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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Double ballots, closed post office, and food for votes


At least one incident of two ballots sent to one voter has been documented in the Anchorage Municipal Election, which ends April 3. This is the first time Anchorage has held a vote-by-mail only election, and ballots are arriving in mailboxes today after being mailed on Tuesday by a printer in Federal Way, Washington.

Others are reporting getting ballots for previous residents at their addresses.

Have questions about Vote by Mail? Visit the Municipal web site.

About 198,000 ballot packages were sent to Anchorage voters, who have until April 3 to get them in the mail. Alternately, voters can use one of 12 drop boxes around the city. There are two for each of the voting districts in the municipality, or ou can drop off your ballot the old-fashioned way at:

• City Hall, 632 W 6th Ave.
• O’Malley’s on the Green, 3651 O’Malley Road
• Loussac Public Library, 3600 Denali Street
• Eagle River Town Center, 11924 Business Blvd.
• Municipality of Anchorage Election Center, 619 East Ship Creek Ave.

Didn’t receive a ballot? Lost your ballot? Spill coffee on your ballot? Call the voter hotline at 907-243-8683.


A sign at a U.S. Post Office next to the Loussac Library indicated that lobby hours are now curtailed due to safety concerns. Voters hoping to mail their ballots will need to make arrangements for purchasing stamps during the new hours because even the federal government doesn’t think it’s safe to go out at night in Anchorage:

Others observed that the Alaska Center for the Environment, the Anchorage Parks Foundation and the Anchorage Community Land Trust are hosting food-and-games voter events called “Ballot Box Bashes” at four heavily Democratic drop box locations to push voter turnout that would favor higher taxes.


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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Well, wouldn’t those ballot box bashes be as illegal as standing outside a polling place soliciting votes??

  • Hello Suzanne,

    Can you post who would be the conservative candidate in each of the races? Mayor and the three school board seats.

    Thank you,

    Bob McMorrow, Sr.

    • Bob McMorrow, Rebecca Logan for mayor, David Nees for school board, Elisa Snelling for school board and Phil Isley for school board. The school district takes 50% of your property taxes to fund a less-than-satisfactory education system. Kids are more important than potholes.

  • This will be a failed and likely fraud filled experiment. That does not mean the Assembly won’t want it to continue going forward. There will be way more disinterested voters casting ballots and I think that is the bottom line of all of this.

    • Really? You base this on, what? Mail in voting happens successfully in other states.

  • 198,000 ballots??
    So, a Full 2/3 of Anchorage residents are registered voters??

    This voting process is RIPE for Fraud…
    Anyone that loses will have a Perfectly Valid reason to have All the results thrown out and an entirely new election started…

    • True.

  • Democrats across the nation are tired of democracy and its results. They’re tired of the Constitution. They’re really tired of Republicans. Nowhere is that more true than in Alaska. They liked how the Obama census worked in 2010. They tested perverting democracy at the polls in District 40 two years ago, and they got away with it (although the candidate selected and anointed ran into problems with the then unforeseen pink hat movement). Four years ago they tossed aside the ticket that won their gubernatorial primary, and in their view that has worked well. They are not about to risk the importance of the coming gubernatorial election, the 2020 census, and big issues like ANWR to the uncertainties of the democratic process. This Anchorage election is just a place to stop for water and a pee in their race to win the marathon they call the future of America. Democrats want to end Republicans representing Alaska in Congress. They want our guns. They likely do not see a place for you and your family in their Alaska future.

  • My daughter just received her ballot yesterday. She has Down Syndrome and is not a registered voter. My wife and I have not received ours.

  • Vote by mail works, it increase VOTER turn out in virtually every place it happens, I know ALEC and many readers here don’t want people to vote but I do. As to the veiled assertions her about Ballot box parties, keep in mind this is VOTE BY MAIL, so the boxes and parties near them will make little difference. Two ballots? So, they will not be COUNTED, your ballot is checked against the signature you use every year. Our current system is antiquated and ripe for fraud and hacking.

  • Your comment about the ballot boxes being highly Democratic is ridiculous and way off. I am a part of hosting these bashes and we are all about building community around the new Vote By Mail system, which has largely removed the ritual and social aspect of voting in a nonpartisan way. get your facts right prior to stating such nonsense.

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