Getting up with fleas



We note with more than a passing interest Democratic Rep. Geran Tarr’s decrying the bullying tactics used by her caucus in the Legislature and the Alaska Democratic Party.

She even went to social media, where she described at length how she had been bullied by Rep. Zack Fields, blogger Jeff Landfield and The Alaska Center.

None of it surprises us, but, then, we have watched the Left and Democrats – the end-always-justifies-the-means party – at work for a very long time.

After telling constituents she was eschewing per diem for the special session, Tarr wrote that she refused to join a caucus this year because of “the very dysfunctionality you’re seeing right now and the unwillingness of some of my colleagues to compromise.” She says a colleague, Democratic Rep. Zach Fields, “made up a story that I was upset about a committee chair position. This is a position I had previously suggested a Republican for in an effort to get the legislature organized.”

Then, it got ugly. An account of Tarr’s recriminations was published on You can read it here.

It must be a shock to find out your friends are your friends only as long as you are of use to them. But, hey, we are talking about normal behavior for the Left here.

Reading about Tarr’s trevails calls to mind an old saying: When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

Read The Anchorage Daily Planet at this link.


  1. I doubt Zack Fields is physically capable of bullying anybody without some union goons standing behind him for support. Fields looks like a crybaby and momma’s boy.

  2. The difference between fleas and radical leftist statists is that the flea only wants a few meals of blood, while the radical leftist statists DEMAND ongoing and perpetual blood meals from their hosts. Well, that, and also that the flea does not try to gaslight its host into believing that the flea’s parasitism is for the host’s own good.

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