in the swab as they are in the Corona family. Point #2: are the test contaminated?
        Point #3. This plandemic by the cabal is to create chaos, delay US elections. Congress can then choose the sitting President.
        World bankers have been in control since Rothschild’s played France against Germany funding both sides. Sinking the Titanic (using a short skirted Jesuit captain) got rid of the rich bankers opposing them. JFK assassination. Recent world trade center BS. Three buildings were demolished, 2 planes used. Plane that hit the Pentagon had no wings or engines. Just a 15′ diameter hole.
        Goeble told Hitler don’t worry, keep telling people the lie, they will believe it.
        By the way, Hitler defunded the police and replaced them with Antifa to create chaos an intimidation. History repeats?
        USA 1968 gun control laws based word for word on Hitler’s gun control laws. Histry repeated?
        Last century 100 milion + died from “ism” virus. Most were thinkers, believers in light of a higher power. Darkness, hate, destruction, satan, evil is the opposite of light, goodness, love.
        All societies acknowledge good an evil. God ssys in the Bible “my people perish for lack of knowledge”.
        Where do we go from here…as they say in Thaand, “up to you”.

      • what if we have this many test positive, are they sick? Where are all of the bodies? Look at the stats on the CDC website we had more cases and deaths to date from SARs than COVID-!(. no lockdowns, no masks. life went on!!!!!

    • Before worrying about the reporting of ADN and KTUU, you should maybe check for updated number:
      Since July 99, the positivity is above 2 % and rise up to 3 % over the past 2 weeks in Anchorage. Wait, is that thrice as much as your fake number you were based your opinion on?

      It would be great if the editor of MustReadAlaska woudl take time for informing her readers.

      • Maybe you should relook your numbers when you figure the number of test performed roughly 225,000 and only over 2,000 positives from just two days ago the positive rate is only 1.7%. Then lets figure in the numbers of Hospitalized 36 (2 days ago) compared to the number of positive test and your percentage drops to .8%. So go back and check your numbers because Berkowitz isn’t even following the science just wanting to be a dictator.

  13. Well rounded? Describing Black Lives Matter, who are fighting for social justice as “angry protestors” but predominately white business owners, who are breaking the law and only fighting for their pocketbooks, as engaging in merriment demonstrates that this publication is racist and in Trump’s pocket. These white business owners and others ARE BREAKING THE LAW because they need money. Black Lives Matter protestors wore masks, received permits when necessary, and were not breaking the law or telling others to do so. How is the behavior of these “merry” scofflaws different than shoplifters who steal because they are hungry or addicts who commit crime because they need drugs?
    And suggesting that the concerns about COVID-19 are overblown is just ignorant. Nationally, we are number 1 in the spread of infection, our health care system is strained, and every scientist and medical provider is pleading with people in our community to stop being selfish and follow the rules. Anyone who doesn’t is the reason that schools are closed and businesses are closed. It is mind boggling to me that people who are so rabid about sending homeless people to jail are so flagrantly violating the law and encouraging others to do so. What a joke and you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Clearly not a small business owner that has had their life’s work crushed. And, there is a big difference between truly homeless people and those that choose a lifestyle without rules and damage public and private property and worse.

      • Wait. Didn’t they get Payroll protection money? If not why not? Did they apply for it?
        Oh I get it. You are all for breaking the law unless it is people who you don’t know anything about or who don’t have money to contribute to political campaigns and conservative causes. Good to know

        • You are clearly confused about what BLM is and has done.

          You have absolutely no concept of how business works and your comment about Payroll Protection money underscores a blatant misunderstanding.

          You refer to “predominantly white business owners” as law breakers but your intellectually deficient low productivity loser buddies can loot for the sake of looting as that’s not breaking a law that’s as important as wearing a mask.

          You’ll find no liberally oriented, ‘give me something for free’ types here. Consider waddling back to ADN where embittered no-job grifters find solace. You’re their type. That, or you could just get a job, give your head an enema, and join us. Your call.

        • Yes! And supporting folks who refuse to wear masks not due to medical issues, but out of sheer cussedness. I’m a 30-yr Alaska resident temporarily living in Northern Virginia, far too close to D.C. I’m not afraid of the #BLM folks, or any given person of color here. Good lord, no! I AM nervous about the mostly white morons refusing to distance, refusing to wear masks, refusing to even be civil to those who choose to follow both the law and intelligent practices. We’ll be moving home soon, and I’ll be staying as clear of Anchorage as possible. Unfortunately, I’ll also be staying away from some friends and family who are choosing to sidestep or flat ignore these rules and best practices, even though they don’t have to to financially survive. If a person must go out and be with others, must go to work especially if dealing with the public, put on your big girl panties and wear a mask. It’s far more pleasant than being on a hospital respirator. BTW, I grew up in the family small business which I eventually took over. I sold it years later. It would not have survived the pandemic. I’m fully aware

    • Julia, you must be out of your mind. BLM are a Marxist, racist movement filled predominantly with virtue signaling whites who don’t have a single black friend or any intention of ever having one. Local business owners – and those of us who support them – are the lifeblood of this community. The homeless vagrants are the ticks of this community and you are a useful idiot. The mayors edicts ARE NOT LAWS and free citizens are obligated to resist them. If you can’t understand the difference between a riot, an actual peaceful protest and a homeless junkie robing an innocent person then you are proof of just how bad our liberal public schools have become. You ought to be ashamed of yourself so please stay home while you self flagellate.

      To support my hometown business being targeted by this ridiculous mayor, I’m heading to Bear Paw for dinner today and Kriners for breakfast tomorrow. Who’s with me??

      • Please. You should definitely go to the most crowded places with the most unmasked population and let them spit in your face. We need less of your kind.

        • “Spit in your face” you say. Nice one. You feeling kind of puffy and retaining water today or are you always this professional?

          When you get out of the public defender’s office and actually get a job you’ll be less of an ill mannered and embittered witch. Or not.

        • Sounds like a complaint to the bar association is in order now julia. Do you really believe youre untouchable?

    • I respectfully disagree with you. To paint anyone with such a broad brush is to point out that you are the very thing that you are against.

      You were endowed by your creator to inalienable rights, among them are the rights of life, liberty, and property. To deny anyone their right to protest against their government by requiring a permit(permission) from that very same government, is slavish and immoral. If the person who holds you at gun point asks you to fill out an application to get a permit to resist him, and then denies your permit, are you going to let them kill you because you don’t have a permit.

      I suppose if you lived in the 1840’s you would tell a runway slave, that you are sorry, but it’s the law that you have to return them to their slave owner. Unjust, illegal, and immoral laws should be ignored.

      The difference between the protestors is that unlike the thief stealing someone’s property, and the drug addict stealing for drugs, is they have no right to do so, as the protesters have a right to protest peacefully, as they were.

      • Um….making pancakes and burgers is not the same as slavery. Not sure if you knew that but the constitution does not guarantee a right to have a business open. If there was rat poop in the food it would get shut down. If there was a fire hazard it would get shut down. If they were serving alcohol to minors….you get the idea. Seatbelts, helmets, driver’s licenses, permits, marriage licenses, alcohol licenses….hopefully you see the pattern. Freedom does not mean you get to whatever you want if it affects the health of others. Please stop conflating freedom and constitutional rights with commercialism and the fake rights you and your ilk are trying to support.

    • Black Lives Matter is a breaking the law by burning down buildings and destroying property hardly a Peaceful Demonstration. Businesses Owners do more than just make money for themselves they provide job opportunities for many but maybe you don’t know about work.

    • So can we throw firebombs at city hall like the Portland “protesters” did as long as we wear masks?

    • Some valuable history for you to consider:
      “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”
      Benjamin Franklin

      And when you come to your senses – if you are capable
      “Never ruin an apology with an excuse” – Benjamin Franklin

  14. Shouldn’t our priority be to open schools? If case counts keep rising at this rate, we won’t be opening in many parts of the state-which will also prohibit people from going to work. I guess if you believe in herd immunity you might say do both. But herd immunity hasn’t worked in the countries that have tried it. They just get overwhelmed and then shut down completely.

    • And yet South Dakota, with similar demographics to Alaska, is doing just fine. They didn’t shut down small business and kill their economy. Right?

  15. One of the questions that needed to be answered by the Muni leadership is this: Thus far the Muni has been granted a bit over $156 million in federal aid related to the COVID virus…what did you do with the funds received and what are the plans for funds the Muni is slated to still receive? Multiple calls and emails to the Mayor and the City Manager have been unanswered…Oh, Alaska, overall, had over $5 billion allotted by the Feds…that ain’t in the news, but if you dig you’ll see it’s true.

  16. Pete Petersen must be recalled! Have you noticed that he doesn’t bother to show up for assembly meetings? I suppose he knows it’s more comfortable for him to sit around at home and wait for others to tell him what do to and how to vote? He votes in lockstep with his good buddy Forrest Dunbar (who also does not acknowledge those with whom he disagrees — unless it is to chastise and otherwise disrespect “constituents” who do not align with him). When Petersen shows up at assembly meetings, he gives the appearance of being just about ready to keel over or fall asleep. He does not pay attention to what’s going on. You might have noticed that he did not ask any questions when hundreds of Muni residents gave five days of testimony, mostly opposed to the mayor’s plan to buy four old buildings for homeless services. He does not respond to email messages sent to him. The people who live in Muldoon and east Anchorage deserve better. Recall Pete Petersen!

  17. Thank you Suzanne,
    You perform a vital service providing unbiased news to Anchorage and Alaska! You are knowledgeable, well informed, well thought of and deeply respected in the Alaska community. Keep up the great work.

    • Right. Unbiased. Describing lawful and peaceful protestors who gather (again…lawfully) to protest racial injustice and people who are breaking the law and telling others to do so as engaging in “merriment,”….racism. Pure and simple. But what else is to be expected from Kriner’s.

  18. The Daily fish wrapper says that 100 turned out for protest and your article said 250. I’m guessing that it was closer to 250 since paper said 100

  19. It was a fun event full of super spreading of Covid-19 and and everyone had fun… Unlike those thugs that protested for BLM far to serious I mean really protesting the murder of Black people by police how boring. We need our haircuts and our Mickey pancakes. Everyone at the protest against the mayor didnt bother with a mask as they only think of themselves.. Yelling “Covid for eveyone!! “We must keep the hospitals in business”

  20. Keep up the good reporting. I’m not the only one who is disgusted with the behavior of the mayor. Thank you.

  21. Vicki, we have zero proof of all these COVID deaths. Almost anyone who has passed away this year regardless of ailment is classified as a COVID death. A lot of you need to wake up and realize what’s happening. I have had COVID (56 yrs old with asthma) and many I know have had it. We were fine in a day or so and had no further problems. Let people live their lives and educate our children.

    • Where are getting this information? Is it your position that all of the doctors and hospitals…all over the world…are classifying all deaths as COVID deaths? What would the purpose possible be for doing that?

  22. I used to love Kriner’s. I will never go there again. People violating Mayor Berkowitz’s rules designed to keep us safe is just stupid! You people are SO SELFISH I am ashamed to say I live in Anchorage!! There are a LOT of people who know they will die if they get this stuff and others who don’t know but will die. Give us a chance!! Are you so stupid that you don’t realize it’s going to take some serious sacrifices to get the economy even remotely back to normal?? Or are you just so narcissistic and selfish that you just don’t care?? Do you realize that more than 75% of survivors have heart damage and over 50% have neuro damage, all of which could put them on SSDI?? Or are you too selfish and shortsighted to care??

    • Please leave a list of local business that are open in ways that oppose the mayor so people can either avoid or support.

    • Individual choices…the likelihood of contracting is low, being symptomatic even lower, contracting and having long-term effects lower than the later, and dying…well, even still lower.

    • Sadly this pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests have demonstrated who cares about other people and about social justice as opposed to people who care about eating hamburgers and spewing racial slurs. These people have no concern about anything other than supporting predominately white owned businesses and their own selfish agenda. I hope Kriner goes to jail and loses his business. Also, did you see that their other business is take out only and they are advertising that they are following the mandates? So …. I guess not really even doing what these people are defending.

  23. If you feel that is necessary. Reading it again…I did. It mean literally spit in anyone’s face. I mean the “droplets” that are one of the causes of all of this. To the extent it seemed like I meant an aggressive act that was not my j return and I should have chose my words more carefully. This issue is extremely close to me. Because of this kind of behavior my clients sit in jail with no idea of when trials will proceed. Children can’t go to school. All for that sake of being able to sit in a restaurant. So I apologize for the aggressive-sounding language but absolutely not the sentiment just the people who deserve to get sick are not those of us who are acting responsibly, following the law, and doing nothing more than asking others to do so.
    And of course I don’t think I am untouchable. If I did I would not be so worried about getting sick or infecting my fellow humans.
    I use my real name as opposed to a fake one Or incomplete one because I am not ashamed of the things I say or the positions I take. I am not advocating anything as a lawyer, but rather as a citizen and lifelong Alaskan who cares about other people. I would not that I have been personally attacked as a person, a woman, and in my profession in these threads for doing g nothing more than expressing my opinion. I hope that you consider the men who are insulting me as offensive as you considered this. Many of them don’t have the courage of their convictions to identify themselves. I have written and deleted several responses to the racist, insulting, aggressive, and misogynistic statements to me. This threat is another one of those intended to shut me up. I am done engaging with the people on this site because the men who are writing responses to women result in insults, name calling, and aggressive behavior, including you. I hope you feel compelled to report them and yourself to your employer and whomever else you feel appropriate.

  24. Julia, I would like to thank you for letting us know you will not post on this site in the future. I am tired of reading your pathetic whining. Again, thank you for no longer posting.

    Your TDS is really acting up, you need to seek professional psychiatric help. You’re a lawyer, you can afford top notch help.

    Good luck, stay safe.

  25. I wonder how many men you speak to this way. Not many I am sure. It is interesting also how much time you took in researching me. I guess I really hit a nerve.

    • Julia,

      You scare me and I’m a woman…you call people names, put people down, have no respect for others…..you hear only yourself….

      Did you know the most famous culture who tried to erase others is now gone? Have you ever read about the Nazi’s?

      You speak like one….try a bit of tolerance….you say some good things, but erase all informative thoughts with your hatred toward people who do not think like you.

  26. Julia moudy, after reading your replies to various other replies, you often speak about the “predominantly white” owned businesses breaking the law. Your sounding a little “racist ” your self. Color should not be an issue in regards to any replies. My self, as well as my family do not see “color” as an issue. I am self employed and have 0 income if I get shut down. That means I lose my house, can’t pay bills, ect.. if you research more than CNN, MSNBC, or any other mainstream media news source, you will find out about the swindling that the govt is, and has been doing to spread disinformation about covid. CDC, WHO, and many others. Research is the best thing you can do for your self.

  27. apple.news/ACCl6uLuVRTe2EkuqKJOxRw

    Hope this comes through although it is real news so it might not.
    To all you geniuses who think executive orders are not “law,” your king declares otherwise.

    And to those of you , “Steve,” “trouserbarker” or whatever, and the other cowards who don’t use their real names, I thought about not commenting on this issue anymore. But I never back down from bullies, so not going to start now. So…sorry not sorry.

    [Live link removed b moderator.]

  28. Interesting… government officials, both elected and hired, who are the servants, are now commanding their masters, the sovereign owners (taxpayers), to isolate themselves at great economic costs. Meanwhile, these servants continue being paid by their masters. The government workers and officials need to know this situation is unacceptable.

  29. To Julia M – You asked why any government or agency would list most or All deaths as COVID deaths.. One of the directors of the CDC admitted to Congress in hearings that there is Monetary Motivation for deaths to be labeled as COVID. There are people who suffered gunshot wounds and the families received death certificates stating their loved one died of complications related to COVID. *FACT* The information is out there but you bury your head in the sand and won’t look for it. In Florida, over 30 testing labs were removing the negative results so they were reporting at 100% positive for tests.. *FACT* WA state knows they are over reporting and have admitted so. They say its a software problem.. or something. *FACT* There was a (ex-military) Nurse from FL who got sent to Elmhurst Hospital NY and she found all kinds of fraud and abuse. There is a 1 hour documentary on it out there, again if you care for the truth. They are lying to us all because they want to control us, and ruin the economy in hopes that Trump will not win the election in Nov. Even AOC tweeted that losing some jobs and businesses was worth making Trump lose in November.. she wants us Americans to take it in the seat, so Biden might get elected. I would rather vote for Kanye than Sleepy Joe. Well, Guess what? We are all on to them now and this will probably give Trump the biggest landslide Win the United States has ever seen.

  30. Funny how you accuse this publication of being racist while you blurt out ignorant and racist comments. So typical….

    Comparing business owners who are trying to continue to support their livelihood, families, and employees to the criminals who are rioting elsewhere shows just how ignorant to reality you really are.

    If masks really worked, why are our numbers increasing oh master of all knowledge?

    And do your research, BLM is using social injustice as a ruse. If social justice and equality were what they really wanted, burning and pillaging innocent people’s property isn’t what they’d be doing. Their website makes it obvious enough even you could figure it out if you’d just look into it.

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