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Monday, August 26, 2019
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    Kobe Rizk
    Kobe Rizk

    Come here to share your thoughts on the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Will President Trump keep his residence at 1600, or will one of the two dozen Democrats running for the presidency succeed in defeating him?

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    Unless the Dems produce a candidate that doesn’t talk the crazy talk (is that even possible?), he has secured the position. The media ensures we hear only the voices of the liberals that the majority of American’s want Trump out of office. As I watched the wave of RED wash over the map in 2016, it was clear America had enough of the liberal policies of the Clintons and the Obama’s. If they had enough of them, they surely aren’t going to want the likes of Bernie, AOC, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Who?, and the line of others gearing up. They have ZERO to say other than they hate Donald Trump. Can you build a nation on that? NO! But, God help us if they pull some swanky, good looking, meets-all-the-progressive-parameters-doesn’t-talk-crazy-showstopper out of the woodwork to “trump” the Donald.

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    Also matters who turns out to vote in 2020. This is especially the case with young people, who relative to those over 60 years old barely vote at all. Older folks, for whatever reason (I have a few theories) tend to vote at consistently over eighty or ninety percent turnout in many counties across the country. Why is this?

    That said, if we ever did awake the “sleeping giant” of the unmotivated young vote, we would, in my opinion, see drastic changes in the composition of our political institutions. The same is the case with the 2020 election, it’s all a matter of who shows up to vote and who doesn’t.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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