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Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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The Left’s true face


If you want to see the Left’s true face you need only consider its joyous, tweeting venom at the death of billionaire philanthropist and political donor David Koch.

“David Koch is gone. It’s a celebration,” tweeted Frederick Joseph, who made Forbes “30 under 30” for his efforts to “expand media representation.”

“I hope his soul suffers for eternity,” added Jordan Weissman, who writes about economics and public policy for Slate. He described Koch, as a “villain.”

Another tweet: “David Koch was a villain who devoted his wealth to further enriching himself and his fellow plutocrats, while spinning us all toward environmental doom. I don’t believe in an afterlife, but if there is one, I hope his soul suffers for eternity.”

And yet another: “One half of the evil brother duo, David Koch, is dead at 79.”

Many more of them simply are unprintable.

Koch’s crime? He funded conservative causes, GOP candidates and a libertarian agenda that helped reshape American politics. He also gave more than a billion dollars to charity, but there is not much mention of any of that.

If you want to see the Left’s true face …

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    • This ranks right up there with white supremacist celebrating the death of Martin Luther King. King was considered a domestic terrorist at the time by the government, and he had hookers in his Hotel the night before he was killed but no one deserves their deaths to be ridiculed.

  • The Kochs truly have done so much harm to this country in an effort to expand their wealth. It is one of the most easily discoverable and documented truths out there. Their efforts to sow doubt in the climate change challenges we face have been a travesty. They have put millions into think tanks and institutions claiming to be experts on the subject when they are far from it. They have lead the disgusting attempts to even have a “debate” on a clear scientific consensus by an aggressive campaign to cause doubt that it is even true. That doubt can be seen today with so many people still rejecting that it is and will be a problem. Following the same strategy as big tobacco if you can remember how that all unfolded. This is just the beginning of what they have done to further their interests over the interests of the American people. They have had incredible power with their money that has been used for so many nefarious acts that the money they have given in charity pales by comparison. If you just take the time to look into and follow the money behind many of the campaigns to roll back environmental protections you can see that he was no hero. Celebrating a person’s death may be pretty morose but this man deserves no accolades. This is not a “left’ issue, this has affected all Americans, and many parts of the world.

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