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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Covid shuts down Alaska jury trials again

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Jury trials have been suspended across Alaska for most of August due to the increase in Covid-19 cases. The courts that have canceled the trials are:

  • Anchorage – until at least 08/27/2021 Order 896
  • Dillingham – until at least 08/27/2021 Order 897
  • Homer – until at least 08/27/2021 Order 895
  • Juneau – until at least 08/31/2021 Order 21-16
  • Kenai – until at least 08/27/2021 Order 895
  • Ketchikan – until at least 08/31/2021 Order 21-18
  • Kodiak – until at least 08/27/2021 Order 898
  • Kotzebue – Trial Jury until at least 08/31/2021 Order 21-07 
      Grand Jury until 08/26/2021 Order 21-08
  • Palmer – until at least 08/27/2021 Order 894
  • Prince of Wales Island – until at least 08/31/2021 Order 21-19
  • Sitka – until at least 08/31/2021 Order 21-17
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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • It will continue into winter as Delta rages on across Alaska. When Covid 3.0 hits, best to hunker down, keep your shot record card handy. Going to get worse before better Mike.

    • Fear and hysteria are the real disease, Greg.
      And spineless, conformist, irrational cowards like you are the super spreaders.

      • Don’t shoot the messenger son. I’m just telling you what’s going to happen to better prepare you so you don’t stray too far from some sort of snowflake cover and melt all over the damn place.

      • DOOM!

  • OMG – we only have a 99.7% chance of survival – we are all going to die…

    • Quick! Do we have any more freedoms we can give up? C’mon, think man! I’m terrified!!!!!

      • Yeah, go to aflds , flccc, and various doctors and scientists that actually do real care and science. Then you won’t have to be so uptight about a very not deadly…affliction.
        Early treatment, prophylactic if you please, …done and immune.
        Grow up.

    • More chance of dying from a stroke after reading Greg’s DNCDC malarky on here.

      • If Alaskans don’t have their shots by now, it may be too late since it takes 4-5 weeks to reach full protection.

  • Why not just shut down the entire justice system in Alaska. The system is nothing more than a con game run by attorneys and attorneys in robes anyway!

  • This is a good thing cause I was actually supposed to go in for jury duty next week. Whew! I dodged a bullet!! I hope cOvId lasts 4evah!!1

    • Suzanne please add this guy to your list as well. Thanks

  • Correction: COVID hysteria and fear-porn shuts down brains again.

    (For a perfect example of such, just read any of Gregory Forkner’s irrationally panic-and-fear-soaked posts here which are sure to follow.)

    • Here’s another one for you Suzanne.

  • Wtf. A “ pandemic” that kills .0001 of people under the age of 50 and there’s been a vaccine for anyone and everyone to receive for free, why should we shut ANYTHING DOWN!!!

  • A “pandemic” that kills .0001 of people under the age of 50 and there’s been a vaccine for anyone and everyone to receive for free, why should we shut ANYTHING DOWN!!!

  • We are going to do this every year eh?

    • I reckon we’ll get another short reprieve after the 2022 midterm elections.

  • I did notice that a vax card is available being advertised on m r a k. If you don’t already have your vaccination record on your phone I recommend purchasing this convenient credit card size permanent record of your shot. It is going to be your carte blanche to getting into places like movie theaters, Walmart grocery stores the DMV and other places where people congregate.

  • Justice delayed is Justice denied… one more benefit from this China Flu scamdemic, yet another insidious attack upon the fabric of the republic. All this hysteria for a treatable disease that kills less then 1/2 of 1 percent of the population? We are not talking about the Black Plague here. I wonder how long will we as supposedly freedom loving Americans tolerate this nonsense? Are you tired of the endless mandates and precautions and now comes this push to jab everyone with an experimental concoction which appears to be useless in protecting the jabbed from getting and spreading the disease? I note that only half of the country has been stabbed by the jabbers to date and that amongst the educated the rate of jabbing is the lowest with mounting hesitancy to ever get Jabbed. Seems VAERS, known for gross under reporting is running a high tabulation of the dead and severely affected victims of the Jabbers. Yeah, let’s shut down our Courts and everything else and go hide under a rock somewhere. Makes perfect sense.

  • Could see that coming a mile away. Just like a garbage bear. it is going to be very difficult to get these Covid grifters off the gravy train!

  • If this is going to become a regular thing, maybe we need to start Zooming the jurors.

  • The leftest narrative will continue to nip away at our freedom of liberty in the name of COVID…. even though there is a HIGH percentage rate of survival without the COVID shot… 99.98% in what, 50 & younger… 99.95% in 60 & younger…. 98.5% in 70 & younger.

    The recipient who does fall for the COVID shot certainly are hosts to spread it… This by the way is treatable w/o getting jabbed…
    Vitamin D, Ivermectin & Zinc… Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is also one to consume in aide to fin off illness.

    Until we the people start punching back in Alaska (city & rural) or until we are pushed to our brink there will be no freedom at all. Already the censorship w/ the MSM, public platforms took away our Freedom of Speech (First Amendment). I’m thankful for MustReadAlaska for giving us the freedom to express our speech.

    Wake up you CCP commies who support lockdowns, getting jabbed, masks, social distancing, closure of small businesses. This is text book Natzi & CCP communism! Keep listening to the main stream media who does nothing but give disinformation and fear mongering about ooooooh this deadly COVID (now the Delta)… GOOOOOOD GRIEF! Turn that sheeeeet off! When will enough be for you?

    Patriots, I commend you for speaking up and standing up for our God given Constitutional Rights.

    • So glad that most alaskans support freedom of speech and the first amendment.

  • Schools closing here now.

    • Until after Labor Day at the earliest.

  • A 17 year old girl died yesterday with it down here. 4 teachers died in Broward schools yesterday. None had the shot.

    • The Broward County deaths have been revised. GIGO!

      • Correct. Three died from Broward and one from a neighboring district. Today another teacher died.

  • A 17 year old girl and 4 teachers died from covid here yesterday. None had the shots.

    • None had the shots, but were they wearing masks? No, Florida’s Governor anti-mask mandate.

      An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

      • They probably weren’t wearing masks because contracted the disease before school even started during their summer break. The no mask mandate by the governor is being challenged and school districts around the state are going against it because they actually care about their kids rather than votes from the tourist industry.

  • 800 doctors signed a petition here yesterday calling for a mask mandate from the Governor.

    • Exactly why we don’t trust the Lamestream Medical Community any longer.

  • Children now being admitted to ICUs with covid. 25 percent of new case going into ICU stateside.

  • No children ICU beds available in Dallas and surrounding county’s. A kid had to die for another to get one.

    • Suzanne, you really, REALLY have to do something about the shameless trolling from this egregious SOB. I have seen forums destroyed by exactly this kind of incessant trolling.

      • Is stating facts and providing factual information really trolling to you?

        • I think it is in his snowflake mind. He really doesn’t know how the world works. That’s probably because he’s lived a sheltered life. Only knows how to do is throw insults and issue personal attacks. He has no agenda mind you.

        • Matt, let me know when Gregory Quisling starts providing any honest and factual information, instead of merely regurgitating anti-freedom, pro-authoritarian propaganda from the corporate media.
          We’re all still waiting for it.

      • Just because you can’t stand the truth doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be spoken. You’re a snowflake everybody knows it. If you can’t stand the heat get in the freezer. Everything that I’ve said is factual unlike 95% of what you said is nothing but personal attacks that has been reported and recorded.

  • Shut down going to the jury station
    Due to the Delta variation
    Some think it’s quite lame
    Others say it’s fair game
    Why not require a vaccination

    It’s going on everywhere
    From shopping or doing your hair
    It has become a big joke
    Can’t do it with no a poke
    We can convict from our armchair

    • People 30-39 at an all time high being hospitalized now. It’s not about what percentage feels they will be lucky enough to survive. It’s about ICU beds being taken, and none left for anyone else. Surgical procedure being cancelled. Can’t operate out in the alley. The big picture can be overwhelming for some.

      • Thanks for the good insight Greg.

        • You are most welcome. It’s about the cost to our healthcare system and those nurses and AIDS and doctors working around the clock, shorthanded, some becoming ill and having to sit out for two weeks in quarantine. It would be great if everybody got a shot then they wouldn’t have to be admitted into the hospital. That would be some of the strain on the system. But these people are against any kind of authority whether it’s someone telling them to wear a seatbelt or stay under a certain speed limit or pleading with them to get a shot so they don’t help contribute to full hospitals when it could be avoided.

  • If you ride a bike in South Dakota
    Dacovid is going to make it’s quota
    But if you went to Lapallooza
    Or Obama’s birthday snoozer
    You get a free pass from the virus rota

    • Pretty sure riding a bike in South Dakota is one of the safer modes of transportation that you could choose nowadays.

  • May I just say: It’s not “jury trials” its “Trial By Jury”. There is a difference and trial by jury is an unalienable right.

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