523 days — and counting — since dead people voted



Good heavens! Has it really been 523 long days since dead people – yes, that’s right, dead people – lined up to cast ballots in the House District 15 GOP primary election in 2018? How time flies.

If you will recall those thrilling days of yesteryear, Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux, a staunch Republicrat and the District 15 incumbent, was facing a challenge from political unknown Aaron Weaver.

Election officials discovered seven absentee ballot applications — seven — from dead people, not to mention absentee votes cast in the names of at least two very much alive people who said they had not voted. Twenty-six ballots were yanked because of residency or legitimacy questions. All the ballots with residency or legitimacy questions, it is worth noting, were for LeDoux.

Despite all that, elections officials – apparently mistaking House District 15 for a Chicago ward – inexplicably certified the election and no official, as far as we know, has asked anything about the dead’s penchant for voting. That, mind you, despite Lt. Gov Kevin Meyer in December 2018 calling for an audit of the election system after “irregularities” in primary elections. Mum, apparently, is the word.

LeDoux, at the time of the primary not a favorite of the GOP after joining with Democrats to help hand them a majority in 2017 – and netting a powerful legislative post as a reward – went on to win the District 15 election. And then she defeated write-in candidate, Jake Sloan, a contractor, in the general election.

She worked with her new Democrat friends until she broke with them last year over paying Alaskans a full Permanent Fund dividend.

Well, now she has hooked up with the Democrat-led House majority again, and was given seats on the Joint Armed Services Committee and Judiciary Committee the other day for her trouble – and over the objections of 15 House members. She also was restored “points” allowing her to hire an extra staff, MustReadAlaska.com reports.

If nothing else, LeDoux has shown herself to be a survivor. It is no wonder dead people like her.

Most of the election weirdness in 2018 came from one Muldoon trailer park where some of Anchorage’s Hmong live. Lots of people appeared to be voting there, but showing the addresses of only a few trailers. When reporters asked why that was, folks there told them, “Ask Gabrielle.”

LeDoux reportedly paid one Charlie J. Chang, of Fresno, Calif., $10,000 to deliver votes from the Hmong community. What Chang, supposedly a translator and political strategist, did remains a question even now.

As questions about the election surfaced, LeDoux reported Chang dead in California a day or two after the primary.

None of that apparently sparked any interest among the powers that be. Officialdom just does not seem interested in dead people trying to vote or other “irregularities.”

Strange, don’t you think? 523 days and counting.


  1. Tic Tok! Good Lord. Does anything really matter anymore? Perhaps it would if she were actually a Republican. There would be a recall campaign happening I am quite sure.
    She should be in jail.
    How quickly people forget. And, she has 4 committee assignments……SMH.

  2. “LeDoux reported Chang dead in California a day or two after the primary.” Apparently nobody cares that a state legislator found a key witness to dead people voting for her in another state a couple days after fraudulent votes were cast for her…
    Used to be voter fraud and dead bodies meant the powers that be would look into such things.

  3. With so much money and power at stake, Alaska’s Ruling Class apparently decided the time was right to impose the Great Alaska LeDoux Vote Experiment, Anchorage’s readily corruptible mail-in voting system, and the soon-to-come statewide “ranked-choice” ballot scam on the lower classes who clearly can’t be trusted to vote correctly.
    What a racket… and the lower classes don’t seem able to do much about it, at least for now.
    Deplorable and Disenfranchised. That’s us, yes?

    • On January 28, we learned: “A federal appeals court ruled Monday that a 2016 Arizona law that bars anyone but a family member or caregiver from returning early ballots for another person violates the Voting Rights Act and the Constitution.”
      Ballot harvesting is officially okay.
      In other words, Anchorage’s readily corruptible mail-in voting system just got easier to corrupt and the Great Alaska LeDoux Vote Experiment is now an unqualified success since dead voters need ballot harvesters to return their ballots.
      So, productive Alaskans seem effectively disenfranchised at state and local levels.
      What are we going to do about it?

  4. If you defend the establishment, And special interests, or if you are a left wing statist, you are protected…by the media, the bureaucracy, the judiciary, academia, etc etc.

  5. Well, I’m glad this was finally brought up again. I would direct folks to American Thought Leaders video on January 22, 2020 on the various ways of voter fraud…and it’s huger than people think implications. It’s more cerebral than many podcast type things, but mail-in voting is one of the worst. People should watch it, and maybe contact the interviewed author being interviewed.
    Anyway, I commented early on the Lisa Murkowski article a few days ago – checked it three times over a half hour and it was posted – then it disappeared. I guess because I also referenced another respected site with an excellent related article…
    So I suppose this will disappear also.
    I tried to find a way to contact this site – I don’t do Facecrack – but couldn’t find one.

  6. I never got a ballot in the mail in the last city election. I hope who ever got my ballet voted Republican across the board although Republicans aren’t exactly acting like Conservatives anymore. I don’t like this. There is too much room for fraud and shenanigans, yes I belleve shenanigans are afoot. We need to go to the polls enmase’ or en masse, and make our voices heard. I have also tried also to comment on Lisa Murkowski news pieces but apparently our voices or our opinions are not worthy of consideration. She really doesn’t want to hear from us peons because we are too stupid, uneducated and uninformed and she knows what’s best for us all, apparently. I have tried and tried to leave comment when she’s in the news and there is no venue to leave a comment. Go figure.

  7. Arkancide is a thing. Remember Joe Vogler! (and others…)
    The next thing is absentee ballots being mailed to all the out-of-staters registered to vote in Alaska. Some may be deployed military – but this needs looked into. Div Elections should contact everyone with an out-of-state address on the Alaska Voters List and verify their residency – then purge the ones who don’t qualify.

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