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Monday, October 25, 2021
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Jim Crawford: News flash — 2021 Permanent Fund revenue at $18.8 billion

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The Alaska Permanent Fund just posted June 30, 20121 fiscal year-end earnings and expenses.

Our Permanent Fund generated total revenues in the last 12 months of $18.8 billion.

Expenses were $174 million, leaving a profit of $18.6 billion. Transfers in (royalty payments) amounted to $319.5 million and payment to the General Fund to pay government expenses and dividends was $3.141 billion.

Our Fund balance grew from $65.9 billion last year to $81.1 this year – an increase of $14.6 billion in one year. As of year end, we have $60.1 billion in principle and $21.0 billion in the Earnings Reserve account.

The Earnings Reserve Account requires a simple majority approval for the Legislature to access.

After legislative shenanigans, our Permanent Fund dividend for 2022 is zero.

The Legislature goes into another special session on August 16. Their task, assigned by Gov. Dunleavy in his call, is to balance the budget and solve the fiscal gap.

Let me be perfectly clear. The State of Alaska, according to its financial statements has and has had, a surplus over the last several years. When legislators decry the budget gap, they are referring to the General Fund and ignoring the billions in earnings of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation.

There are three courses of action available to Legislators in the August special session.

1. The House and the Senate majority cut your dividend to $525. The governor appropriately vetoed the bill, as it was designed to punish Alaskans for our “greed and entitlement” in demanding a full dividend. Each legislator who chose to cut your dividend, must be held to account by the people. Just record their vote and vote them out of office.

  1. The House minority and Senate minority have backed the full dividend as an investment in Alaskans who can decide for themselves how to spend their money. Any Alaskan who has read any of my 16 columns over the last few years knows that we don’t have a cash problem. We have a spending problem and the way to remove the spending problem is to remove the spenders. To say we don’t have the money is preposterous.
  2. Gov. Mike Dunleavy has proposed a realistic, practical compromise. Constitutional protection of the dividend at the 50/50 rate along with inflation protection and passage of a workable spending limit provides a foundation for a sustainable fiscal solution. If this Legislature can’t provide it, let’s vote for the Constitutional Convention on Nov. 8, 2022, and do it ourselves.

A special note to the private sector: The reality is that if the Permanent Fund had not earned enough income this year, the Legislature would have raised taxes to keep spending. 70 percent percent of government expenses were paid by permanent fund earnings during the last fiscal year. Solving the fiscal gap must include fiscal protection for private enterprise, small business and all for profit companies.

This is a battle between the public sector who will never have enough and the private sector which has to earn enough to pay taxes, working Alaskans and their costs of business. Perhaps the outsized earnings of the fund this year will demonstrate to business the benefits from a protected Permanent Fund. Small business got that message and succeeds when local stores and restaurants serve the dividend recipients. We need more of that to bring our economy back to life.

Here are three steps each of us can take to solve the fiscal gap:

  1. Plug into https://akleg.gov/docs/pdf/Legislators-by-District.pdf and write down the name of your District representative and senator.
  2. Write or call your representative and senator to ask the question, “Will you vote for a full dividend at 50/50?” Get a yes or no and write it down.
  3. Track your representative and senator’s vote. Did he or she vote for or against your family’s dividend? Vote for the Representative and Senator who committed to voting for the full dividend and did so.

This is not a partisan battle, as there are Republicans and Democrats and Independents on both sides.

This is not a rural/urban battle. As incredible as it seems, even with poll results with 80 percent approval for full dividends, legislators can come up with more imaginative reasons why to vote against their constituents’ interests.

We’re beyond the need to justify the Alaska Permanent Fund or its earnings. We need to point out to Legislators who disagree with our dividend commitment, their personal advantages of early retirement. When I worked for U. S. Sen. Ted Stevens, he taught me many things. One dictate was “learn to count” because without that ability, the other side wins in legislative battles.

Our collective responsibility is to count a majority of specific commitments from legislators to enact our right sized dividend. We have the earnings to do that now. We have the organization, will power and resolve to deliver on those commitments. Let’s shock those who steal the dividends from our grandchildren. Legislators beware. My bud, Joe Sixpack, understands this issue perfectly and will vote accordingly.

Jim Crawford is a third-generation Alaskan entrepreneur who resides in Anchorage with his bride of 37 years, Terri.  Capital Alaska LLCis a capital funder which studies and reports on and may sponsor projects of sustained economic growth for the Alaskan economy.   Mr. Crawford known as the Permanent Fund Defender was a member of the Investment Advisory Committee, appointed by Governor Hammond to plan and execute the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation.

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Latest comments

  • Yep, over 80 Billion in the coffers with the PF but still NO MONEY for PFD’s.
    It is time we expose the lobbyists behind the scenes who are laughing all the way to the bank.
    Take a look at the prospectus of the PF & you will see why Zuckerberg has hired a lobbyist in AK.

  • Sorry, but it is very partisan. Them against us.

  • Can anyone stay” statutory dividend“?

  • As we all know the definition of insanity, we, the Alaskan voters must be insane.

    Until Alaskans get a $0.00 divided, we’ll keep electing thieves, crooks and lures, we’ll get nothing.

    • Ah, but the special interests get lots!

  • Another excellent piece, Jim!

  • Yes Alaskans you must decide on the future of the budget and the PFD. Do you want the legislators and lobbyists to spend every penny in the fund until they raise the budget so high you can’t pay the taxes required when the PF is broke? Or do you want them to reduce the budget in real dollars and pay you a PFD as it was intended for your share of the oil wealth? It is up to you to contact everyone of them and tell to adopt the Governor’s proposed Constitutional amendments without change. If they don’t we must vote everyone of them that opposes the amendments and a statutory PFD with catchup payments out of office and vote for the Constitutional Convention as Mr. Crawford suggests.

    If not watch them spend and raise every tax and fee they can until they have spent everything and impose crushing taxes on us all.

  • There could be 500 billion in the Fund and the legislature would still insist there isn’t enough to fund the PFD.

    This party is over. The PFD died the day Dunleavy wet himself in Wasilla.

  • It’s time for a constitutional convention, and authorize a one time payout. #timetotakethetoysaway

  • Way to mess up things, Jim…
    How’s the Peoples House and Senate Comprehensive Fiscal Plan Working Group supposed to justify stiffing productive Alaskans with new taxes because Alaska’s broke
    … while you’re out there spilling the goods on how flush with cash the state really is?

  • Shouldn’t we hand that money over to the federal government or the taxpayers in the lower 48? They have been supporting us for years isn’t it their money? It’s time we put in our big girl panties and paid our own way so as we are not the laughing stock of the country.

  • “Each legislator who chose to cut your dividend, must be held to account by the people. Just record their vote and vote them out of office.”

    Wonder if there could be a series of billboards with names and how they voted on this. May be the best way to motivate people to vote correctly.

  • $525 will easily cover a bucket of Vaseline.

  • Jim, quit being so damn honest! I thought Alaska was broke and searching for new taxes.

  • A final thought – Pay close attention to the so-called “charity” gatherings like the recent one in Kenai to see who attends them and what companies are involved. Also note who is not there. Definitely note who gave the event, like the prominent political families in Alaska. Then write those names down and watch them during the political season. The Kenai party was NOT attended by the governor, or some of his supporters, but was attended by companies who generally give large amount to pols running for office who are part of the establishment or want to be. These are the people you do not want in in the legislature. In other words, check the pedigree, even more than the money. Good luck!

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