Are Peltolas violating federal laws against influence peddling?


Rep. Mary and Gene Peltola may not be millionaires yet. But using the Nancy and Paul Pelosi Playbook, they may be millionaires soon: Get the wife into Congress, and then the husband can peddle influence and make investments based on valuable intel and leverage acquired in Washington, D.C. and other seats of power.

Gene Peltola is making deals, and Rep. Mary Peltola already is on the record supporting legislation that makes those transactions valuable.

Gene Peltola didn’t wait for Mary to get elected before he started peddling his influence. After Mary Peltola had made the “final four” for the special general election to replace Congressman Don Young, Gene Peltola was already busy setting up a business with three other individuals. Through a lobbyist contract, he got a meeting with Gov. Mike Dunleavy to get his brand-new Alaska Carbon Solutions business a piece of the pie of the carbon trading program the governor is trying to set up.

Contracts in this sector are worth millions of dollars and Gene Peltola needed work. With Mary Peltola likely heading for Congress, he’d be leaving the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Gene Peltola’s meeting with the governor that concerned his new business venture took place in mid-July, at the same time he was the most senior executive for the Bureau of Indian Affairs for Alaska.

Regional Director – Mr. Eugene R. Peltola, Jr., retired on July 29, 2022. Our Region will have Acting RDs until the position is permanently filled,” the BIA’s website reports.

According to the Alaska Landmine, a left-leaning blog that first reported the scent of corruption, Gene Peltola said he retired in May. But the official record shows differently.

Gene Peltola and his company made a pitch to the governor on July 11, 2022, while Gene was still a federal employee,

On July 5, Gene Peltola and two of his business partners met with Gov. Dunleavy in Anchorage. On July 10 they met with the governor in Houston, where Dunleavy had traveled to work on Alaska natural gasline issues.

Then, on July 11, Alaska Carbon Solutions was registered with the Department of Commerce.

As a federal official in senior ranks, Gene Peltola is still covered by the Federal Ethics law, which is designed to prevent corruption in government. For those in senior positions, there’s a one-year cooling off period that they must abide by after leaving government service before working in any business enterprise for which they had government oversight or involvement.

“This statute prohibits a Federal employee from participating personally and substantially, on behalf of the Federal Government, in any particular matter in which he or she has a financial interest. In addition, the statute provides that the financial interests of certain other ‘persons’ are treated as the employee’s interests. These other persons include the employee’s spouse; minor child; general partner; an organization in which he or she serves as an officer, trustee, partner, or employee; and any person or organization with whom the employee is negotiating or has an arrangement concerning future employment,” the law reads at 18 U.S.C. § 208.

In 5 C.F.R. § 2635.502, “You must take appropriate steps to avoid any appearance of loss of impartiality in the performance of your official duties. An employee should not participate in a particular matter involving specific parties if it is likely to affect the financial interests of a member of the employee’s household, or if the employee knows that he or she has a ‘covered relationship’ with a party or party representative in such matter, and where the employee believes that a reasonable person would question his or her impartiality in the matter. The term ‘covered relationship’ includes a wide variety of personal and business relationships that an employee or his or her family members may have with outside parties.”

Rep. Mary Peltola repeated many times on the campaign trail that she is “not a millionaire,” referring to her main competitors Nick Begich and Sarah Palin.

While all this was going on with her husband, Mary Peltola was pushing for the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, a massive climate change bill that has a section devoted to carbon credits.

That federal law includes $369 billion in green energy initiatives and “includes funding to encourage carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) project,” according to the Department of Energy. It’s the sweet spot for Gene Peltola and his Alaska Carbon Solutions LLC.

Now as congresswoman, Mary Peltola serves on the House Natural Resource Committee and House Transportation Committee, both of which address carbon credit issues. Already, Mary Peltola has influence on the Ambler project, which Gene Peltola is also working on through his side company Peltola Solutions.


  1. I don’t really know what to say?! There is to much too say!and to blurb in certain amount of words! Lol I’m speechless actually!? I’m like? Really? Why didn’t the hubby thing come out in elections ?
    It’s a whatever any more!

    • Thats a great question why didn’t any of this come out before or during the election but we all know the answer to this question because its not a good idea carbon credits have destroyed entire countries it is a perpetual tax amd does nothing to prevent pollution in fact it will help to increase pollution because you can now engage in as mich pollution as you want if you just buy the offset credits and pass that cost along to the consumer which is where Dunleavy is claiming to get 30billion over 20years

  2. “Are Peltolas violating federal laws against influence peddling?”

    well probably, but as newly minted members of the political class their chances of having any consequences for their actions (of any kind) is close to zero

  3. The corruption is so widespread and pervasive, so blatantly obvious, with no checks-n-balances and/or consequences, to even consider that these US Senators – Representatives are serving in the capacity of “public service” is completely laughable and shameful.
    I can only imagine that friends, family and associates are drooling like “Coo-Jo” at the possible – likely “insanely” // “obscenely” lucrative opportunities. It’s analogous to a King Size Alaskan Mosquito showing up at the International Nudist Association convention, surrounded by so much tasty (blood sucking) opportunity that they ask themselves … “Oh My(!!!), where do I start.”

  4. She has two reasons to be there. Build a sustainable budget and secure and defend all Alaskans Constitutional rights like Ms. Fulp’s. Let’s see some actual service right now.

  5. As a carbon based entity, I believe all carbon credits is large scam to shift more monies from the public into the government coffers. Government is the enemy!

  6. The reason Gene got started early is because he knew the election would be stolen for his wife. As I keep saying, until Alaska reforms the way our elections are done, the corrupt will continue to be installed in office.

    • I’ve been voting for 55 years and no matter how the elections are done, the corrupt politicians always get into office. If they weren’t corrupt before they went in, they learn quickly how to become corrupt.

  7. Federal ethics laws do not apply to spouses and family members of elected Democrats. It’s a short subsection in there somewhere. Just ask Paul Pelosi. And Hunter Biden.

  8. What? No she’s just a nice granny from out bethel way, com’on look at her big smile! She’s nice lady well her pictures make her seem like a nice lady. Did I mention she’s a granny?


      FAKE. If Peltola had any interest in serving Alaska and (her) constituents’ needs and interests here, she would have established offices in Alaska and a support staff here by now. When I first asked about a local office soon after her first election, her staff told me that nobody in Anchorage would give her a short-term lease. This was when there was plenty of empty office space (and Don Young’s former office on 36th Avenue) and those with office space for lease were looking for paying customers. There continues to be available office space in Anchorage, but still no office. Obviously, Pelota and her husband have other goals on their minds.

      PHONY. Just like George Santos, May lied about her academic background. There was no good reason for her to overestimate the time she spent at Colorado State University, especially since she claimed to have put in four years and ended up with no degree. Both Peltola and Santos should face ethics charges for repeatedly lying to get elected. The truth is not good enough for Mary and her husband.

      FULL OF IT. She claims to support military Veterans but this is another lie. She does not give a rip when veterans entitled to VA healthcare and other benefits are denied them. Her big idea instead is to arrange for more food stamps for veterans. Veterans like me want good healthcare, access to the benefits we earned, and good jobs (even Dunleavy doesn’t care about the inefficiencies at the Alaska Department of Labor). Calls to her Washington DC office, since there is no local office, requesting constituent services (made in writing and following up by telephone) are not addressed. This shows that Mary is full of it.

      My hope is that Peltola’s two-year term passes quickly, she does little damage during her term, and voters send her back to Bethel in the next election.

  9. Really, who expects Peltolas will be prosecuted for violating influence-peddling laws?
    Think Hunter Biden & Co. for a brief nauseating moment, then ask what federal laws against influence peddling matter these days.
    On the other hand… the outcome could be truly hilarious, watching Gene’s scheme crash, taking the clan with it.
    From we see this: “Environmentalists and green bureaucrats have watched in shock as the coronavirus global shut down has now caused carbon credit markets to crash.
    The European Union’s carbon credits price has fallen by 40% this year so far. This market was worth $215 billion last year, according to Bloomberg Environment. The price drop has rubbed out two years of EU carbon market gains.
    It turns out that if there are extremely low levels of carbon dioxide emissions, as is the case currently with businesses and industries shuttered, the companies doing the carbon emitting don’t have to buy any carbon credits to make up for it.
    And if no one is buying carbon credits to offset emissions, well, then the so-called “market” for carbon dies.”
    Then there’s the federal ban on Tongass logging; more live trees to scrub even more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, plus American market indicators are apparently replicating pre-Depression era patterns which means less American industrial activity, less carbon dioxide, which further crashes the carbon trading marketand keeps it that way for a while
    … and hopefully, so-o hopefully, takes Gene and his Ponzi scheme down with it.
    So… ole Gene better have a passport and a getaway Gulfstream, otherwise racketeering laws are gonna be the least of his worries.

    • Carl, everybody uses the term ” grifter” these days. I believe it has to do with “petty” crimes, small time swindling and the like. The type of payoff that these politicians and their families are netting isn’t small.
      Enough of the word Grifter!

      • I wonder about the Cheney woman. Extraordinary wealth gain for her time in office. I hope McCarthy looks it over.

  10. Was I the only one watching Gene and Mary Peltosi taken under Nancys wing when they arrived at the DC camp with the golden corridors and art filled meeting rooms where everyone was beaming like they had just won the lottery? Well they Did! And I knew without a doubt Granny n Nancy would come up with a scheme to keep her in power. Does anyone recall any of Don Youngs campaign rhetoric? It was all about keeping Aunt Nancy from shredding whats left of the national debt ceiling pushing her big spending projects all the while hubby Paul was busier than a one legged dude in an ass-kickin contest investing and purchasing stock in whatever sector of the market would skyrocket as a result of the gravy overflowing from the feds. Its a no brainer! Why do you think Nancy and Kamela are as giddy as a couple high school cheerleaders when Kazinsky marches into the room demanding more Money. Nancy knows hubby Paul has dumped several million into Ratheon which happens to be the destination of a big portion of the money. Then Paul can sit back and play foo foo with his boyfriend while Nancy brews up another scheme and awaits orders from headquarters. No one should be surprised by this breaking news if they were paying any attention to the greeting party. Don was a thorn in Nancys side and now that he is replaced with a younger Liberal granny from Bethel there is no way in hell she will let her get away!

  11. This is absolutely worth plagiarizing from and Thanks South Anchorage

    Peltola’s campaign slogan:
    Fish. Family. Freedom.

    Peltolas factual position:
    Fake. Phony. Full of it.

      • Peltola is the shiny object that causes you to look over here, meanwhile the former tax economist for the AK Dept of Revenue, international advisor to a Russian mobster as well as advising a pump and dump penny stock gold mine in Ecuador is busy making hay while the sun shines over there.

        Only in Alaska . . .

        Gerace got nothin on this guy

  12. She may have ditched the bolo tie but it seems like Don Young’s legacy is alive and well!

    Nick Begich was the last person with integrity to hold this seat.

    • Look at all the Alaskan voters suddenly discovering that Mary Peltola was scamming them!

      Bad old Sarah Palin tried to tell you this, but wanted you to figure it out for yourselves, since she and Mary were friends.

      Oh well, you’re all screwed.

  13. Governor is setting up ponzi scheme that has made Al Gore a multimillionaire since he left office with less than 2 million. His net worth is over 330 million by selling carbon credits. This is nothing more than a leftist tax scheme that will leave everyone poorer except the Peltola’s. They should be in jail already. Mary wasn’t even elected when this peddling started. Something better happen and it better not be another Hillary moment.

    • This. They’re all corrupt thieves. Dunleavy has always been in it for cash. This is the most beautiful place on earth and everyone in charge makes it ugly.

  14. The article is about whether a spouse of an elected official influences campaign finances can affect legislation. That answer probably can be answered by referring to the laws and lawyers that interpret the law. As to contention that a specific activity related to climate change laws, obviously there does need to be laws on the books at the federal level that provides and promotes combating long-term deleterious effects on the earth from the geophysical changes occurring as a result of human action, activity.

    • I identify as Transclimate, and your goal of maintaining the climate in one state into perpetuity is offensive to me…

      • But can we just skid that polar vortex on down to CA for a bit using weather warfare corporations and then surprise them all so they’ll really believe in “climate change” ?

        • It is all so sickening. Corporatists playing God, destroying and even taking lives without care. Deception so massive and ubiquitous that it appears nearly all are blind to it, or at least parts of it. “Climate change” as an issue is totally retarded. Climate variability has been a natural phenomenon for eons, and now those who seek to destroy this nation founded and carefully crafted under God, have used the media so effectively that the people fight to destroy themselves for multiple ’causes’ that they have been spoon fed and lapped up like starving kittens. One of the ’causes’ now is set to eliminate a lot of them within a relatively short time horizon. This isn’t going to be pretty.

          For hope, love, and mercy look to God. Fight for the truth. Do your best for others. Pray.

  15. Why do voters elect these politicians? Because the voters like to be lied to and stole from. Non educated voters really need to get up to speed.

  16. Soon the Peltolas will own several mansions, net worth in the hundreds of millions, and be untouchable like the Pelosis.

  17. Nah they’re Democrats Bidens been influence peddling for Decades only against the Law for Republicans and non Politician types like Trump.

  18. I called all three Alaska representatives for some help last month, only Dan Sullivan answered. Mary didn’t even answer!!!

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