A problem in search of an answer



The outrage over new Texas laws loosening gun control in the wake of a shooting spree that left 7 dead and 22 injured Saturday was immediate, shrill and nearly palpable.

The new laws, passed earlier by Texas lawmakers, went into effect Sunday, as scheduled. They will make it easier for Texans to have guns in schools, places of worship, foster homes where children live and apartments.

While police try to sort out why a man being stopped for a minor traffic violation opened fire on police and then randomly shot others as he fled, the media and anti-gun groups predictably and quickly used the tragedy – and the new laws – to further their gun control agenda.

The problem? At first blush, the new laws, had they been on the books before the shootings, would have had no effect on what happened Saturday. The shootings in Midland and Odessa did not occur in a school, a church, a foster home where children live or an apartment. The myriad gun control laws in effect before Saturday obviously had no effect, either. Nor will they ever.

What anti-gun folks refuse to acknowledge is that criminals and lunatics pay no attention to laws. That is what makes them criminals and lunatics. Laws affect only on the law-abiding.

We readily admit to not knowing how to head off future shootings, but instituting more laws restricting the rights of law-abiding Americans – or blaming laws that give them more freedom – cannot be the answer. The most draconian laws will not make us safe. There is violence, after all, even in the most tightly controlled police states.

The answer lies in somehow identifying and treating those with murderous hearts before they can act while at the same time protecting our hard-won constitutional rights. It will not be easy, but simply screaming at the problem and piling on more ludicrous restrictions – as anti-gun forces are wont to do – will get us nowhere.

This very real problem needs a workable answer.


  1. While haranguing law abiding citizens about their self/family defense and hunting firearms, msm conveniently left out what happened in Chicago on labor day weekend. 43 shot and 8 fatally wounded in the most ‘gun controlled’ city in the nation. That’s only Chicago. How about Baltimore, NY, all the other dim/wingnut cities? Ignored. Place the blame for every shooting on law abiding Americans. Take their arms. Deny them the right to self/family defense. Throw them in jail and fine them if they don’t agree. How long before the Alaskan wingnuts/leftists take up the mantra of “guns are evil. People who own them are illegal. Punish those who disagree.” It’s only a matter of a short time before the idiotic hysteria hits Alaska. The American Constitution anticipated this sort of hysteria/theatrics. That’s why we have the second amendment. Alaskans should remember that, under GOP leadership, even the Troopers were instructed to protect Alaskans against 2nd Amendment infringements. If Alaska loses the right to defend life and property, what’s the benefit of living here? Alaska is seeing increasing drug use, mayhem, violence and criminal activity. Disarm us? Jail us if we don’t agree? It’s coming at us, Alaskans. Be aware. The success of the anti gun idiots depends on law abiding, good people to say and do nothing. Can we let that happen here? I hope not. Mental instability, leftist rhetoric, lack of decency, respect, morality and parental guidance are the main reasons for the disgusting behavior by the deranged few. Not decent, law abiding citizens wanting to protect themselves and theirs. Alaskans need to get in front of this issue. Not react after the fact.

  2. You will probably never see anyone attempt any Mass Shooting at a Gun Show. “The Right to Keep and Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed. ” Means exactly what it says.
    Seymour Marvin Mills Jr. sui juris

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