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Monday, October 18, 2021
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Kavanaugh vote: No today means no tomorrow for Sen. Murkowski

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In an historic vote today, the U.S. Senate advanced the name of Brett Kavanaugh to the floor for a vote this Saturday afternoon.

But Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski joined the “no” votes on the cloture, which brings the confirmation to the floor, and on CNN this morning she is quoted saying Kavanaugh “is not the right man for the court at this time.”

Dozens of readers of Must Read Alaska have written to this publication already this morning expressing their disappointment. Here are a sampling of the notes received:

“I am so sorry I ever voted for her and even on her write-in election. She will never get my support again. I figure it is all about the native vote and that she will run again. Bad news for Alaska in the form of getting any national support for Alaska!”

“I, for one, emailed both of our Senators after the cloture vote to express disappointment in Senator Murlowski’s “No” vote on cloture, and to urge both of them to vote ‘Yes’ on confirmation.  I initially voted for Lisa, but I don’t think I can support the re-election of a turncoat who is seduced buy the ‘Dark Side.'”

“I’ve donated to Lisa and voted for her the last few times.  I’m ready for a strong conservative Senator. I won’t vote for her again. She is too wishy-washy. If a strong conservative runs for the seat, someone sane (not Joe Miller, Sorry) I will work on their campaign and I will donate as much as I can to their campaign. If she pulled out of the primary I still couldn’t vote for her at this point. I will do what I can to make sure that is not my only option.”

“I have so many thoughts about Murkowski I just can’t seem to verbalize all of them. Even yesterday she said she was undecided. But she needs the Native corporation vote to win. With a significant portion of the Native community coming out against Kavanaugh (Walker/Mallott saying Kavanaugh will kill tribal sovereignty, Tlingit Haida coming out against as well) I felt she was going to vote no. Then with Hillary Morgan and company traveling to DC I think that was the icing on the cake. Native Corp and ACLU paying to send people and the face to face seems to take precedence over our emails and calls and of course the silent majority. If you didn’t see it, Newt Gingrich had a great blog on what is happening in our country with the Kavanaugh nomination. Check it out. Love your blog. Have a great day.”

“If Judge Kavanaugh is not confirmed, will ANY decent person ever come forward to be on the Supreme Court?  What the left has done to this country and the rule of law is shameful.  (that is the nicest thing I can say).”

“My statement and question; I’m really tired of Lisa Murkowski, Chuck Schumer is more a republican than her.  What are the chances of starting a recall on her senatorship?”

“Suzanne: I hope you are passing these comments on to Lisa. I don’t know if Lisa is running for reelection or not, but either way she is in Washington to represent us Alaskans not herself. I am sure the majority of Alaskans favor Kavanaugh so she should vote that way. I don’t know how a person can defend against a charge when they don’t know where or when it was supposed to have happened. the judge has led a honorable adult life and is an excellent jurist. He should be confirmed.”

“Suzanne, my name is [redacted by editor]. Lisa, I have voted for you and your father since 1979 I feel I am part of the silent majority I would really like to see you vote for Judge Kavanaugh please ignore the special interest money that is pounding your door it is not who is Alaska. Thank you.”

“We now have 30 hours to get our voices heard from Alaska! If we don’t vote for a solid constitutionalist, we are doing our people here a great disservice. The problems we face as a state regarding sexual abuse will worse if we don’t have the rule of law re-enforced all the way to the Supreme Court. We as a nation must fall into a mob rule mentality as sway every way the wind blows. We must uphold our Constitution. Encourage all your readers to send this message to Murkowski!”
“I’ve tried numerous times to call Lisa Murkowski and have not been able to directly contact her office during 2018.  Instead, several e-mails have been sent to support her in backing Kavanaugh. She doesn’t want to hear from conservatives. Trump won’t want to hear from Lisa if she votes “NO” on Kavanaugh. She in no way represents the Alaskans of the Republican Party. She is a turncoat, bought and paid for by special interest groups representing the Democrat Party and their intimidating ways.”
“It’s time we asked Lisa to step down or begin her recall. The absurdity on display the last few weeks is unparalleled in my lifetime. The left has conjured up fake allegations and fake testimony, refuted now by literally every purported “witness” of the time and their key complainant has now perjured herself in several key parts of her testimony; that discovered only by the incredible work of some fine investigative journalists. Beyond that, on a large scale, the left has resorted to invoking mass hysteria and incredible violence against our legislatures, their families and anyone who disagrees with their charade.
“Yet in the face of it all our foolish senator spends half of her day in conference with sexual assault survivors under the banner of the Kavanaugh nomination; which by its very nature suggests that through this now blatantly obvious charade, Lisa must believe an assault actually took place. At this time it is clear to any discerning reader that this nomination has absolutely nothing to do with sexual assault because there is only evidence that it never happened and that the accuser is a fraud. This is not a case of a judge with a dark past asking for forgiveness and permission to move on. This is a case where a fine servant and his family have been viscously slandered, threatened and nearly destroyed by a fraudulent charge as part of an 11th hour partisan hit. That being the case, Lisa has shown such a historical lack of judgement that it is time for the Alaska GOP to recall her. I will support in any way I can any recall effort or primary challenger for as long as Lisa holds any office office. She should acknowledge she no longer represents her constituents and step down after the new year.
“Please do not post my comments publicly, at least not with my name attached. We are no longer free to express ideas in this country. The left has been fairly successful at destroying businesses and thus the lives of anyone they disagree with and I’m sure the left in Alaska is no different. I don’t want to subject my friends and coworkers to protestors, boycotts and violence.”
“It has been disappointing to see Senator Murkowski cave to left-leaning voters. For years I have defended her in my household and have written her over and over.  Wish she would thoughtfully read what Kavanaugh has written; not just rely on her staff summary and her left leaning DC friends. If she does not plan to run again why does she feel compelled to give in to Alaska Natives and ACLU? I was never molested, but a friend I have known for  50+ years and who was molested as a teen.  She scoffed at the whole Dr Ford fiasco. Dr. Ford is not the strong woman she is depicted.  She has another agenda. Maybe money? Just saying.”

“Thank you for your news and input. I have written to Lisa and Dan to support Kavanaugh.  I believe the allowance of such a “witch hunt” and abuse of our most basic rights is beyond anything we have seen and should be slammed right now!

“I have lived here for many years, with several teaching in rural AK, and am well aware of the rampant domestic and sexual abuse!  I say to Lisa and Dan to allow this “show” TRULY TAKES AWAY FROM THE VOICES THAT NEED TO BE HEARD IN OUR OWN BACKYARD THAT POSSIBLY MAY MEAN LIFE OR DEATH.  The little girl in Kotzebue may be here today if we would only pay more attention to the real issue AND NOT make a political movement from such a dire situation.  Shame on Lisa, she needs to leave her position and get back to the real world and hopefully do GOOD for the citizens of AK.”

“My husband and I are very unhappy with Senator Murkowski’s “no” vote in regards to Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation.  We will not be voting for her if she chooses to run again. Thank you for your news updates.”
“I agree Lisa is done. I for one will help defeat her in her next election.”
“Keep calling Sen Murkowski. Don’t stop. The more the better. Its a new vote tomorrow. If she still votes no we know where we are.”
“A No vote for Judge Kavanaugh is a no Vote for Lisa !!!!!”
“…And she is not the right senator for Alaska.”
“If Alaska’s senior senator does not have the integrity or judgement to ultimately vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh, then Alaskans need to replace her.  While I have never been a fan of hers from the moment her daddy appointed her to the Senate, at least I found her to have some redeeming political positions.  However, to succumb to the hard left progressive democrat’s intimidation, unsubstantiated claims, win-at-all-cost and personal destruction tactics will reflect a total lack of character and judgement as a person, let alone as a US Senator.  This is truly a watershed moment for Sen. Murkowski’s character.  I hope and pray for her sake as well as family of Judge Kavanaugh and the future of this nation that she will not willing partake in the purely evil politics that the democrats have unleashed in the past couple of weeks.  Her decision is about much more than just run of the mill politics.  We will all know a great deal more about her character or lack thereof tomorrow as well as those who would defend her.”

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Keep calling Sen Murkowski. Don’t stop. The more the better. Its a new vote tomorrow. If she still votes no we know where we are.

    • Where do I register to recall Senator Lisa Murkowski?

    • I did call. Her mailbox was full, if you can imagine that. There was an option to leave her staff a message, so I did. I told them to get their resumes updated.

  • Dear Lisa – I fear for my two sons who are in military leadership positions. If you vote “no” you should fear for yours too. One vengeful word from a woman can derail their lives. Why would you do this?

    • Are you serious, here Kristen?? Have you looked at statistics showing the number of false sexual accusations, especially relative to the number of actual sexual assaults?

        • You should never leave the house as the risk is too great of a lightening strike!

      • You are an idiot if you think false accusations don’t happen. A promising athlete was just released from prison after 6 years because it was found the accuser lied. It happens all the time.

        • Marlene, nobody thinks false accusations don’t happen, but they tend to happen about as often as lightening strikes on humans.
          Very rare, and not something that mothers should worry about unless their sons regularly attend parties in a drunken state.

    • Why? At the very least, for re-election money.

  • Senator Murkowski, you need to ask yourself one quesstion, “What would Uncle Ted do?”.

  • Clearly, Murkowski needs to go. Recall? Where do I sign up?

    • What a disgrace Murkowski is to her state – Alaska- and her party- GOP.

      The Alaskan electorate did not vote her in so she can become part of the swamp.

      Where is the FIGHT? where is what is RIGHT? where is supporting your PEOPLE?

      I am ashamed of her. See that witch ChiFiDi cornering her in the hallway?

      whatever ChiFi said, it worked. Murk- Out with you! ASAP. Recall? you bet. Where

      we sign?

  • Too Bad that Lisa voted NO. I really don’t like the fact that she wouldn’t tell the people she represents how she was going to vote. It has caused a lot of angst. She better start applying for a new job, because she has lost a lot of votes. And by the way — where is her kuspuk. Take notice Native Alaskans that she is so proud to represent. She should move to Hollywood where the cameras and microphones are plentiful.

  • I’m so disappointed that Senator Murkowski would fall under pressure from special interests, and fall for this obvious vicious scam! There seems to be very little backbone with Republicans in office today. I ditto my sentiments with all the prior comments. I think the Republican Party throughout the country needs to stand up straight, and help make American Great again!

  • I’m so disappointed & quite angry that my Republican senator has voted against us yet again. I stand with Brett not PP, not Alaska Natives. The planned parenthood signs in Girdwood disgust me. Murkowski disgusts me.

  • I am deeply disappointed in Lisa Murkowski for deciding to support mob rule rather than the rule of law. Judge Kavanaugh is deeply honorable and eminently qualified for the position, and Sen. Murkowski is joining the “guilty until proven innocent” mob simply because of her apparent gender bias against men. We must always believe the victim? Well Judge Kavanaugh is the victim here – the victim of a vicious, contemptible smear campaign by the Left. That photo of Feinstein bullying Murkowski in the Senate hallway while our senator melts like a snowflake in San Francisco says it all. Lisa has shown herself to be weak and feckless, and who obviously can’t stand up for principles or defend the honor of a good man who has clearly been wronged by the vile bullies on the Left. Shame on Lisa Murkowski for her betrayal of her oath to protect and defend the US Constitution and the good people of the State of Alaska.

  • I suspect that she has political cover. Are there some Democrats or other “no” voters who have changed their minds?

    It seems to me that Lisa has occasionally voted contrary to her Republican counterparts on highly scrutinized issues like this one, but only when her “no” vote is not enough to prevent the Republicans’ chosen course of action from moving forward, making her dissention largely symbolic. She gets to cater to voters on the dissenting side while her party still gets its way.

    It could be that I don’t pay close enough attention, but I can’t recall an instance when Lisa voted against her party and it actually resulted in her party not getting what it wanted anyway.

  • Lisa you are disgusting to join the left to help try and destroy this man and his family’s life over an accusation that has absolutely no proof to back it up. Will never vote for you again, I would in fact offer my time to help have you removed.

  • Daddy said Hail to Caesar. I disagree RECALL HER!

    Shame on her. Shame on us if she is elected again

  • Nepotism and affirmative action are poor leadership selection criteria. We have her father to blame for this mess. The US Senate is a seniority based club. The old man – actually, probably Nancy being that Frank isn’t that smart – realized he could appoint his daughter if he was governor. He should still be our US Senator, if he truly cared about what’s best for Alaska. Even with his low IQ we would still be better off than the low IQ daughter of a low IQ father.

  • There is a lot of vented up frustration and downright anger over how she voted. I hope she corrects her mistake by the vote tomorrow. If not, I call on the Alaska Republican Party to issue a statement condemning her vote. The party does not need Lisa or her money; it needs to listen to the everyday Alaskan citizens who are fed up with this despicable stunt that the Democrats and far left groups pulled. If she votes “no” tomorrow, she is an accomplice to the un-American witch hunt that will have much more far-reaching effects on our democracy going forward than just this nomination.

  • I applaud Lisa for her vote. To bad many of you rogue Alaskans can’t see what this has caused Dr. Ford. How would you like it if this had happened to your 16 year old daughter or granddaughter and she divulged it 30 years later. Would you be sympathetic or tell her it did not happen just keep your mouth shut and let the good old boys continue to bully and abuse. Look at Trump but then I guess sexual abuse must run rampant in Alaska by you men.

    • And I say BS. She is also a lawyer and should know better. This is an unproven accusation. Tress, we should all be fearful; men, women, conservatives and liberals beware: we all should be very concerned. Anywhere, anytime, anyone can say anything they want and can ruin your life instantly. All without a shred of proof. Just take a minute and think about that.

    • How would you like it if someone from 30 or more years ago accuses you of something heinous (that there was zero proof of and you hadn’t done), but your life and reputation were ruined simply because of the accusation? Too many women falsely cry rape. Sadly, my daughter is one of them. She is severely mentally ill. She accuses every man (and some women) who cross her path of rape. (She is now incarcerated because she is a danger to herself and others). What if one of those men were your son or husband? How would you feel then? I’m tired of the women who falsely accuse someone of rape…it makes it SO MUCH MORE DIFFICULT for REAL victims of rape. I believe that when it is proven that a false accusation is made….the person making the false accusation should be given the same prison sentence the person they falsely accused would have gotten, and that it should be made very, very public so that their reputation is also ruined forever.

    • Oh good gtief. Kavanaugh is the victim here, not Ford. Her story has more holes than Swiss cheese.kavanaugh has led a stellar life. We’re going to go back to HIGH SCHOOL ??? FOR AN ALLEGED GROPING INCIDENT WITH ZERO CORROBORATION? By the way, I was sexually assaulted as a teen many years ago and I find it very hard to believe Ford would be so “traumatized”. Even so, i would never blame other men for what happened to me. Kavanaugh is a scapegoat for other womens issues.

    • Have you followed the news. There was no attack–there was no evidence. The four people Ford identified as being there have all sworn statements that it didn’t happen and they weren’t there. The other allegations have also been disproved. Try getting the facts before posting and looking foolish.

  • Shame on you Lisa. Shame, shame, shame. I don’t know where to start. You wait all this time “thinking” about your decision? BS! You’ve known all along. The Grassroots Liberal group posted your promised “no” vote on its FB page long before your vote today. What say you? This is how you treat us? You are a lawyer too. It’s a scary day in America. An accusation- that’s all it takes. Whip up the emotions. Claim your own “#metoo” moment. My God. Get in line. I have one that will make you vomit. The problem here is this is a witch hunt. Unfounded unproven accusations. Makes the real issues get lost. Watch out everyone. Men, women, liberals, conservatives. We are ALL in danger. That screaming pack of bought and paid for ACLU groupies sent to DC? Be careful on the way home. Don’t accidentally touch someone on the butt in the airplane. You could be next. You’re done Lisa. I’m sure Julie Kitka will hire you as counsel with AFN or something.

  • Lisa, you stated this man was a good man and would do nothing against Natives or any other issue you support. But you didn’t like his attitude when someone accused him of rape of a child ? We need no more weak judges who sit by while the world passes by. We need a judge who gives a damn about issues and takes them to heart. Did you like his interview for tv? That weak enough for you?

    How about expecting your fellow Republican senators support for Alaska needs in the future? Did you consider that?

    When have you been a Republican since we put you back into office? If you really believe your state is behind you, go on the news and offer to be recalled. Or make us happy and admit you are a Democrat and have been working behind the scenes for a long time.

    One thing you did do today is push the Alaskan Republican Party into fast drive mode.

  • Alaskans- You should be very afraid about how your representative votes on this matter. If kavanaugh is not confirmed then the Court will continue to be a 4/4 split. This means the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals would be the next lower court to make the final decisions on things in Alaska such as property rights and gun ownership rights; a slippery slope to becoming another California, where the government runs our lives on these issues and many others.

  • Someone needs to educate citizens about the Salem witch trials. Most women (and men) who were accused of being witches were burned alive or drowned because they pissed someone off, and that someone accused them of witchcraft, and mob-mentality ruled back then. This is exactly what we’ve been witnessing lately.
    I want every one of you to imagine someone from your past accusing you of having done something horrendous – that you didn’t do, and that there is no proof of any sort that you did it – and yet you are judged guilty anyway. Think about that.
    Another problem with false accusations is that it makes it SO much more difficult for real victims of rape. I would like to see people who falsely accuse another of rape get the same punishment their victim would have received had the allegations be true. That might do something to deter the false accusations.
    This stupid motion to believe EVERYONE who cries rape does disservice to true victims.

  • I would say this was the most important vote of Lisa’s career. It was much more important than the confirmation of a single Supreme Court Justice. The behavior of the opposition was outrageous and a new low in American politics. At this time, Lisa stood with the angry mobs, with Diane Feinstein and against long held norms that ensure justice and fair process. Since we can’t recall her, I plan to write to Sen McConnell and ask that he strip Lisa of all Committee assignments and perks of seniority. Maybe he can re-assign her an office in the basement. I know that is cutting off the nose to spite the face, and will give Alaska less influence in Congress. Oh well. Dan and Don can do the heavy lifting until we can replace this miserable Senator who runs as a Republican but votes as a Democrat.

    • Tom, I just read where Sarah Palin suggested she might contest Lisa should she run in 2022. Bet that would be quite the contest and might even require another write-in contest. Sarah couldn’t beat Lisa in a million years IMO.
      What fun it would be, though.

      • I wouldn’t be so sure that Palin couldn’t beat Murkowski. I’m not a great fan of Palin’s but I would vote for her any day instead of Lisa. I have never voted for Lisa and never will. She has played dirty in past elections. Murkowski pushed for more money for Planned Parenthood in all her TV ads. I don’t support murdering unborn babies. Of course, they said it was all about women’s health. There are many avenues to take for health issues. I was another one who emailed Lisa but we can all see she ignored the conservative voters and betrayed Alaska.

        • Well Marlene, she possibly could beat Lisa in the primary (I doubt that, too) but there’s not a chance in a carload she could defeat another write-in campaign like when Joe Miller took the primary. I’m guessing you also voted for Joe and look where that got him. Lisa has not ignored the natives, who supported her last election and they (natives) would not vote for Sarah IMO.
          It would certainly be fun to watch, though.

  • People are losing sight of what the fight is for. The Catholic Church, and its evangelical camp followers, are trying to overturn Roe v Wade. After that it will be on to make birth control illegal, and after that divorce. American women don’t want that. And I don’t especially want a bunch of religious kooks running this country. So thank you Lisa for standing up to these would-be destroyers of the American way.

    • No, that is not true. IF R v W were overturned, which there is no evidence that would happen, then the question would revert to State’s rights, like before.
      The only big difference is the abortion mills will not be getting ahold of $500mill a year….

      So Alaskans can decide how to handle abortions, and Alaskans can pay for them. one question, James, how is it that destroying human babies in the womb as if it is birth control is “the American Way”? It seems opposite of the American way.

    • The American way! What I have witnessed the last couple of weeks in the “hearings” of Judge Kavanaugh is definitely not the America I have lived in for 77 years. I am an Independent voter so am open to information from both sides of the aisle. I am disgusted with the behavior on display by the Democrats sitting on the the Judicial Committee and the by mob mentality in general. Guilty until proven innocent? Asking for the “accused” to defend him/herself prior to hearing the accusation? And even when there is no credible evidence still, still, guilty! That’s the American way? Sadly, We the people, should all be very concerned about the direction our country is heading.

      • Well said Karin

  • Lisa’s behaviour in this matter proves she sides with the despicable screaming haters on the psycho left. She is so out of touch with her rational principled constituents. Senator Susan Collins spoke with rational and intelligent reasoning whereas Murkowski just cowered and whimpered; such an EMBARASSMENT to Alaska. Susan Collins was a class act; Murkowski the class Clown. I too am all in to work hard to oust murkowski.

  • Alaskans should not be surprised if Senator Murkowski is punished for her vote. Why should Republican Senators vest Senator Murkowski with the chairmanship of the Energy Committee? She apparently wants to play for the other team. In the end, Lisa’s vote may weaken Alaska’s voice in Congress, which will harm Alaskans. That is not good work, Senator.

  • Astounding. And we are stuck with her until 2022!

  • Such an embarrassment to this lovely state I grew up in. Senator, I’m so sad you abandoned me.

  • I for one can in good conscience say ” I have never voted for Lisa”. She’s always been a Democrat plant, her father knew it when he appointed her.

  • I am painfully disappointed in Lisa. She has abandoned her fellow Alaskans who put her in the Senate. I wrote to her several days ago because there were “sexual abuse survivors “ staging a demonstration outside her local office here in Anchorage.
    I was date raped at 14 after a high school drinking party, and I listened to the entirety of Dr. Ford‘s testimony and did not find her at all credible . I am also deeply, deeply disturbed by all of these so-called sexual abuse survivors forming a lynch mob against a man who is innocent until proven guilty and who is the obvious victim in all of this. The left just continues to horrify and sicken our country with their behavior.
    Calling yourself a sexual abuse survivor implies that you have survived your abuse. Come out on the other side of it. If these women needed their own closure they should look to their own abuser and not try to take down an innocent man just because they’re holding onto emotional anger.
    Get over it and if you can’t, then deal with your own situation period.
    They make me furious and are a stain on all the women who have been adults and dealt with their past sexual abuse, without the need to take down innocent people in the wake of their unresolved issues.

  • I just listened to Senator Murkowski’s twenty three minute floor statement. Her statement does not make much sense and is detached from the facts. The unstated premise for her conclusion is that she believes the Ford allegations of events thirty years ago, even in the absence of corroboration. If that is the basis for her decision, I cannot help her, as I consider that position to be irrational.

    By latching on to the judicial “temperament” arguments most recently advanced by the Left, the Senator demonstrates how easy it is to sway her. The Senator hopes for simpler, more civil times going forward, but the opposite will occur, at least for her. The Left now knows that the pressure tactics – based on replacing facts with emotions – WORK when it comes to Senator Murkowski. All it will take to capture Senator Murkowski’s vote going forward is to pay to send 350 women lawyers to Washington, DC., from Alaska to make the argument and the facts be damned. This will not be the last tough vote for Senator Murkowski. Rather, it will be the first or second of many to come.

    Similarly, the Left’s success with the Senator will set off a wave of unfounded allegations of sexual assault against many men going forward. This will now be standard practice for the Left. Senator Murkowski will end making matters less civil and less based in the truth. In the end, Senator Murkowski fails all of us.

  • The abandonment of the rule of law for mob rule is shameful.

  • Just wait until Murkowski finds out (in less than 3 months) that Prof Ford is an established INTELLIGENCE asset. At least one Go-Fund-Me effort will propose to expose her history and inspire legal action against her…

    • Boy talk about some wishful thinking, Angela. Did this all come to you in a dream??

  • Most of your comments reflect my disappointment in Senator Sullivan’s vote to confirm Kavanaugh. Outside the issue of what happened/didn’t happen in high school, his oral and written positions which were shared were enough concern of his ability to listen and analyze from a point of neutrality, setting aside personal bias as a judge PLUS the records made unavailable relative to his time as George W Bush counsel on torture and other potential constitutional issues made him not a good choice for promotion in my opinion. His near meltdown during his interview helped cement my view he is not ready for the Supreme Court where much more serious issues he will face than being accused of something of which he assured he assured he was innocent—and had the relative assurancce of Republican support regardless. So I thank Lisa Murkowski for being a stand up Alaskan women who can speak truth to power. Amd she will get my voteagain.

    • Kavanaugh’s near meltdown? Are you serious? How would you like to be smeared with false accusations. Accusations that have no proof or evidence. Vile phone calls and messages to you and your family. People driving through your yard and throwing feces at your house and writing vile crap on your house. You wouldn’t be at all upset. You would just sit there like a dolt. You deserve Lisa. What has he got to do with Bush’s choices? Murkowski is a traitor to Alaska and women in general. She has never and will never get my vote.

      • Anyone, falsely accused would have insisted on a legitimate FBI investigation to clear himself. Kavanaugh was opposed to any investigation and note that he also didn’t want a polygraph, either.

    • A meltdown? It was all or nothing here Nancy. Being accused of something without a shred or corroboration. Judge Kavanaugh is a human being also. One that needs to defend his reputation too. His entire being was on the line here – in front of the world and you call that a meltdown? This was no interview. This was a lynching. I’m glad she will get your vote. She will have to get it on the Democratic ticket or Independent. Or, better yet, school board. She won’t be running on the Republican ticket anymore.

      • That was quite a performance, Garnet and you don’t feel it was a meltdown. The guy caved and showed his partisan self rather than call for an immediate investigation to clear his name. You probably also have a reason Kavanaugh didn’t go for his own polygraph, eh?? His hearing was not an interview, I agree, but he clearly had a “meltdown.”

  • Have you looked closely at the photo at the top of the column/page?

    I don’t know to whom the photo credit goes, but it should be recognized for it’s exquisite composition. Of course timing is everything and you have to be there for the timing. Regardless, I think this photo ranks very high for capturing the significance in human emotion and tension:

    Note that Lisa has allowed herself to be trapped in this corner in the hallway. Her face forward, I can almost hear her appealing demeanor.
    Her antagonist, with her arm raised above Lisa , encircling and trapping her in the enclave and then pressing in upon her, the stern unyielding expression.

    Dominance and Supplication. This photography deserves recognition for capturing this moment. I believe that it is a POLITICAL CLASSIC.

  • Recall Lisa Murkowski — resign or recall. She lives in Washington Dc and only visits Alaska when she needs to…she does not represent the values of the Alaskan people and represents a dynasty of political corruption. I know who I would want as Alaska’s next US Senator — hope people will organize a petition to ask Sen. Lisa Murkowski tp resign or face a recall at the ballot box. Please recall someone no one trusts to do the right thing. Always advocate for your values and your beliefs.

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