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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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    There’s really no need for a folder on Marijuana. While the negative on marijuana is endless and it’s a good test of conservatism to see who supports it, there doesn’t need to be much back and forth on it. Currently we have no legislators with enough backbone to even bring up a bill to specifically state that onsite consumption is illegal. It is, but the Walker administration stacked the board, and they’ve done a few illegal things. The 2014 initiative didn’t mention it at all, in fact it specifically said that smoking in public was illegal. So the voters never approved it, and there was no legislation approving it, just some activists in the Dept of Law and the MCB. It also creates a clear violation of the Smoke Free Alaska act.

    Drugs are death, and as all the stories out there from where pot has been legalized show, it’s is just accelerating the moral decline. The majority of crime and homelessness comes from those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Alcohol can at least be consumed moderately, but there is no range of moderation for mind-altering drugs. Any non-de-minimus amount impairs you.

    The States that have legalized marijuana have seen marked increases in stoned driving, with and without other substances. We will see the damage over the next few decades as more lives are lost; physically, mentally and spiritually.

    It’s a shame that the word “cannabis” was even used to name this forum, since that’s just a bit of social engineering to make pot seem more palatable.

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    In the ideal world would alcohol also be prohibited? It is certainly mind-altering in my opinion and surely responsible for many more deaths each year (though, many more people use alcohol than use marijuana). What, then, is our metric as a society for substances that have no marked positive benefit but can be “used in moderation” to some reasonable extent, as you claim is the case with alcohol (I tend to agree). How then should conservatives reconcile this split? It seems that the solution isn’t simply saying that anyone who does support legalization yet still supports conservative policies and beliefs cannot be a true conservative.

    Would you support a second ballot measure reversing this one?

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    Lance Roberts

    I support the legislature and administration doing their job, protecting people from the scam of paying money for toxic substances. At the least, they should not allow onsite consumption. The split is decided on whether there is possible moderate/highly controlled use. Mind-altering drugs don’t have that, with the exception of some highly controlled medical formulations.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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