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Friday, October 15, 2021
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Trick-or-treat II: Ballot harvesters are swarming

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They’re here.

“I just had someone asking for my husband by his first legal name, soliciting to seek if we were voting, specifically for Al Gross just about 5 minutes ago. I thought it wasn’t allowed to solicit in the neighborhood? Also….it’s 8pm? I find this super abnormal,” wrote a woman from the Bayshore area of Anchorage.

She isn’t the only one being pestered. Others report being asked for their ballots by out-of-staters who come to their doors.

They know who you are and they know how you typically vote, thanks to Big Tech.

The canvassers are for the Alan Gross campaign, and they’ve been flown in from all over the country. Some of them are staying at a midtown hotel, while others have been put up at the Captain Cook hotel, with an open meal and bar tab. They are being paid a stipend to crawl through neighborhoods and harvest ballots.

The ballot harvesting is creepy, said one Anchorage man who lives in the downtown area. A pair of Gross volunteers from Wisconsin showed up at his door, asked him if he was planning to vote, and when he said he had an absentee ballot, but had not decided if he was going to vote it or vote in person, the two offered to take that ballot and drop it off at a polling station for him. He is elderly, but was not addled and was not about to hand his ballot over.

Downtown Anchorage is prime hunting grounds for ballot harvesters, as it is heavily Democrat. The practice is not illegal, but may raise questions about whether those ballots ever make it to their intended destinations.

“Don’t give your ballot to anybody that you don’t know,” said Randy Ruedrich, former chairman of the Alaska Republican Party. “Paid visitors are not expected to do you a favor.”

Gross volunteers from out of state have been at it for weeks, first asking people to fill out absentee ballot applications, and trying to get them to hand those application over to them, and now going through their preprogrammed lists to get the ballots themselves from those who have not voted.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • One of the Gross paid lackeys who banged on a front door, windows and finally the back door in mid hillside really made a bad impression. Ultimately, after threatening the Alaska resident, his legs were swept off his feet and he was dragged by his ankles off the back porch. Police were called and they told the Gross lackey to get off the property and that he had already been warned once that day. Just say NO Gross and your leftist buddies paid for by Shumer and Soros

  • Unlike California where the GOP has put up ballot collecting boxes spoofing as “official”, almost certainly illegal, and harvesting ballots from gullible voters. Where those harvested ballots go, no one knows, or is willing to tell.
    At least, not yet.
    Innuendo is a two way street.

    • The only place I hear this sort of stuff is from lefty trolls. Even the lying Demedia isn’t carrying stories about alleged Republican voter fraud; you communists, excuse me, Democrats pretty much have a monopoly on fraud.

  • Is this even legal? If this were to happen to me, would a call to the State Troopers get these people hauled off the jail?

  • I called Division of Elections here in Wasilla. They were not aware of this but could not answer the question if this is illegal or not and if these creeps can be arrested or not. Info and the article is being passed up the chain.

  • Al Gross is one creepy dude

  • I’m still getting calls from unknown people asking me about my vote (I haven’t voted yet). And if they could help me vote. Very dysfunctional. So the number that keeps calling is 907-312-1036. I’m assuming GCI could trace this.

    • Not sure about the phone number, but I know that I and others are doing phone banking for Senator Hughes. We ID ourselves and ask about Shelley, Dan and Don specifically.
      I have had a few not answer, that is OK and same with you not wanting to answer, but those that do give Shelley a running knowledge of where she stands.

  • I hate Democrats.

  • Anything to gain power, the Democrats will stoop to any low.
    Do not be surprised on election outcomes, after all look what they have done to the President the last four years. Corruption has no boundaries.

  • Typical lie; cheat; steal; from Democrats.
    I would absolutely love for these clowns to come up my driveway.

  • Greg, you reply with an accusation of ballot tampering by Republicans in California without any evidence . Where, when, just a few facts please. Also who reported this to you?

    Gross is letting some big time corrupt goons run his campaign. I got a phone call that from the Gross campaign that allegedly was a poll. When the would be pollster discovered that I was not voting for Gross she began making outlandish accusations about Sullivan. All lies Greg.

    BTW, I’ve read that Alan Gross isn’t even human! Al claims to be born in the wake of an avalanche, which was really not an avalanche at all but the vortex of an Alien space craft landing! Yup, like your ballot box story in California Greg, all true!

  • I worked for a group in Ohio that was trying to pass a ballot measure. We would go to peoples homes and knock on the frontdoors and encourage them to vote, hand out literature, and answer questions. We didn’t even start until 5 PM and went until 9 PM. From 1 to 3 PM, we received training, from experts, politicians, and lawyers. It was all very professional. The organization I worked for was an Ohio one, but I was offered work in Florida so they were part of a national organization. As a political organization they, and we, were literally above certain state and local laws, under the authority of well established Federal election laws. We were told if we were arrested that we would be compensated. One day this woman answered the door, said she had to turn the stove off, came back and listened to my ‘schpiel’. Turns out she was the Mayor and she’d called the cops. Hadn’t I seen the “No Trespassing” signs and the “No Soliciting” signs (at the City limits)? “I am engaged in political activity” was my response. My partner and I were “arrested” but we were never booked because the lawyer turned up in less than an hour. We were given an extra $100 and told to take the next several days off, with pay, to recover from the “trauma”. True the mayor revealed her true power mad self after the police chief showed up! I think the final settlement was 1.2 million to the group I worked for and my partner and I got a year wages. Between that experience and having taken a privacy/trespassing issue to the State Supreme Court…You don’t have property rights that you think you have! Unless you have a restrictive fence with a closed gate you can’t stop these guys from coming on to your property. The ballot issue itself is beyond my knowledge, someone else can address that.

  • Here are some helpful facts:

    The Division of Elections (DoE) tracks mail/absentee ballot requests and returns. You can track the status of your mail/absentee ballot here:

    You can deposit your mail/absentee ballot in your mailbox, directly at a post office, in an official dropbox, at an early voting location or at your polling place on election day. Alaskans may also have another person deliver their mail/absentee ballot. Ballots must be postmarked by November 3.

    Mail/Absentee ballots are scheduled to be counted on November 10. Those who vote early in-person between 10/31 -11/2 will also have their votes counted AFTER November 3. This allows for the proper validation checks.

    Should a person vote by mail AND in person, both ballots will be invalidated.

    Your voter registration is public information. Lists of mail ballot Requests/Returns are public information. Lists are updated frequently during the active voting period. DoE updates on and reports are available to the public by request at a nominal cost.

    The Division of Elections is overseen by the Lt. Governor. A Republican.

    Smart and serious candidates (Red, Blue or Purple) who want to win know they need a good person-to-person ground game to get out the vote. This includes reaching potential voters through phonebanks and knocking on doors. Ballotchase may be annoying but it is legal.

    The nature of campaign work is part-time, seasonal. Most of the lower level positions (i.e. field and volunteer coordinators) are part-time temporary and are filled locally and from Outside.

  • Tell them to wait at the door close it and go watch tv until they get the hint. If they are doing this it should show the common person what’s at stake. Power and money

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