Breaking: FBI breaks into Homer, Alaska house, looking for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop


A couple in Homer, Alaska reports the FBI raided their home on Wednesday morning looking for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.

Twelve agents, FBI, Capitol Police, and other apparent police agents, broke down the door to their home and told Marilyn and Paul Hueper to put their hands up. Paul counted seven guns trained on him when he came out of the bedroom. The agents cuffed the couple and held them for hours.

It was a case of mistaken identity, but the FBI now has possession of Marilyn’s HP Probook laptop. The photo above is on the FBI website as a person of interest in the January 6 surge into the U.S. Capitol, during which Pelosi’s laptop was stolen. The photo above is of the woman the FBI is looking for. Marilyn has no real social media presence or photos online.

“They showed me a different view, where it could have been me,” Marilyn said. The photo they showed was a side shot where the hair and coat were only visible. “They purposely withheld the picture where I could have easily seen it was not me.” Eventually they showed her the photo above — at the end of their search — where the person-of-interest’s face was clearly shown.

“I said oh no, that is not me, I would have never worn that sweater,” she said. “She is wearing this hideous sweater that I would never be caught in. She has detached earlobes, and mine are attached. She has arched eyebrows, and I don’t.”

But Marilyn said the agents told her she had been positively ID’d. Marilyn said that Wendy Terry, special agent in Anchorage, went to Matthew Scobel, the federal magistrate judge in Anchorage, and said was 100 percent positive Marilyn was the woman in the Capitol, Marilyn reported to Must Read Alaska.

“At this point, they said it was a trespassing misdemeanor but if we did not cooperate, they said they would charge me with obstructing justice,” she said.

When Marilyn said, “That’s not me,” she said the agent told her “so you want to go there,” as if she was lying and obstructing justice.

“Paul and I laughed during it. They wouldn’t let us be with each other. He was in the other room. They would not let us go to the bathroom or have a glass of water. The agents did not show the search warrant for two hours,” Marilyn said. Finally, a warrant was flashed at her, but it was quickly taken away.

Marilyn said the FBI now has her laptop, phone and she gave them all codes so they could get into her electronics, because she hopes it will hasten the time it takes to get them back.

Marilyn said, “So I guess that answers one question [about Pelosi’s laptop]. It really did get stolen and is still at large. Not conspiracy theory… if they were telling the truth.”

The couple has been active with Alaskans for Constitutional Rights, a group of civil rights activists across Alaska.


  1. And if they do that and my dogs take a piece of them, then what? Is there a Fourth Amendment or not? Are we truly living in a police state? Gov Dunlevy-reaction? Sen Sullivan? Don Young-you want reelected?

  2. I hope whomever has pelosi’s laptop finds incriminating evidence and leaks it to an honest(if there is one) international news organization so pelosi and her fellow crooked politicians are served warrants………….

  3. Bad Business for the FBI !! Do those guys getANYTHING right anymore!! Their reputation has been in the sewer for many years now!!

  4. No warrant shall issue, but upon probable cause…or the whim of a federal officer lying to a judge…

  5. The deep state is alive and well. William Barr had his chance to clean house at the DOJ/FBI and failed miserably. I had great hope for him. And where the hell is John Durham and his indictments?

  6. Bingo! The last sentence in the story tells us why they got raided. The couple were members of a seditious group, Alaskans for Constitutional Rights!

  7. Once again if all is true the First Bunch of Idiots (FBI) are being used as political reasons and if true the Agent that obtained the Search Warrant committed a criminal act if the information is false.

  8. There must be something really juicy on that laptop if the American KBG is after it. Let’s pray it get made public soon, perhaps Wikileaks will publish.

  9. If these people really are innocent I hope they can sue the pants off those agents. This police state nonsense has to stop. God help some one who breaks down my door. This no knock stuff is getting people killed. I can see it being used in hostage situations etc but this sort of thing is ridiculous. Just knock on my door and identify yourself and all will be fine. This is where we would be better off with counties and elected county sherrifs. They would not put up with these terrorist antics by rogue agents. God help us.

  10. Bingo. Wendy Terry , special agent needs her wings clipped & that judge needs a reprimand for failure to protect the rights of a citizen who is innocent until proven guilty , and he said she said is not proof enough for a Raid, regardless of the charges.

  11. The FBI is the enforcement arm of the Democrats. Sullivan and Young should raise holy hell over this. They won’t.

    The cowardly Lion of Alaska should as well, but he has to ask Ben Stevens permission first.

    This is what you voted for, Alaska.

  12. It’s what you can expect if you are for the constitutional republic we have lived in for over 200 years and oppose the Nazi left that is weaponizing everything from the IRS to the FBI to shut down any opposition to the Marxist agenda. These idiots in the FBI are going to break down the wrong door and get blown out into the street one day.

  13. So a FBI agent lied. Special Agent Terry needs fired and prosecuted. Her 100% positive identification shows why the FBI is not to be trusted.

  14. Sounds very abusive if true. An Attempt to instill of learning and applying the US Constitution. Dems love dirty tricks. They have descended happily into foreign values. Not the wave of the future though.

  15. Uhm I don’t believe anyone person(s) can sue the Federal Government only local and state governments. So if the Feds raid the house even if they’re wrong, you aren’t able to sue them monetarily as I understand it.

    You can technically sue them, but it will cost more money than you’d be able to get out of them anyways. Little guy always gets screwed.

  16. Sincerely hopeful that there will be more to this story that will clarify the situation and explain in a positive manner the involvement on the part of the agents. Although difficult with reports like this, I haven’t given up on the honor of the agency. The story indicates that the homeowner “counted seven guns trained on him when he came out of the bedroom.” What would the story be had the homeowner come out of his bedroom holding a gun after simply assuming a bad guy had broken into his house?

  17. “Looking for Nancy’s laptop “
    The one on her desk OR the one that’s hidden and connected to a private server for which she performs the devils work.

  18. “Marilyn said that Wendy Terry, special agent in Anchorage, went to Matthew Scobel, the federal magistrate judge in Anchorage, and said was 100 percent positive Marilyn was the woman in the Capitol, Marilyn reported to Must Read Alaska.”

    “Marilyn said the FBI now has her laptop, phone and she gave them all codes so they could get into her electronics, because she hopes it will hasten the time it takes to get them back.”

    The couple should get a good attorney. Agents who went through this much trouble to get a search warrant will surely find something on her personal equipment to justify their gross negligence.

  19. So you’re sitting there at home, innocent as a new day but well armed and the door suddenly bursts open and armed men screaming FBI or Police or whatever rush in and you shoot the first few…self defense? Murder? Obstruction of justice???

  20. So the FBI is the new Gestapo? That was a rhetorical question actually……… I hope the Huepers do sue.

  21. I’d love to leave a comment about the United States version of Nazi Gestapo, but I won’t put my family through the harassment that would follow.

  22. Mayor Rudy, Marilyn and Paul Hueper, wait, you mean Hunter Biden doesn’t live here? How corrupt is our government?

  23. Hopefully the FBI and the judge who issued this warrant will be held accountable for this raid of people who didn’t even enter the capital.

  24. I don’t have all the facts here, but thank you Scott. Great idea. Let’s review Amendment 4 for those who may be a little rusty (cough-B-I):

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    Along these lines, I think this would be a great time to mention that, while Amendment 1, Amendment 2, and Amendment 4 get most of the air time these days, almost everyone skips over Amendment 3. Why? The Founders included this Amendment for a reason. The way things seem to be headed, I think now is a good time to review and ponder Amendment 3 as well:

    “No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.”

  25. Anyone who thinks that law enforcement (at any level) is “on your side” is sorely mistaken.

  26. If they realized it was a case of misidentification, they had no legal right to take her laptop and her phone.
    I hope she sues the agent in Anchorage.
    So is this what we can expect under this communist Biden and his crooked bunch?

  27. Guilty until proven innocent? Everyone involved in this should be fired, and the Heupers should sue them.

    Who will hold these twelve intruders, Wendy Terry, and the judge accountable?

  28. This is stomach turning. Stasi, KGB, Hoover’s goon squad.. it’s the worst of every parody and caricature, all come to life and more sinister and inept as all of them combined. What shameful partisan thugs they have become. The FBI USED to stand for something, special, now it stands for tyranny and intimidation, political prosecution and cover ups. Despicable.

  29. I’m sorry… wasn’t it Trump who was the fascist? I mean, that’s what the media told us 24/7, that Trump was a fascist who would be locking up gays, trans, blacks, hispanic’s, asians, etc., etc., etc.

    Looking for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop in Homer, Alaska… that’s hilarious!

  30. Wow, the fascist brown shirts are in our state. The FBI is just a democrat weapon and should be banned in our state.

  31. Leftovers from Jim Comey’s FBI. Makes the Keystone Cops look smarter than Sherlock Holmes. At least DC cops gotta quick vacation to Alaska,….taxpayer’s expense. How was the fishing, guys?

  32. They really want to find Pelosi’s laptop, but declined to take Hunter Biden’s hard drives from Giuliani’s apartment, even though their warrant required them to. I would guess that whoever has Pelosi’s laptop is likely going to hold it for political leverage since the FBI has proven itself not to be an investigatory agency, but more a political police force.

  33. I have had several interactions with members of the FBI over the past several years and found each to be hard working professionals of integrity trying to fight crime to the best of their ability. If all of this is true, then some errors have been made and need to be corrected, but I suspect there is more to this story that needs to be revealed.

  34. @Kenneth L. Wells – exactly. History will tell us that Trump was the only one standing in the way of the “progress” that the deep state is working so hard to accomplish. If, by all rights these two would have emerged from their room ARMED due to the loud unknown commotion they’d both be dead. If anything tells us, just look at the last 18 months to see what type of power the federal government (and those that control it) has and what they WILL do to terminate anyone in their way.

  35. MARLIN SAVAGE, you are right on about international news outlet, because there are no trustworthy domestic major outlets left!

  36. Over the decades, FBI has morphed into a KGB nazi gestapo entity of horrific proportions. This home invasion is prime example that we now live in a banana republic.. Be very afraid of our government.
    I will be calling our senators and governor to express citizen outrage.

  37. Gee… “mini-Wacos” coming to your neighborhood. By the way…. who pays for the door and who pays for the incompetence of the FBI? This isn’t law enforcement… this is a vendetta for the crime of Wrong Think and the “sacrilege of the Temple of Democracy”. Considering the money changers that reside in the Capitol…. nothing anyone can do beats that sacrilege.

    It’s also about driving home the point that submission and obedience to the Party cannot be challenged. Just how many agents does it really take to accomplish this mission? I hope the Capitol police get a participation award for this.

  38. Such a great meme or tee-shirt opportunity:
    1. I took it for the halibut
    2. A bear with a laptop
    3.An otter floating about with a laptop on it’s belly
    4. —

  39. We hope…. because if it is fully true … your interactions are only of historical note.

    Beria’s famous quote comes to mind. Harsh? We shall see.

  40. Wow! Too bad “wendy” didn’t spend the same amount of time securing hunter’s laptop. You would think that “agent” wendy would’ve done her home work to find out if the Huepers were even in DC at the time of the theft. Another classic case of employees roughing up their employers. I guess the couple should feel lucky the “agents” didn’t stomp their cats to death or burned their house down with them in it.

  41. FBI=KGB Stasi thugs. NO RESPECT! They are now a terrorist arm for criminal, anti-freedom, leftist thugs. A bunch of cowards that bow down to their tyrannical bosses for a paycheck. The FBI must be dismantled and abolished. They accomplish nothing, allow human child trafficking to go unchecked, as they bully law abiding American citizens. They are the YES MEN of the Nazi leftist political monster, seen by all, as the party of anti freedom and racist indoctrination. If you are a freedom loving American working for the FBI, who respects the rule of law and cherishes the freedoms you once had, I suggest you leave this criminal organization before it’s too late. Because after they use you they will abuse you. Just because you work for them now means nothing as they continue their path of utter terrorism on the American people. You are blue listed. And terrorizing law abiding American citizens for a paycheck doesn’t make you respected, on the contrary, it shows what a coward and misguided human being you are, nothing else. Nazi followed orders for a paycheck, and so did the KGB. Remember that. Unless you enjoy being a Nazi terrorist thug, because that is what the FBI is now; a bunch of renegade thugs with a badge, parading as something important, and believing the lie they are doing good. Absolutely no difference between them and the tyrannical police force of the Nazis and Stalin Russia. What a disgrace. This country is doomed. Soon the FBI will be kicking in doors for refusing an eugenics kill shot, labeled as a “vaccine.” Or kick in your door for you wanting to open your small business under unconstitutional mandates, or kick in your door for reading a book they say is not to be read, or kick in your door for owning a Bible, or speak words they deem as BS “hate speech,” or kick in your door based on who you voted for, or kick in your door for exercising your first amendment rights. The FBI is the enemy to a free and safe America. They are coming for all of us. Every single person reading these words will soon be on their BS terror list if they aren’t already. Every single person who doesn’t conform to their leftist masters of tyranny and racist views. And even those who do conform, they will still come for you, because going along with these leftist tyrants will not save you, or your family. No one will be immune from these evil power hungry bullies. Are you ready for this America? Are you truly ready to live under your criminal communist leftist rulers, and the conservatives that sold you down the river to them? You are not immune to tyrants. There is nothing that makes you special and untouchable to tyranny. Remember as this nightmare of tyranny progresses you were warned. People warned you but you laughed, put your head in the sand, turned on your TV’s and lined up to be injected with their experimental kill shots. You were warned, so look in the mirror to point the blame when they finally come to your door. Trust me. They are coming for you it’s only a matter of time. History has told us how they boil the frogs, and you are witnessing the water temp getting warmer and warmer. Are you truly ready America? It is now here! They are coming!

  42. I like another’s blog point that Alaska community Borough replaced as a County with a local sheriff who go agianst these kind of raids happening to local residents

  43. They sure did get their panties in a wad over someone sitting in Pelosi’s chair, after they left the doors open. This just shows you how far gone our country is. Rioters, looters, vandalism, assault, and killing on local, state, and the private sector is let slide, but if you are for the constitution, then they will go through hell and high water to hunt you down and squash you.

    And I’m not just talking about this one instance where some claim we might not have the whole story.

    Wasn’t there someone else up here that was harassed over this capital incident, and then all the other people being pursued and hunted down in the lower 48, over one incident, while thousands of other incidents from the other side are completely ignored.

  44. Beware, your liberal neighbor can call the corrupt democrat FBI and tell them they seen Pelosi’s laptop in your house and you will be raided at three am with their swat team. This could happen with todays FBI.

  45. I think there might be some instances where busting in a door and storming in might be called for, however if I was sitting in my house all innocent and someone came busting into my home. With my dogs barking like it is a home invasion or something. First thing I’m doing is picking up the 12 gauge to be ready for the criminal home invader. Geeze , then you find yourself being mowed down/shot up by a bunch of FBI agents who’ve mistakenly identified you, but you were actually just preparing yourself thinking a hoodlum was busting into your home. Doesn’t the FBI or any law enforcement do backup research and surveillance first before jumping off the bridge anymore. !And yes, who the hell is paying for my door, when this happens! With the super hyper inflation, building materials aren’t cheap..

  46. Standing by for the outrage expressed by Senator Dan Sullivan, Lisa Murkowski, Congressman Young, and our fearless Governor Mike Dunleavy. I’m sure they will take the appropriate actions to hold those responsible for this shocking and dangerous example of gross incompetence in Alaska.
    This couple is lucky to be alive. They need to demand our elected leaders do what is necessary to hold those responsible, accountable.
    This is why we keep complaining that no one is doing anything to tell us who ordered the Capitol Police to stand down and let the crowd into the Capitol so the leftists could stage their false flag. The result of our elected representatives not doing the right thing and exposing that, is this.
    Got that Senator Sullivan? You’re ok with Alaskan’s and American’s being terrorized and imprisoned over this? If they broke down your door at 5 am and pointed guns at you and your wife over this BS, would you still remain silent? But because it is happening to the public and not you, it’s ok?
    Governor Dunleavy allowing this to happen in our State is reprehensible.

  47. DON’T WAIT

    To whoever finds my body,
    This note I write in haste,
    Lest I ignore this last truth
    That my life has been a waste:

    I wish I were with the militia now,
    Those “sons of liberty”
    Those men and boys and ladies too
    Still unchained and fighting free.

    I wish I were with the militia now
    But I waited too long to be
    As I was arrested for being a threat
    To those who were threatening me.

    I wish I were with the militia now!
    They warned that this would come true
    Saying “Those who go it alone won’t have a home.”
    But I thought it pertained to you.

    I wish I were with the militia now
    They may be cold, or hungry, or worse
    But they’re still free and instead of me
    Are alive fighting tyranny’s curse.

    I wish I were with the militia now
    I never wanted to die alone
    Rather to stand and fight alongside
    Great Patriots who I’ve known.
    (Those brave and courageous, no matter their name,
    Or race or appointment or caste.
    For freedom’s grand longing still runs in their veins
    And they’ll stand till the struggle is past.)

    Oh, I wish I were with the militia now.
    Tho’ they be thought as fools and renegades
    And yes, they stand against the wave
    Ever faithful to God and the Flag.

    I remember clearly the militia now
    As the squad lines up near the wall
    And I stand all alone with a blindfold on
    Waiting for hammers to fall.

    So, if you’re reading this tell the others
    What I’ve said in this secreted note.
    It’ll probably be soaked with my own blood
    Lying atop my body in my coat.

    by norm olson

  48. I stand by my comments that arr being censored. They are not kind comments. There is nothing kind about about the way American people are being bamboozeled since 9 11. The owner of this space had connections with the Booshez who hVe been dirty pool primateurs from inception.

  49. This photo for this story looks fake. It looks like a frikken watercolor done by a guy or hal eith too much time on het hands. It makes me think and to be believe this too convenient. To plausible to be plausible. New comers have no idea about how uninterested Alaskans are in what happens in the lower 48. I do believe agents go places with unlimited budgets to set up businesses and buy real estate ti endleszly watch, fake freind, impersonate, pull shite, act out literally fake crimes to initiate national changes. I guess somebiddy in an agencyy fell in love with Homer. Surpraz Surpraz Surpraz. Do tell. What

  50. Hey Special Ed FBI Agents, when your kids think you are heroes, make sure you tell them how you crap all over law abiding citizen’s constitutional rights based on a blurry photo and gossip. ?

  51. Looks like the FBI is sparing no expense to find that laptop. I would sure like to know what is on it that is so important. Personally I don’t care if they ever find it. I guess the loss of the laptop makes Nancy a BIGGER loser !!

  52. Good advertising for the Alaskans for Constitutional Rights. I’m going to look and see if they’re about anything worth being part of.

  53. FRANK RAST, you did not. When Breonna was shot that was more disgusting and tragic and I posted as such. I keep .458 SOCOM ready for bears, which have come on my porch and broken a neighbor’s door. What will be the outcome then?

  54. If readers don’t know who Breonna Taylor was……..
    It seems that Breonna Taylor was knee-deep in the criminal enterprise of her sometime-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover, who was running a massive drug operation, selling crack cocaine and fentanyl to the citizens of Louisville.
    Its very doubtful that she wasn’t well aware of what her boyfriend was up to. Still it was very unfortunate she was killed.
    I’m sure that has nothing to do with the corruption coming out of our government and the loss of our liberties. Our fellow Americans who live in Homer are lucky, this wasn’t much worse. Wake up, this is becoming much too common. We need to STAND together, or we will be taken down one by one.

  55. Well, yes, we are living in a police state. The gov’t will kick in anybody’s door anytime they want! They may pay for their mistakes, eventually, after years of court battles but the Constitutional Rights we supposedly have will not stop them.

  56. REED, Breonna was also an unarmed bystander gunned down by the local cops on a no knock warrant. Whether or not she was ‘knee-deep in the criminal enterprise’ has not been determined vs. she just had very poor judgment in her companionship (as you also state). We all need to get behind Rand Paul to end this violation pf the Fourth Amendment. Tax money flows like water when the government gets caught screwing up, but precious family members can never be replaced. It is time for our delegation to fight for our rights. And to get their attention, let them know that our money will also go to Rand Paul.

  57. This article fails to mention that Marilyn WAS at the capitol on Jan 6.

    Also, she’s going to have to come up with a better alibi than “I would have never worn that sweater”.

  58. Just another arm of the Democrat (Communist) party to control the citizens of the country through terrorist tactics. The Germans didn’t realize what was happening to them until it was too late. Here in the US we just don’t really care because we think it won’t happen here, but it’s coming.

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