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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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What I saw at the revolution: ‘A mixture of anger and a lot of love for this country’


While the mainstream media and politicians are calling them extremists, rioters, and terrorists, that is not how one Alaskan saw the Save America rally-goers in Washington, D.C., which turned aggressive, ending in the death of one protester and the death of one member of the Capital Police.

Our traveler reported to Must Read Alaska at various times during the Save America protest in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday until the cell service in the District of Columbia was jammed by authorities in mid afternoon.

He takes exception to the media characterizing protesters as extremists, terrorists, or “a mob.” Most were peaceful, he said. Less than one percent were at the aggressive end of the scale.

“They were extremely patriotic,” he said. “They believe in the Constitution and they support the United States of America. We were praying, and thanking each other for coming and standing for the country.”

Our contact flew into Washington, D.C. the day before the rally. That night, he mingled with others who were arriving, and he got oriented to where the rally would be held the next day. He and his friends stood in line for 12 hours to get a close-up view of President Donald Trump, who was scheduled to speak to the rally-goers on Wednesday. The crowd size was over one million, he reported.

When asked if he felt Trump incited a riot, our contact said, “Absolutely not.” About three quarters of the way through Trump’s remarks, over one quarter of the people started walking toward the U.S. Capitol, where most people assumed there would be a peaceful march around the building.

One quarter of a million people was a big crowd converging on the Capitol. Our witness was at the end of a crowd of people over two miles long. The building was barricaded, and there was no way to march around it.

By the time our witness arrived, the barriers around the Capitol had already been broken down by the few at the front who were aggressive. Police had decided to just let people through.

The people behind the ones in front — tens of thousands of protesters — arrived at the Capitol not knowing there had ever been barriers to be broken. They thought the place was open, as police were letting them through. It was a bit of a festival-like atmosphere for a few minutes. Grandmothers, families, men and women, young and old, black, white, Samoan, and Asian filled the steps going up to one of the doors. It looked like a Trump rally. Our witness joined one woman who was praying for the police who were present.

Law enforcement alternated between lax and intense. There would be no evidence of law enforcement, and then all of a sudden tear gas was sprayed into the eyes of the protesters, and concussive blasts would go off, echoing between the buildings.

What our witness saw was mainly peaceful protesters, many who were praying, some on their knees. Others who made it into the Capitol acted with respect, staying within the velvet cords as they made their way.

“There were four kinds of people: People who were confused, not knowing what to do; people who were serious, and who were fervently praying; people who wanted to take part in something; and people who actively wanted to get into the Senate,” he said.

“It was a mixture of anger and a lot of love, love for this country,” our witness said. He is reluctant to give his name because he has seen reports that an FBI dragnet is underway to arrest people who attended the rally.

The scene became more chaotic. Our witness saw one man being carried down a set of stairs unconscious, and with urine-soaked jeans. A grandmother came toward our witness and said she was only there to defend the country for her grandchildren. Her eyes were burning with tear gas.

According to our witness, between 1,500 and 2,000 went into the building, with about 100 getting quite a ways inside.

“I heard yelling and all of a sudden a whole group of people started pushing to get out. They had been pepper sprayed.”

Most of the people were trying to prevent things from getting out of hand, he said.

“They chanted “Respect the house.” They were yelling “Don’t wreck anything, this is our house,” he reported.

“These Trump supporters are patriots and have been spending months and even years doing their own research,” he said. “Everybody was like a brother or sister, and they’ve been doing reporters’ jobs for months. Everybody was expecting to hear our path forward to continue our republic.”

“I did not meet one person at the Trump rally who thinks Democrat politicans are Americans. They’ve been bought by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). They want to achieve an alternative form of government in the form of socialism.”

As our witness made his way back to Alaska, he was still somewhat stunned and emotionally drained by all he had witnessed. He is worried that the FBI is going to round up grandmothers who attended and charge them as terrorists. He is concerned that President Trump will be charged with sedition. And he is deeply worried about the future of the country under what he and millions others still view as a stolen election.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • You are extremely disturbed if you think for a minute that Trump didn’t do this. He sat back in a tent with his family watching it all go down. He watched and I’m sure got off on the chaos. He was extremely late to the attempt of calling it off and when he did he recited the same baseless lie about “election fraud” again. He. Does. Not. Care. About. Us. He cares about himself. The people supporting him are enablers and they support this behavior. If you do, you should be ashamed. Thank god he just took away his last chance at EVER becoming President again. Jan 20, we heal.

    • The left loves to destroy those they disagree with.
      The democrats absolutely stole this election. Not the first and won’t be the last.
      Antifa and BLM have been rioting, burning down cities, looting and killing for years. Democrat politicians, like Maxine Waters, have been preaching violence against Trump and conservatives since 2016.
      So don’t get so high and mighty now. 74 million patriots have had enough!

    • He cares that you stole the election. He cares about the country more than you accept. You are a traitor.

    • On January 20th our republican democracy dies, and it dies because the government schools have succeeded in producing a majority that is so pig ignorant that they can accept the theft of a National election.

    • Save America from what….CCP Biden? How many times did you vote for him?
      You are forgetting the insurrection act Trump can still evoke.
      Remember the steal when Trump was ahead on the night of the 3rd. and bam the fraud overnight.
      I see President Trump dumping all the proof but letting everyone who supports the CCP Biden think he is going to be supreme leader and at the last minute pull the CCP red rug out from under them.
      Trump is known for the art of the deal where CCP Biden is known for the art of the STEAL.

    • There were 1.8 million more registered voters than people that could actually vote in 383 counties surveyed by judicial watch. PBS ran an expose on dominion voting machines before the election saying that the QR codes on each ballot were not unique and this system was open for fraud from people printing fake ballots. Then in Georgia where they use Dominion machines, video shows Georgia poll workers waiting till observes leave then takeing out boxes of ballots from under desks and running then through Dominion machines. If Trump cared about himself he could have easily bowed to Biden kissed his feet and gone quietly back to his multi million dollar estates. I would be happy to show you so much more.


      “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” President Barack Obama

    • Funny, he was still speaking when the chaos erupted. Videos of flashbangs being fired at people occur while he was at the podium. I know a lot about temporal relations (I’ve written academic papers about them), so I can confirm that it is impossible for a single object to be simultaneous in two locations. Having established the obvious, I wonder how trump both sat back in a tent watching the events in DC take place while being present (on camera) at podium? Please, let us hear your witty response.

  • Betsy Devos didn’t see it the way it is represented in this article. In her words: “There is no mistaking the impact your rhetoric had on the situation, it is the inflection point for me. Impressionable children are watching all of this, and they are learning from us. I believe we each have a moral obligation to exercise good judgment and model the behavior we hope they would emulate. They must know from us that America is greater than what transpired yesterday. To that end, today I resign from my position, effective Friday, January 8, in support of the oath I took to our Constitution, our people, and our freedoms.”

    Today I agree with Betsy. She should know.

    • She still needs a job after. The coward always turn and run.

    • DeVos has been a loyal Trumpist up to this point, but even she can’t tolerate him stoking mobs apparently.

      Can you believe that Trump supporters are already throwing her under the bus too, claiming she’s part of the so-called “swamp?”

      • Not swamp, just no loyalty and gutless.

      • Except he took to Twitter calling for people to calm down, and the police were already taking action before he finished his speech. What those of you on the left mean by “inciting violence” is anything that contradicts your dogma. The “speech is violence” mantra has been used extensively, since around 2015, and everyone who isn’t on your side or isn’t cognitively absent knows what you are really saying.

    • BLM Antifa literally set up a separate country in inside Washington state called CHAZ. The difference between Conservatives and Democrats liberal Progressives is that Conservatives are horrified when there supporters break the smallest laws.

      Democrats Progressives support it
      Mayor Jenny Durkan called the zone an attempt to “de-escalate interactions between protesters and law enforcement”

      Now the Democrats run the federal government

    • All of the right leaning Washington elites have to bend the knee to the Left or risk being canceled. CNN is literally airing lists of Trump loyalists in Washington. Citizens who attended the protests in Washington are returning home to find that they have lost their job for the crime of simply attending a Trump Rally. Taking Betsy’s words at face value is like believing a confession made by a person with a gun to their head. Her political future depends on her ability to separate herself from Trump. Cancel culture is only getting started.

    • Come on Tom, do you know who the Devos Family is? They are the controlling interest behind the Multi Level Marketing empire know as Amway. As such, to say she has some moral relevance to criticize patriotic Americans concerned about their country just doesn’t work. She, like others in the administration, are quickly moving to optically separate themselves from Trump. Not that she doesn’t have a right to, but to talk about rhetoric as some inflection point doesn’t bode well for her moral indignation.

  • All of a sudden the left loves her! Another rat deserting the sinking ship.

  • “because he has seen reports that an FBI dragnet is underway to arrest people who attended the rally.”

    Communism isn’t a joke.
    The CCP and ((friends)) are into everything… and they don’t like opposition.

    • Do your children use TIK-TOK? If so, then the CCP is all over your home, into everything any of all the cameras in and around your home can see … especially if you have a “VIP” job.

    • Law and order party has become the party of crimes and crooks. A police officer was beat to death at this “rally”. For the life of me I can’t understand why you want this man in the most powerful office in the world. He shows no interest in the actual job.

      • Mark you have been propagandized. The cell phone photos show the same people at BLM Antifa rallies and the Capitol event. Police moved barriers and waved people in. Police opened the door to the capitol. The video is out there but censored by Big tech. They control what you can see.

        Under Trump, personal income increased 9.5% in 4 years.
        Under Obama it grew 4% in 8 years.

        We need to unite to protect Freedom and the Constitution.

        The Truth will set you free.

      • Factually incorrect, sir. The officers death was listed as a health complication resulting from a stroke, he was not killed by “Trump supporters” or anyone else.

  • You people “Tom Nanook” and “SaveAmerica” have got to be obstinately ignorant. The pontificating of an ivory-tower swamp creature with everything to lose like DeVos is to be believed over an eyewitness? (And what is she accomplishing by resigning days before she’s canned – except angling for a new job with the new boss?) Did you even listen to or read what Trump actually said? Ever? Of course not, his words are blocked on social media and “translated” for you by the same. He did not ask for violence, not even close. But he did encourage people to stand up against the capitulation of the huge majority of our government “representatives.” Trump was and is not perfect; his mistakes include allowing swamp creatures like DeVos to get and stay close to him. But you’re sorely mistaken if you think the march was only about Trump. Americans are sick of being lied to, of having their lives, businesses, votes, autonomy and rights stolen before their very eyes, and of being treated like communist slaves. And God, with a capital “G”, not some random “god,” cannot be happy with the US being handed over to people who will gleefully force all of us to pay for the dismemberment of children in the womb, and the sexual and psychological mutilation of born children, among many other abominations the Harris/Biden team has planned.
    Thanks to MRAK for publishing this glimmer of truth for us. Anyone wanting to learn more about what actually happened in DC according to other people who were also there in person should check out both Alaska Watchman and LifeSiteNews’ coverage as well.
    May God have mercy on us all.

    • On that, we can agree: May God have mercy on us all.

    • Well, reports from thousands of others who were also eyewitnesses contradict this “source.” Including Capitol police who are sworn to protect the public but were brutalized by this mob. They saw no sign of BLM or Antifa or any of the other scapegoats you people love to blame. Instead they saw vandalism and chaos stoked by conspiracy theories and blatantly dishonest claims about the election. It’s a disgrace that Trump and the Republican Party would embrace and make excuses for scum like these rioters.

      • ,…………says the socialist. Bro lives matter have been identified in the crowd. Try again coward.

      • You say “There were no sign of BLM and Antifa?…WELL.WELL if you didn’t understand…SINCE THEY ARE considered a terrorist orgs, they DISGUISED (dressed) themselves in “patriotic clothing” including Trump .MAGA HATS, clothing and signs to get past security. THEY ARE THE ONES THAT BROKE THROUGH THE LINES, SECURITY GATES AND CONTINUED TO DAMAGE AND DESTROY the property… NOT US Patriotic people..(yes, there was one, or he became a scapegoat but not the majority.) If any of our Group notice this, would appreciate someone speaking up to confirm.. thank you….They DID have 2-3 busloads of these 2 terroristic groups or MORE at the rally.

      • You are enamored with yourself, aren’t you? How else could someone feign such self-righteous indignation without vomiting? Would you like a flare, so that we can direct everyone toward your monumental act of virtue signalling? Your words are vacuous, performative actions to inflate your ego.

    • Very great article and very well put MMD. The mainstream media whether it be the news or social network have always painted President Trump and his supporters as the enemy of America. Sadly that’s where many Americans get their news from. The news outlet are no longer journalists but propagandist working for CCP/Deepstate/Swamp or whatever and it saddens me that people don’t see or realize what is happening to America.

    • Thanks MMD, well said. This is the first I’ve heard they jammed cell phones… I wonder what this witness would say if he knew there were antifa agitators leading the charge into the Capitol? While this may be the end of America, it is not yet the end of the world.

    • His mistakes include allowing swamp creatures like DeVos to get and stay close to him”
      Are you admitting that he did not at all drain the swamp, but let more swamp in? Because I definitely agree. I was hopeful at the beginning but he was just as corrupt as the rest of them.

  • It’s not about Trump anymore. It’s all about the state of our country, how an aggressive political minority has been exposed, wanting to warp our republic to communism.
    All the “Trump’s fault” is merely deflection, to obscure the issue. Even Trump getting elected wasn’t about him. It was all about people starting to realize just how traitorous some/many in our government have become. Trump’s only virtue was that he was an outsider. Trump didn’t give us hope. “Outsider” gave us hope.
    over 70 million voters will still cling to Trump, until some more mature, non-tweeter “Outsider” replaces him. Yes, we’re still looking for our “hero” to rally around.
    In the movie “Chicago” Roxy learned the hard way just how replaceable any single individual is, by little more than whatever the newest face or thing is.
    If and when our “Outsider” real hero appears, it won’t be they who saves the republic. It will be us (per the inane ruling of our legislature) empowering “It”. We tried to empower Trump, but he tweeted it away.

  • The traitor Pence has turned his back on our president. Many cabinet members have abandoned the president and resigned rather than stand by him. Even President Trump has conceded the election turning on himself. Apparently even he has succumbed to pressure from from the lamestream media and can no longer be trusted. It looks like true patriots will only be able to trust Q from this point on. We just wish we knew who the hell Q really is.

    Maybe “our witness” who was actually at the scene in D.C. would be brave enough to identify themselves. I hope he can identify Q too. I just hope Q isn’t with the CCP.

  • Amidst all the bleating and wailing about how the Capitol hasn’t been attacked since the War of 1812, we get graphic evidence of how pig ignorant the media and the majority of the population are; the government schools have done their job well. We now have a populus too ignorant for self-government so the communists can safely step up and do the thinking for us. But I’ll remind you that the Weather Underground bombed the Capitol in the early Seventies. Two of their members responsible for it are celebrated academics and close friends of Comrade Obama. But the best attack in recent times was when a group of Puerto Rican “nationalists,” communists of course, invaded the House of Representatives in 1954 and opened fire on the House while in Session and wounded five members of the HOR. It is worthy of note that a Democrat, Jimmy Carter, pardoned both the Weather Underground miscreants and the Puerto Rican nationalists. As Comrade Obama’s friend Bill Ayers of the WU famously said after the pardon, “guilty as sin, free as a bird.”

    • People don’t know history past yesterday. It will be their undoing.

    • It happened in 2018, but the left hates incidentally reminding anyone of the obvious artifice in all of their rhetoric.

  • That didn’t long to remove, the FBI is looking for those present.

    • Exactly! What we are witnessing could be mistaken for a dramatic reenactment of the 1917 Bolshevik revolution. Seriously, it’s practically step-by-step.

  • I would like to say “thank you” for writing this article. I had a friend too that was at the event and felt it was very powerful to see Americans all together for 1 cause, protection of the Republic for America. Trumps words are that of frustration that echoes across the nation of the fake election. They are tired of the term “baseless” when the evidence that they have wont be allowed out because it would decimate the base of democracy. It is sad to hear people not allow the proof to come out and hide behind their shame that they truly know that the way they got here was by cheating. Is Trump perfect? No! But he is the 1st President in 40 years to actually do what he said he would do. the biggest issue for the current elected officials sitting on the hill is that he wasn’t a politician and getting kickbacks from lobbyist. That goes against their norms. I am more concerned of those who actually hide under PC terms because ethey are afraid of the truths. Like it or not, we have peace in the M.E., Lower fuel prices, Better tax structure, lower drug prices, better jobs, safer borders, and higher wages because someone finally took action and made it happen. I pray that this doesn’t all get sent to China now. Remember, You and I make America great- Not just a president!

  • Terrorists were on the losing side of the battle for the US capital on Jan 6. The Patriots were those that protected the US Government from their assault.

    • Who told you this? You have been lied too. Battle? The Capitol police opened the doors and waved people in. The video is all over. Scarborough chastised the police for opening it. Most people left when told too by police. Is Amy Schumer a terrorists for occupying the senate office building to protest Kavanaugh?

    • Yes, executing unarmed protestors on behalf of a Congress with an approval rating equal to less fingers than I have is so courageous. You do know that this country was founded on the idea that the government serves the people, not the opposite, right? Additionally, read the declaration of independence to get an accurate handle on the founding American principles of rebellion against despotism.

  • When evidence is conveniently hidden and authoritarian activists keep truth from being revealed, confusion is the result.
    The election is what caused the one million people to be in DC.
    The small percentage of revelers (Antifa led ?) breached the capital
    The amount of people one hundred thousand or one million at the march is significant
    The planned efforts behind the scenes reported by the Mayor of DC “police to stand down” why?
    Daylight, truth would change everything in this ,would it not?!

  • The first two comments, are utter garbage that a RINO would post

  • I thank you as an eye Witness for your making us aware of really happen, although we did know that it was only a few that got out of hand and carried away. I am sure there were people that were planted in the mob to make thing worse than was planned.

    I do not understand all of these people (politicians) not standing behind so many American and what Trump did for America. The Liberals had this planned out from January 2017 what they were going to do to bring Trump down and turn this country into what they wanted. It was all against America when they rigged the election and everything that has happened over the last four years has been scripted from the beginning of his term. Thing s got worse because Trump kept on and would not go down.

    I have had it with all news and cannot watch anymore. I fear we will lose Rush Limbaugh this year and then we will not have anyone that can tell us what is really happening. The United States is headed for a down and there is no way to stop it. Even here in Alaska now that the Liberals got their rank voting crammed down our throats we are basically going down with everyone else.

  • Take a look into British soccer violence in the 1980’s. It was exposed during a series of undercover BBC Panorama documentaries. They found doctors, lawyers and other respected professionals with private armies of thugs, sending them out to cause mayhem. The more interesting part of the investigation was how easy it was to “draw people in” with mass hysteria at these gatherings. It only took a handful of instigators to draw in hundreds of hapless people.
    If we had a functioning security service, I’m pretty sure, from all that state of the art Capitol CCTV footage and social media, we could identify more than a few interesting personalities in the crowd.
    The timing of this recent Capitol insurrection was the interesting part, it happened right at the very moment the votes were being disputed. Why, who would benefit from such an action is the question of the decade?

  • Not a bad idea to educate yourself on some of the events leading to the mostly peaceful protest.
    “Gatewaypundit” news site has a first hand account of the events that lead to breaching of the first barrier. Eyewitness accounts from Veterans who were able to observe under stressful situations and absorb the unfolding events.

  • Trump said “we can’t be weak; we have to be strong, to take back our country”
    Only to the galactically stupid is that a call to riot.

  • If the witness was a true patriot he would Acknowledge the mob attack on the Capitol. Everyone knows it’s all Antifa’s fault. Trump supporters would never attack the government, because they love America.

    • They love America so much they removed the U.S. flag from the Capitol and replaced it with a Trump flag.

  • So, just to be clear… The takeaway here is that a mob that violently entered the Capitol building (killing several along the way, including a Capitol Police officer) to forcibly disrupt the activity of our elected representatives should be considered “mostly peaceful.”

    I’ve heard that one before and I won’t be falling for it this time either.

    • You have been lied too. Do you know who killed the police officer? Can you name the people who died? Capitol police moved barricades , waved protesters in and opened the doors to the capitol. This should be investigated. And all the video and photos should be available.

      The Truth will set you free.

  • Excellent post MMD. As soon as I started watching videos I knew Antifa was in the mix. I’m in law enforcement and I have a very keen eye for body language and movements. These people were experienced, had good communications with each other, and had planned tactics. Also, how did they get in so easily? Inside job, literally. The death of the young female is tragic, but what was she up to? Play with fire you’ll get burned.

  • If all these people resigning from Trump’s administration in horror and disgust are “swamp creatures” you have to wonder what kind of idiot would have hired them in the first place?

    Oh, right…Donald Trump.

    Trump: he law and order guy who hasn’t said a effing word about the death of a police officer trying to do his job and protect the Capitol.

    Trump: The guy whose “leadership” has led to the USA being a country with 4% of the world population but 20% of the Covid cases.

    Trump: A guy whose fans flew Confederate flags – the flag that stands for treason and slavery – into our nation’s Capitol.

    • The battle flag of the confederacy is flown all over the south to this day. It stands for heritage and bravery. You cancel history turds need to get over it.

  • Mitch McConnell said it best. Liz Cheney did as well. Look up their statements. But maybe they are not “conservative” enough, whatever that term means now. Maybe they are not in our tribe. Bill Barr seems conservative enough. You think? We know what he said. Is he a traitor now? After riots and an overrunning of our most cherished institutions, perhaps it’s time for a sober look at reality. 50 law suits later, two trips to the Supreme Court, many of the judges at all levels appointed by Trump…and zip. Nothing. I thought conservatives were proud to live in “A country of laws.” I know I am. And now people are dead and we look to all the world like a banana republic. But still the internet trolls continue on about a Chavez masterminded Dominion software hack and Italian Mafia trying to cover up the Epstein pedophile ring that Trump is fighting dark forces to uncover…which caused the Italians to hack Dominion. And of course Nancy Pelosi’s husband “owns” Dominion’s software and is responsible for its development. And ANTIFA masterminded a massive ruse, in costume, and staged Wednesday’s DC riots. Sure they did. And SandyHook was a hoax. Do I sound like a nut yet? I think so. Pick your poison, be as nutty as you like in America, there is a cable TV channel for every level of denial, all stripes, all flavors. It feels so good! Flip it on and sit back and they will confirm for you, in rushed and excited voices, how right you always were about the world. No need for any facts to get in the way of that. It’s like a hit of dope. But there are consequences. People are dead now. They have families. The damage to the integrity of our democracy is a tragedy and will be lasting. It’s time to begin dealing in facts and truth.

    • Facts yes, clearly whoever took the capitol didn’t destroy it. The congress was able to meet and finish its business several hours after the incident.
      When President Trump heard about the incident he told the people to go home.

      So now what?

      Democrats have control of the Federal Government. They could take the high road but no.

      Biden likening Senators Hawley and Cruz to Nazis.
      And now with 12 days left its get President Trump.

  • Great perspective. Cannot trust anything the MSM says. I did not need MRA to substantiate my thoughts, but its good to see others can see another account and reality. If a million were involved in non peaceful protest that would be apparent. To those that got aggressive that hurts all of us, and Trump always wanted a peaceful support. Was blm in the building over this last year protesting? We do not yet know exactly who they were or what their motivation was, in time we will know more, little doubt there were people from both sides involved. protesting our government is a foundation of our country, and to those in power who have ignored the complaints of half the nation, they are responsible, you cannot ignore and tell everyone to move along nothing to see here, that was and is not the answer. It may not be about Trump anymore but Trumpism that will outlive the man, i think Trump said “this is not the end’ only the beginning.

  • This guy sounds like one of the crowd. Does he think that carrying the Confederate flag into the Capitol building and trying to replace the American flag with it is patriotic? How about a Trump flag? How about a F*** Biden flag, our President elect? How about the members of the mob ravaging the Houses of Congress? Attacking Capitol police officers with pipes and pepper spray?
    There’s a saying that if eight people witness an accident, you’ll get eight different interpretations of what happened. Just because he was there doesn’t give him any special insight as to what went down. He was one small person in one small area of a huge, confused, chaotic situation. He saw mostly peaceful protesters. Now five people are dead, including a Capitol police officer. If that’s patriotic, I’ll pass. And if he thinks that all Democrats are CCP minions, he’s delusional.

  • I am an immigrant from Germany. As you may know Germany became a socialist country when the wall fell in 1989. Yes that’s right when the wall came down the west didn’t westernize the east. The west was easternized and socialism took over. I have weekly contact with my family in Germany and I am being told what actually goes on there (Which you will not hear or read on any news channel or media). Their freedoms are gone, they cannot voice their opinions or the police stands in front of their door and you are being accused of being a NAZI. The Democrats in this country do the same thing, they call you a NAZI or a RACIST to silence you. This incoming administration is known for doing that, they will not listen to anyone or any reasoning and they will blame and accuse conservatives for everything that benefits them just as they did this week after the Washington DC protest. (despite the fact that the evil doers of this protest may not even have been Trump supporters.) Once they are in office there will be no working together. Some of the Democrats have already promised this week to “Cleanse” society of the Trump or Make America Great Again supporters. (lets remember who did cleansing in Germany 80 years ago and who they were ) We all MUST stand up against this tyranny or all will be lost and we will become like Germany, run by Socialists where the citizens rights become less every year. And FYI for all the readers who think we need to have Germanys benefit system, the truth is they don’t get benefits paid to them as the people here do.
    As for our Senators and members of Congress including the Alaskan Senators it is now apparent that they are spineless and we cannot depend on them to uphold the constitution and our right of free speech (just to name one of them). Just the fact that they didn’t oppose the election results tells us that they either are only worried about “loosing their position” in Washington DC or they were always on the side of or have been bought by the Socialists themselves as have so many others.
    We must stand up against this tyranny.

  • And a lot of antifa in Trump shirts

    • The two who lead the charge wore black, head to toe. One carried a police issue billy club with which he broke the plated glass window on the left-side door. There’s a heavily censored video of it floating around, if you can find it. I saw it this afternoon over one banned.video. It’s an interesting video, shot from above the door by a Capitol Hill staffer, before they breached those outer doors.

  • Whoo hoo! To the 14 Alaska Airline passengers of Flight 1085 banning together not wearing the fake mask covering. Boo! To the passengers too scared behind their masks to take them off. Hahahahaha
    Thats a badge being banned from all Alaska Air flights. Its a consequence one will take taking on civil disobedience. When something government is unjust. These mask wearers dont even know they reason why people do not wear a cloth mask, and its none of their business.

    • Good luck walking out of alaska, fake patriot.

  • Thomas Jefferson said it. ” The tree of liberty, from time to time, needs to be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” There you you have it.

  • So It’s okay for the children of America to watch in real time on television and social media over the last year the burning of businesses and property all over America in blue states by the BLM and Antifa. Then the leaders of these communities take a knee with them and praise them in the school systems!

    Thank you for publishing the article and the comments following. It lets me know how deep the hate there is for this GREAT NATION! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • Patriots will never get a fair deal, not from democrats or republicans. Now leftist democrats rioting, burning businesses and attacking people will get a pass from all democrats and most republicans. The republican party will not stand up for their supporters, so I say why support them. As far as I’m concerned I will not cast a useless vote for a lying republican.

  • January 6, 2021 was a horrific day in the US Capital and for Americans. Trump and his supporters who stormed our Congress need to be arrested and suffer the consequences of their illegal actions. Trump
    thinks he is the savior for America. All he has done in four years is tear at the fabric of our democracy,
    incite divisions, anger, lies as well as use the office of President as his personal toy to do with what he wants. I can’t wait for January 20, 2021. Where will Trump run to? Well, Mar-a-Lago has an agreement with Trump that he will not live there. He can come for a short time but can’t live there. Maybe some of you Trumpers can take him in.

    • Who told you this? There are many photos showing the same people at BLM Antifa protests and this Capitol incident. Capitol police moved barricades , waved protesters in and opened the doors to the capitol. There are many parallel with this and the Reichstag fire of 1933.

      The Truth will set you free.

  • It started with Obama taking a knee while they were ambushing cops in Texas, and burning down cities in Missouri as well as American flags. The Kenyan did or said nothing to stop it.

  • The person responsible for this written “account” does not list his/her name. This omission is an acknowledgement that it is not intended as an honest and balanced account of what took place on Wednesday.

  • Wow! A million people at the rally and a quarter of a million storming the capitol! I see why y’all don’t trust the lamestream media when you have accurate personal accounts like this one! One thing I don’t get is how 1/4 of the crowd marching to the capitol with 1% being riotous, and yet they were able to get past one of the most secure buildings in the world (aside from the fact that many of the cops were complicit)? Anyway, this is just one of the many fallacious fantasies in your belief systems, which rely on ignorance, stupidity and gullibility.

    More people voted for Biden that Trump. More even voted for Hillary than Trump, that’s why Trump still rants about Hillary all this time! None of your allegations of voter fraud are based in reality. They have failed every level of scrutiny all the way to the Supreme Court (with plenty of Trump plants on it)! You are being trolled! You people are the minority and most of you are white supremacists. Who is trying to actually STEAL the election??? The people breaking the law, the insurrectionists, the domestic terrorists.

    • 1.8 million more registered voters than actual people of voting age in over 300 counties and there was no fraud? Please see Judicial Watch.

      The truth will set you free.

      • How about a link to the information you are providing? There is a lot of partisan garbage to sift through on this page. You realize Judicial Watch is not neutral territory and they are trying to get you to believe a particular narrative? Anyway, point me to the information that you think will set me free. I’m ready.

    • The stupid is strong in you.

  • As a 70 year Alaska resident, and life-long Jay Hammond style Republican, (I first met him when I was 14 yrs old) I read “Must Read Alaska” mostly to see how far you will go to support Trump. Well this time you have sunk to a new low.
    You spend twenty paragraphs quoting an unnamed source who tries to downplay the insurrection. I learned and decided many years ago that a person who does not have the guts or self-confidence to identify themselves is not worth listening to!
    Then you make ridiculous statements like ” anyone who is a democrat is a communist, controlled by the Chinese CCP”.
    Unlike 2020, in 2016 Hillary actually had more of the popular vote than Trump. Who stole that election? I actually voted for Biden as the lesser of two evils, while we wait for another Reagan or better to come along and truly help our country. Anyone, other than the proven many times liar, narcissistic, self-centered tyrant we have now. I am actually worried about what he might do in the next two weeks.
    As Jay once said, “The American system of democracy is the very worst system there is in the world, except for all the rest!”

  • If you can find it, there’s a video shot by staffers from above the gates on the Capitol building as they’re being breached. Note the two people breaking down the doors, and more importantly, *look at what one of them is using* to do it.

  • Your evils are mixed up. I guess you forgot harris and Pelosi are waiting in the wings.

  • “I did not meet one person at the Trump rally who thinks Democrat politicians are Americans” That’s the comment of a normal rational patriot? Not recognizing that there are Americans who have a different political point of view? And we’re supposed to have sympathy for that? Granted, merely thinking that way is crazy, but not criminal. But that is not a peaceful, standard bearer of the Republican Party that I knew and served on the State Central Committee for.

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